Argentina starting XI vs. Canada at the Copa America, Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez start


The Argentina national team starting eleven vs. Canada at the Copa America has been announced with Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez both starting.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his starting eleven. Lisandro Martínez starts in place of Nicolás Otamendi.

Ángel Di María, Julián Álvarez and Lionel Messi all start up front. Here is the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Molina, Romero, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; Paredes, De Paul, Mac Allister; Di María, Julián Álvarez and Lionel Messi


  1. First match is always difficult. In next game we’ll see a better team. No need to change first 11.Only Otamendi in place of Lisandro would be better. Scaloni should be careful about subs. Like Scaloni dropped di maria we are winning with 1 goal margin. Same mistake he did in wc final.

  2. Lo Celso is very good.

    Emi’s long balls improved a lot.

    Di Maria needs to start from bench going forward

    Bring in GARNACHO please.

  3. Acuna and Molina are so weak

    Paredes is a ghost. He have no impact, never try nothing and defend like a U16.

    Messi failed too much easy goal and was very static. Di Maria missed a lot of good actions.

    Dibu and Romero are amazing.

    Weak game. The team need to improve and Enzo to come back

  4. Goaaaallll… The two people I really wanted to see on the scoresheet today have scored. This will give them a boost.
    But we should be winning by 5 or 6 goals.

    Ps: Lo celso and Messi just understand each other

  5. Scolani should be think about his plan to play both messi & di maria at a same time ..
    To much slow
    They are our legend
    So I think scolani should rotate them with each other & Don’t give full 90 minutes…
    Time ror introducing new blood…
    & If we play like this we easily loss with a big team
    Vamos Argentina

    • Messi era is not over yet, look at the pass for McAllister in first goal and martinez for second. The timing and precision is on another level.

      • Hold your horse. Messi era is not over yet. He was instrumental in both goals we still need him for the creativity. And he is not done with scoring either. Just one match. He will score in important games when it matters.

  6. I thought that was a super entertaining first half. Candace has some good organization and some good speed. And they are clogging the midfield. I do wonder how this game would be with Enzo in place of Paredes. I think he could be a bit more creative. But let’s see. We have been wearing Canada down. They are bound to mess up sometime this game when they are more tired.

  7. This is probably the same pattern we’ve seen the last few years with Scaloni. The first few games are unimpressive but we grow into it more and more. Happened three years ago in the Copa America where it looked so hopeless this entire forum was calling for Scaloni to leave (even if we were winning most of the time but not in a pretty way), and then Saudi in the WC.

    • In the copa it actually did not. It was prior to copa. In the copa we were more or less good in all games except colombia where we let our guards down after taking a 1-0 lead and from which Scaloni sadly never learned, resulting us paying against the dutch and the french.

      • I always conflate that Copa with the two qualifiers right before it. Those two games plus the first Copa game were all ties. But yeah the Colombia one was part of that horrible pattern of letting them come back

    • I think many underestimate Canada as team as I would not be surprise for them to find a win against Peru and I think they will be fighting for it with Chile in the end as i presume ARG to win this group now, because the first game is always very difficult and ARG may had just beaten their most difficult opponent in this group or at least bar with Chile as I don’t rate Peru so high this time…., but we will see how the team will develop further on….VAMOS ARGENTINA OUR BELOVED ALBICELESTE !

  8. Need new plans for second half… Plenty of scoring chances missed in first half. Though both sides has 7 shots, Canada had the closest chance so need to rectify our mistakes. Parades seems lost

  9. First match is always difficult. Its similar to Saudi match in wc. As per my observation we are lacking creativity in MF.Instead of Mac allister need creative MF. Like lo celso.

  10. We need Enzo and Lautaro in the field. For some reason Paredes not filtering the passes quick enough also Alvarez lost his finishing instinct. We are playing good so far for Canada chances it’s mean to happen. It’s better to have now than later in the game. No one picking up Mac run from midfield. He made few of those runs but no passes. Canada is so compact so we need those run

  11. Hope to see Enzo second half

    Canada did a good job blocking most passing lanes. Mac Allister + Acuña left flank isn’t producing anything today. Messi barely getting the ball so maybe introducing Enzo would fix that. Seems that Canada has a weakness with their two center backs and long balls in behind over them but we stopped exploiting that after the first minutes for some reason

  12. Enzo Lautaro Garnacho IN
    Paredes Di Maria Alvarez OUT

    Canada is more organized than us.

    Paredes is good defensively but he slows the transition down.

    Lautaro can attack that shaky CB.

  13. Not a fan of the shorts….they look too much like Uruguay.

    Canada’s defense is so wide open, it spreads more than professionals in the Amsterdam Red Light District!

      • Yes everything is well, I’ve just gotten really busy to spend too much time commenting. I remember during the WC it felt like sometimes it was hours a day on here, no joke. And then after the ecstasy of winning and all that I got so much fatigue of commenting here I kind of disappeared for the most part, except occasionally for qualifiers. Of course I have to be back to talk to all of you again, let’s hope for the third trophy of this stretch! I think I said this after the WC — we aren’t finished, after 2014,15,16 it’s only right to get the third one

        • i had the exact same experience. During the world cup I remender checking mundo and other sites 500 times per day like a lunatic. After decades of experiencing hard emotions and obsession, i felt totally burnt out and fatigued. I’m not even following club soccer much these days either. But now that copa is on, im getting excited again.

  14. letsssss goooooooo all the fansss… here we go for the 16th title… VAMOS ARGENTINA.. ALBICELESTE will always be there at the top

  15. Put your hands up if you happy with our new centre back pairing, 100% happy for me. Let’s go albicelestes let’s win another copa America

  16. ¡Vaaaaamoooooooos!
    Let’s go, I’m so excited for this game!
    I have to miss part of it for work and I’m so bummed. But I’m excited to watch the first half and then the high lights!

    This lineup is a perfect mix of experience and youth. I hope they bring in Garnacho and Enzo as well.

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