Valentín Barco to join Brighton and will play in Olympic qualifiers


Valentín Barco will join Brighton and he will be playing in the Olympic qualifiers.

Barco is set to join Brighton and will be with the Argentina Olympic national team this month. According to Ezequiel Sosa, Brighton will allow Barco to play in the Olympic qualifiers with Javier Mascherano’s team.

The 19 year old is expected to join Brighton on a $10 million deal.


      • De La Vega looked very promising a while ago, indeed must have been injuries that hindered his career so far.

        I always thought Zeballos would move to Europe before Prestianni, partly because he’s older but in his case injuries also played a role…

  1. It’s not entirely clear what position Barco will be asked to play at Brighton: LB, wide left mid or LCM. The national team needs him as a LB though. Hope he gets regular minutes at Brighton at least as a sub initially. It’s good league for him to grow, adjusting to the pace, physicality and demands of EPL. He will need to beef up a bit and improve defensively.

      • Buonanotte was initially asked to play as an inverted right winger but I don’t think it’s the best use of his skills. Lately he plays more of a no 10 and it suits him better.

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