Lionel Messi returns from injury, starts for Inter Miami vs. D.C. United


Lionel Messi has returned from injury and starts for Inter Miami vs. D.C. United.

Messi is back from injury and starts for Inter Miami against D.C. United on Saturday. The reigning league leaders have announced their starting eleven and Lionel Messi starts.

The 36 year old is not the only Argentine in the starting eleven. Tomás Avilés, Nicolás Freire and Marcelo Weigandt all start along with Benjamin Cremaschi.

Kick off has been delayed due to lightning strikes in the area.

Mundo Albiceleste is at Chase Stadium for the match! Make sure to follow us for videos and pictures!



  1. Yes I am aware Garnacho is only 19, but he really needs to work on his finishing. United are not going to fully rely on him next season like they did this year. He has slightly improved his first touch and decision making but his finishing is abysmal.

  2. Valentín Barco is must in copa America, the guy is good his close control and crossing is so good , what a amazing player he could turn to be

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