Ángel Di María speaks on the World Cup, Copa America and Olympic games


Ángel Di María spoke about the World Cup in Qatar, the 2024 Copa America and the Olympic games.

Di María has won every trophy there is to win with the Argentina national team and has scored in every final. The 36 year old spoke in an interview with ESPNF90 about the World Cup final. Here is what he had to say:

“I have watched the final against France several times.

“I won’t lie, if Argentina had not won the World Cup in Qatar, I would not be here now.”

The man for all finals also commented on playing at the 2024 Olympic games.

“Javier (Mascherano) called me. I knew that he was going tro do it, it’s the kind of person he is. The talk was exactly about what I had said in the interviews: It’s the Copa America and it’s over.

The Olympic games are deserved for the guys who managed to qualify. There are a lot of guys here that want to be there like Rodi (Rodrigo De Paul) or Ota (Nicolás Otamendi). They didn’t have the chance to enjoy it.

I was there, I enjoyed it and thank God I was able to win it. That makes me leave the opportunity to another player.”


  1. Fideo, my favorite player of the last era. Only players name I have on a jersey other than Maradona.
    I always loved his passion and his pursuit. Even his early days when he was sometimes selfish on the ball, I loved to watch him. My favorite moment of the world cup is when he scored against France and he almost started crying while he was running to celebrate. He was lost in passion.
    Thank you di maria. And salute to all my brothers on this blog that have been together for years now… Fighting and trolling.
    Even ROMANCE KING deserves some love. 😂

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