Lionel Messi comments on winning the World Cup, Copa America and his Argentina career


Lionel Messi commented on winning the World Cup, the Copa America and his Argentina career.

Messi has won every trophy he has ever competed for at club level and with the Argentina national team. Presently with the Argentina national team in Florida, Messi gave an interview with Pollo Alvarez about having won everything. Here is what he had to say:

“Being a world champion makes you… or for me, it made me feel accomplished. I achieved everything, I was able to achieve the goals and dreams I had. Being able to say that is very difficult…

“But then life goes on. I had to continue in Paris, I live here and keep trying to achieve things, to keep winning. Now we have another challenge with the national team, to try to win the Copa America.”

He was also asked about how it was with Argentina while he was winning everything with FC Barcelona:

“Before, I used to feel that when I was at Barcelona, winning everything, I was being loved by the people. But when I went to the national team, it was like something was missing. Being able to achieve everything was the ultimate thing for me.

“When I was in Barcelona, with the national team, in Paris, the affection I always received from the people of Argentina, despite the difficult moments I went through with the national team as well, I always felt it, I always appreciated it.”

In regards to the Argentina national team Whatsapp group name:

“I don’t remember. Let me see… Okay, yes, the name is World Champions.”

And about who is the admin of the group?

Messi: “Paredes.”