Nicolás Domínguez scores and Gonzalo Montiel assists in Nottingham Forest’s 2-1 win vs. Manchester United


Nicolás Domínguez scored, Gonzalo Montiel and Alejandro Garnacho assisted in Nottingham Forest’s 2-1 win vs. Manchester United on matchday 20 of the Premier League.

Domínguez opened the score with a first-touch cross finish in the 64th minute after a well-timed pass by Montiel. A goal made in Argentina to give Nottingham Forest the 1-0 lead.

In the 78th minute, Garnacho intensely pressed a sloppy pass from Nottingham Forest’s goalkeeper, got the ball back and passed it to Marcus Rashford, who scored and drew United level.

Nottingham Forest would score to make it 2-1 and beat Manchester United again at home after 31 years.


  1. The more I watch marcos senesi the more I like it.He had a good first half against Tottenham, his ball contribution from the Back is so good esp long balls as well as his defending too

    • If you look at the first goal then you will see Senesi was froze there instead of coming towards the ball. Also his some close marking was too soft as a CB. He is still young and will improve more. He needs to be little bit more aggressive after all he is an Argentine centre back.

  2. Montiel was good both defensively and offensively in this game. He had Garnacho is his pocket while he was on the pitch and it was only after Montiel was subbed off that Garnacho started to make more of an impact.

    Dominguez was played out of position, wide left (instead of his usual box-to-box role as a no 8) but still popped in with a goal, I always rated him but as things stand now, given our midfield depth, he’s on the periphery but maybe not entirely gone from Scaloni’s radar…

    • Montiel is a far better player than how Sevilla treated him. They preferred Navas over him but in reality Navas had better chemistry with other players and due to abysmal form of Sevilla Montiel was made a scape goat. If I have to pick between Navas and Montiel for the national team, Navas wouldn’t even make the bench as 38 year old slow full back.

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