Lisandro Martinez substituted out injured for Manchester United


Lisandro Martinez was substituted out injured for Manchester United.

Martinez was substituted out during United’s 3-0 win against West Ham. Lisandro was down holding his knee for United and continued playing for a few minutes until he was substituted out.

He will undergo tests to see the severity of his injury.


  1. His absence at the Copa will hurt us a lot. Am not sure if Quarta or Facundo Medina will be able to take over from Otamendi if he/Cuti are subbed off at any point. I honestly don’t see how Pezella will continue to add any value to the backline.

  2. Licha’s ability to read the game and anticipate opponents move and team-mates reaction is only second to the GOAT, Leo Messi. He is automatic first in line to take over from Otamendi. What a defender! Hopefully its not a serious injury and United will ease him back. Having said that, they have already seen how the team performed when they had a ball playing CB whose passing is as good as a CM! If Licha is gone for more than a month then United’s hope of finishing top 4 will be ovet!

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