Roberto Pereyra and Martín Payero score for Udinese in 3-0 win vs. Bologna


Roberto Pereyra and Martín Payero both scored for Udinese in their 3-0 win vs. Bologna.

Pereyra made it three goals for the season with Udinese, scoring his second goal in three matches. With the score at 0-0, the ball fell to Pereyra inside the penalty area and the Argentine scored from close range to give them the 1-0 lead.

Martín Payero scored his first goal of the season in the match. The ball fell towards the edge of the penalty area and the 25 year old made a run towards the penalty area and scored to make it 3-0 for Udinese.

Nehuén Pérez also started the match for Udinese in their win.

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  1. Nico Dominguez scores from a Montiel assist.

    Cachete is finally getting regular minutes at Forest, Dominguez has been a regular right away….it’s a crap club but at least a strong league..

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