Rodrigo De Paul speaks on Lionel Messi’s speech, playing at the Olympics


Rodrigo De Paul spoke about Lionep Messi’s speech againste Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers and playing at the Olympics.

De Paul was part of the Argentina national team which won the last match in the World Cup qualifiers against Brazil. Speaking in an interview with somoslacasaok, here is what he had to say about Messi’s speech before the match:

At the Maracana, Leo’s words before the game were key.

“He told us “We lost to Brazil in 2019 and then we made history by winning the Copa America. We lost for the second time against Saudi Arabia, then we won the World Cup and made history. Now we fell for the third time against Uruguay, let’s to out today and make history.”

“That was incredible for us.

The 29 year old has won everything there is to win with the Argentina national team but he has not played at the Olympic games. Here is what he had to say about it:

“I would like to play at the Olympic games. I’m available. It doesn’t depend on me because it’s not a FIFA competition and the clubs are not obligated to release us.”