Lionel Messi misses Inter Miami’s match vs. Orlando City


Lionel Messi misses Inter Miami’s league match vs. Orlando City.

Messi is not part of the starting eleven or the bench for Inter Miami for Wednesday’s match. The club listed his as questionable on Tuesday.

The 36 year old received a tackle against Montreal which had him momentarily leave the pitch but he did return and finish the match.


  1. With 26 players confirm for the COPA, we have 4 slot from WC.
    Correa — nico Gonzalez
    Papu — locelso
    Almada — garnacho / facundo
    Foyth — equi Fernandez / varela
    Martinez, Benitez armani
    Otamendi, Romero, licha, pezzela, Molina, montiel,taglafico, acuna,
    Locelso ,Parades, palacious ,Guido ,Enzo ,MacAllister, DePaul,
    Messi, dimaria, lautaro, julian, Gonzalez, dybala
    2 slots. Barco, equi Fernandez, garnacho, facundo.

  2. What a maturity from Valentine Barco…Hope day by day he will be more sharpness in his quality and force to top team to pick him soon..if he fit like that then in 2026 world cup he will be definitely first choice for LB in the team.