Rodrigo De Paul scores for Atletico Madrid in 2-1 win vs. Dortmund


Rodrigo De Paul scored for Atletico Madrid in their 2-1 win vs. Dortmund.

De Paul got his first Champions League goal in the Champions League. With the score at 0-0, Dortmund tried to play out from the back but a pass was intercepted by De Paul and the Argentine would score from inside the penalty area to give Atletico the 1-0 lead.

Nahuel Molina also started the match for Diego Simeone’s team and Ángel Correa was brought on as a substitute.


  1. BVB came out to defend. When they made their subs, they played very well against athletico. Simeone doesn’t make good subs. I don’t think Athletico will win if BVB comes out to play.

  2. Since gonzalo montiel is bench warmer, if I was scaloni will lmq over perez as cb/ right back yes I do believe perez has better potential to be better cb than lmq but I do believe lmq more suited as right back than perez .

  3. Before COPA AMERICA SCALONI brought ROMERO, MOLINA, DIBU. And all of them played great and the rest is history. Just before the Qatar world cup SCALONI completely built a new midfield. He bravely excluded some trash and brought ENZO, MAC ALLISTER , THIAGO ALMADA. ALVAREZ did not have any certainty of being selected. If kun had been fit ALVAREZ would not have been selected for sure. ENZO, MAC ALLISTER AND ALVAREZ WON US THE WORLD CUP. After WORLD CUP SCALONI had plenty of time and opportunity to replace PEZZELLA TAGLIAFICO ACUNA ARMANI OTAMENDI. But surprisingly everyone except PAPPU AND ANGEL CORREA is playing. We have so many Upcoming young players in the form of ARON ANSELMINO, NICOLAS VALENTINI, FACUNDO BOUNANNOTTE, VALENTINE CARBONI, PAZ, LUKA ROMERO,MAXIMO PERRONE,MATIAS SOULE , ALAN VARELLA , VALENTINE BARCO. I am fed up with NICOLAS PAZ. He is a very talented player but that shitty club is destroying his career. Not he is trying to go to another club for game time. GARNACHO was a bench warmer in man u, but once SCALONI called him up manu started giving game time to GARNACHO. THE SAME SHOULD BE DONE FOR NICOLAS PAZ.

  4. Advantage of playing in top 5 league.
    cubarsi is just 17. Starting in CL KO matches. Will go to Euro 2024 as a starter.. where anselmino playing for Boca but will never going to make into Argentina squad untill pezzela and otamendi will be there.

  5. After Argentina, I like spain. Hope they won euro 2024,, spain France England Portugal and Netherlands , will be dark horse. Germany, italy, and Belgium are not good enough, but anything can happen in KO.

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