Marcos Senesi scores for Bournemouth in 3-0 win vs. Brighton


Marcos Senesi scored for Bournemotuh in their 3-0 win vs. Brighton.

Senesi now has four goals and four assists for the season with Bournemouth. With the score at 0-0, Bournemouth were awarded a corner kick and it was the Argentine who headed the ball and scored to give them the 1-0 lead.

Valentín Barco and Facundo Buonanotte both started for Brighton and played the entire match.


    • Yes Cuti been loved by Spurs and their fan’s since day one and rightfully so too in every sense, though sadly following this club since the days of Ardiles & Villa moved there, well i quess they will most propably never get to win anything as they should had one that year, when Leicester managed to win the EPL, but also Still they managed to blew it high up in the skies….

  1. Scaloni will have one big headache when picking defenders for the 23 man squad for Copa. Senesi was in the squad for our last two friendlys but due to injuriy had to miss out. 8 defenders, 6 midfielders, 3 goalkeepers and 6 forwards are usually picked in a 23 man squad. Otamendi, Romero, Licha, Pezella, Molina, Montiel , Acuna, Tagliafico were selected in the world cup and chances of Scaloni honouring our world cup heros is high. However, Pezella doesn’t fit in our squad anymore and Otamendi is now old and slow and he has always been error prone. He had an amazing world cup until the 75th min of the final and then fatigue and pressure exposed his error prone game again.

  2. I’m big fan of lich martinez but I don’t think he deserves to go copa America specially when likes senesi, balerdi and lmq are all in great from. I attend to agree with tim vickery who once said there is much difference between lich martinez and marcos senesi I won’t surprise if likes Chelsea targeting to marcos senesi, to me he is underrated specially the team he is playing and the job he is doing imagine if he was playing likes arsenal or aston villa or even Liverpool.

      • After this season? Definitely. Even if Martinez is fit, he is completely out of practice. A tournament like a Copa is not the place for a player recovering from a season long injury. He should still be asked to travel with the team, take part in training etc, if regulations allow that.

    • Yes Senesi could also in my oppinion play in one those bigger clubs of EPL u named, but i don’t think Arteta or Liverpool’s next manager/ coach will go after him and also not sure about Chelsea either as i would like to see him with Villa, but they too have Pau Torres and that Brazilian fellow,

      but Yes in my oppinion Senesi will make the cut, but not sure if Bournemouth will let him ago as they have had a very good season indeed and the big question is who is willing to go after him as surely the fan’s of theese teams would love him, but i’m a bit sceptic about their coaches as Emery for me looks better, than Arteta and if they can just get to UCL, well then he might end up with Villa at least i hope so as Villa playing with DIBU & Senesi in UCL will be fantastic as Spurs will never sell Cuti,

      well, maybe only if they get enormous sum and Cuti will force himself or his way out, but hardly unlikely to happen knowing how Daniel Levi & his son handle their business etc… and knowing Spurs, well never mind who they will sign, they will just not win anything as i think same with Pochettino never mind which team he will TaKe after…, LOL!

      Though, IM not really laughing at all as quite opposite i feel 1-3 of ARG’s🇦🇷 current important players ended up with wrong clubs in the end as surely CUTI, ENZO & JULIAN deserves better future with their club football, though while they keep winning with ARG🇦🇷, well that will be surely the most important !

    • I like Senesi too but I think Scaloni may have signalled that Nehuen Perez is much closer to being called up than Senesi, based on recent calls.

      • Perez don’t deserve to go copa America based form all those defenders are ahead of him in my list balerdi, senesi and lmq who has been terrific form he has been contributing both end of the field
        8 goals this season as defender is amazing

        • I think Perez is a very decent defender too, I would not mind if he ends up getting the nod in the end. As for scoring goals, that’s not the metric I would measure a defender by, after all their job is to defend and any goals they score from set pieces is a bonus.

          • All those 4 name’s will be for sure better, than Pezzella ( sorry, but i think he has no legs against those opponents speedy gonzalezi’s and i think each of ARG’s🇦🇷 opponent in Copa will have some or at least 1-2 fast players as Canada’s forward Jonathan David from Lille looked pretty fast enough to beat Pezzela just for an example)

            Also i think and i’m affraid that only 1 of those 4 name’s will make it, though if Montiel not picked, then maybe 2 as Perez can play as RB too or so i hope at least and LICHA’s situation is not looking good, though i don’t know or can’t be sure,…, but i’m pretty sure Otamendi will be picked as i don’t think Scaloni will leave him out of the squad and only if he does end up with injury and i’m not even sure, that he will leave Pezzella too, but truly hope so as nothing against him, but all those 4 names Senesi, Balerdi, LMQ & Perez are better options, than Pezzella for sure and Yes Otamendi is an error prone too, but with LICHA not hardly playing a game ( can’t even remember when was the last time), well that is very bad news indeed, but in otherhand hopefully at least 1 out those 4 name’s will be picked as i’m rooting now for 2, because of LICHA’s situation looking allmost mission impossible, though Still i’m only quessing as usual…

  3. Watching the city match is just frustrating. Alvarez running in those spaces but city players not even looking to pass to him. More frustration builds up when those Brazilian shits are getting enough recognition from their clubs. Vinicius and Rodrigo main men in real, Antony a pet of ten hag, raphinha starting UCL matches for Barcelona, martineli playing for arsenal😔. Montiel our hero playing as a sub in a shitty club of England, lo celso getting only 5- 10 min in an another shitty club. Apart from messi and di maria our only star of a particular club is lautaro.

  4. Did you just see how Rodri quickly snatched the ball away from Alvarez. They no longer trust Alvarez to take freekicks.

    That’s why I prefer Arsenal to win the league than the likes of Foden taking all glory.

    • Not only that , they don’t even pass him the ball even if he is in a better position. He should force his way out of there. Barcelona needs a striker and his poor run of form since January means they don’t have pay too high of a transfer fee. Or he can also go to Italy, ACMilan will need a striker as Giroud is leaving. Same with Juventus, they also could use a young striker. But he has to end his toxic apprenticeship at City! Not only they don’t respect him, they are deliberately making him perform badly to reduce competition. Alvarez cost £13 million pounds, they got him for peanuts and nobody is under any pressure to get the best out of him. Look at Chelsea, they paid £80million for Mudryk , this guy can’t hit a barn door to save his life and yet the high price tag forces Poch to keep playing him over Sterling who is head and shoulders above him.

    • No chance. If Alvarez works hard he can surely outrun foden. And its upto him. But arsenal winning the league and those brazilians getting the credit means the whole effort alvarez put in this season in the PL would become in vain. It has to be city with an argentine presence to win the PL.
      Sadly La liga is going with those Brazilians.

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