Lionel Messi in Argentina Copa America video: “Let’s all go together, again”


Lionel Messi released a video for the Copa America where he tells everyone to go together for it, again.

Messi posted a video on his social media wearing a shirt of the Argentina national team, narrating for the Copa America. Putting his arm over his heart, Messi says “here are the people, the cities, the team mates, the coaches, the staff and everyone who wore this shirt.”

“He goes on to say “here are the neighborhood clubs, the neighborhood pitches and the schools. Here are joys, the sadness.

“The hugs and the tears. Here is my family and every one of your families. Here are those that are not here. Here you are. Here, in the heart, is Argentina. Let’s all go together again.”

The Argentina national team will begin defending their Copa America trophy on June 20 in the opening match against Canada.


    • I share the same nightmare. The last three outings have been sub-par. Uruguay exposed our attacking prowess badly and we were lucky to defeat Brazil 1-0. The team is seriously lacking attacking ideas with Toro and Alvarez lacking accuracy, Nico and Le Celso lacking finesse, Messi and Di Maria not getting younger with passing days.