Emiliano Martínez, Enzo Fernández and Alejandro Garnacho could go to Olympics


Emiliano Martínez, Enzo Fernández and Alejandro Garnacho could be going to the Olympics with Argentina.

Martínez, Fernández and Garnacho could be joining Javier Mascherano and the Argentina team in France for the Olympics. According to Gastón Edul, the Argentina national team are waiting to get authorization for them to play in the Olympic games.

Enzo Fernández and Alejandro Garnacho would go as underage players and Martínez would go as an overage player. Javier Mascherano will be have Nicolás Otamendi and Julián Álvarez going to the Olympics, with both players overage.


  1. Thats a strong squad already. Masch dont want Mbappe to get a gold. Thatswhy he is bringing France Slayer Dibu. Would love to silence France once again. In France

  2. I will highly doubt Chelsea will let their $132 million investment participate in non fifa tournament. One of the reason Poch was sacked because he had a disagreement with the management about Enzo’s role in the midfield along with Caicedo. He didn’t think their pair would be beneficial for Chelsea in a long run and tried to keep Gallagher and hence got the boot! I will be surprised if he goes to the Olympics.

  3. Our overage players in previous editions:
    2020 Tokyo Olympics – Jeremias Ledesma . Only 1 filled from 3 available slots.
    2016 Rio – Victor Cuesta (CB) , Geronimo Rulli
    2012 London – Did not qualify
    2008 Bejing – Riquelme, Mascherano, Nicolas Pareja
    We have already secured Alvarez & Otamendi. If we get Emi ( overage ) , Enzo & garnacho ( both U23), kudos to AFA & Masche for a good start.

  4. This means we are damn serious about Olympics. I am happy. Always better to watch these boys in the national jersey rather than in their club shirts.

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