Emiliano Martínez saves two penalty kicks in shootout for Aston Villa vs. Lille


Emiliano Martínez saved two penalty kicks in the penalty shootout for Aston Villa in their win vs. Lille in the Conference League.

Martínez did just as he did for Argentina during the 2021 Copa America, the quarter finals and the final of the World Cup. The Argentine kept out two penalty kicks for Aston Villa.

In their quarter final match against Lille in France, Martínez was getting whistled by the fans and with the tie at 3-3 on aggregate, the match went to penalty kicks. Martínez saved the first kick.

He was booked during the game and was booked during the penalty shootout but with both teams having scored three penalty kicks each, the Argentine saved Benjamin Andre’s penalty kick, the last one of the shootout and Aston Villa made the semi finals of the Conference League.

Aston Villa will play Olympiacos in the semi finals.


  1. I love him too. But dibu needs to take extra caution. He is now suspended from next Europa game which is a loss for his team. A big loss. He needs to be a little more responsible.

  2. Totally agree. While all other players look better in the presence of Messi, he is the one whose performance has been independent of how Messi plays. He also has the leader mentally with 100% involvement in the game.

  3. Dibu, love him or hate him, it doesn’t matter but he was a major contributor to Argentina’s success plain and simple.
    I remember a time not so long ago when the Q was, what, are there no good GK in ARG?….an injury to the his club #1 gave him the chance to start and impress and the rest was HISTORY 🇦🇷💪🤌

  4. French players and teams can’t catch a break against Emi! Not only Dibu helped Villa beat a french Club, the two penalties he saved were of both French players. Aston Villa is the only English team left in any European competition.

  5. You can love Messi no problem but I’m 99.9 sure Argentina won’t copa America and world Cup without emi martinez
    He is hero for every Argentina nt supporter what a golie

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