Julián Aude of LA Galaxy contacted by Italy


Julián Aude of the LA Galaxy has been contacted by the Italian FA.

Aude has represented the Argentina national team at youth level but has been contacted by Italy. According to Diario Ole, he was contacted by the Italian FA to know if he has Italian citizenship and if he does, if he would be interested in playing for the Italy national team.

The 21 year old left back joined the LA Galaxy last year on a five year deal.


    • They are pretty desparate indeed. They are going through talent crisis and not hesitating to purse Argentine players from the bottom of the barrel! I watch watching a video from Italian futbal and nobody plays street futbal there anymore, specifically in big cities where most of their star players came through.

        • Other than baggio and a few others, Italy has never had over the top super players on their team. Yet they traditionally have complete players creating a complete team. In the past they used to have trouble selecting the squad because there were numerous choices for most positions. Now it’s the opposite. Not only that but they don’t seem to play “Italian” football anymore. Same as Brazil, they have been slumming because they don’t play their samba style. Screw Brazil, back to Italy- they need a brave coach and to start digging into series a for players more.