Germán Pezzella’s fitness a factor for Argentina Copa America inclusion


Germán Pezzella’s fitness is a factor for his inclusion with the Argentina national team for the Copa America.

Pezzella could be going to the Copa America with Argentina but the doubt is his fitness. According to Gastón Edul, the only doubt about Pezzella is his fitness.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni and Lionel Messi both highly value him.


  1. What is so special in him? PEZZELLA is a veteran player who could not delever when we needed him the most in the matches against France and Netherlands. Still he gets selected every time. He is not getting any younger, and more than that we have better young defenders than him. Overall he is injured and has not played for a long time, so he must be rusty . Though I love and respect SCALONI a lot, but I don’t understand the selection of a veteran, not so talented and bellow average player like PEZZELLA.

    • Scalonis’ coaching team edges most NT coaches on how he mixes and integrates young talents when needed. Yes there were some circumstances forced him to integrate the likes of Emi, and Romero. I like it how he takes things very slowly with little margin of errors. He knows how to build a team. Look at Germany they are calling back their veterans after hastly overlooking them in the pist 14 WC.

      I am not defending Pezzella by no means but giving credit to the coach who closely monitors players visa vis his startegy and game plans.