Lionel Scaloni to coach Argentina at the 2024 Copa America


Lionel Scaloni will coach the Argentina national team at the 2024 Copa America.

Scaloni will remain as coach of the Argentina national team. According to Gastón Edul, Scaloni will coach the team and the coaching staff are already working towards the tournament.

The Argentina national team coachings taff are looking at places in Atlanta, New Jersey, Miami and Texas for them to train. They are waiting for the friendly matches in March.


  1. I don’t think Scaloni leading the team to Copa was up for debate. It’s what happens post Copa.
    Second, I trust Scaloni to pick the players in form, not by brand or name, but in form like he did during the qualifications to WC when he brought us people we were confused and shocked about.
    In Scaloni we trust.

  2. Best scenario…
    Argentina won Copa and scaloni & messi continues.
    If Argentina loose Copa ( very low chance ). dimaria otamendi pazzela taglafico acuna armani. leave the NT. and give new player and coach atleast 2 year together… messi to play WC2026.

    • Whether if Argentina win or Lose those mentioned players should leave for the sake of rebuilding. Add Ocampos, Dybala, Tagliafico and paredes(unfortunately) to the list. If Scaloni/his replacement is afraid to make tough decision, he will suffer brutal backlash after world cup 2026.

      • The tough decision would be to pick the best available squad right here right now, no matter of name or age. Player development should take place in the clubs. The NT is not a nurturing school ffs. With such mentality, Di Maria and Messi would not have made it to WC 2022 due to their age, just to rebuild and make room for youngsters like Gaich. Hell no.

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