Leandro Paredes scores for AS Roma in 3-1 loss vs. AC Milan


Leandro Paredes scored for AS Roma in their 3-1 loss vs. AC Milan.

Paredes scored the only goal of the match for AS Roma in their loss. With Milan leadign 2-0, Roma were awarded a penalty and it was Paredes who took it.

The Argentine took it and went down the middle with the goalkeeper diving to his right and Paredes scored.


  1. Unfortunately without Dybala, Roma are toothless and have zero creativity upfront! And Dybala can’t stay fit after 3 games in a row. Mourinho was planning on parking the bus but early Milan goal ended his plans a little too early.

    Loceslo is also again injured and it sums up his EPL career. What a waste of skills and talent. He can’t be our core player. Absolutely not!

    Romero was under strict instructions to not get sent off and avoided all dangerous tackle in the box and was a spectator when Rashford scored.

    Licha had a very eye catching cameo. This guy can easily play as a DM. His visiand passing is sublime

    • Garnacho’s lack of experience was exposed as he just couldn’t do anything against the Spurs full back. ETH should have moved him to left in the start of the second half, but insisted on brain dead Rashford who wasted so many chances because he has no clue when to pass and just wants to dribble past everyone and shoot.

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