Emiliano Martínez: “I told the guys that I was not ready to go home”


Emiliano Martínez spoke about what he told the team before their penalty shoot out vs. Ecuador.

Martínez was once more the penalty shootout hero for the Argentina national team. After saving three penalty kicks vs. Colombia at the 2021 Copa America, not allowing two vs. France in the World Cup final and saving two against Ecuador, the Argentina national team are in the semi finals of the 2024 Copa America. Martínez spoke to the media after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“I told the guys that I was not ready to go home. Even more so that we are World champions and Copa America champions, this group deserves to continue. It has been 35 days that we are enclosed with everyone and it’s emotional.”

The Argentina national team will play either Canada or Venezuela in the semi finals on Tuesday in New Jersey.


  1. Sorry to say, but the team would go home if Scaloni does not bring in some drastic change to the team’s mentality. What am ugly display by the team today! We need hungrier players in the team along with some truly talented ones. Everyday we cannot be lucky.

  2. As it is the usual case on this site, the highs too high and lows too low, who was yesterday’s hero is today’s villain.
    What ARG has showed us that they learn from their mistakes and there is a pretty good chance that what happened last night wont happen again. 5 days is a good amount of time to rest and recover and figure what is what with Messi.
    There will be much drama in the quarterfinals for both COPA and EUROS, Argentina just happened to go first and now they sit back and watch how other teams Fuckup…..

    • We have become a team who figures out a way from death and we are still having the champions luck.

      Whether we will learn from the mistakes we don’t know. In my mind Messi is totally unfit to play and they we should simply play Di Maria instead. We should have brought Dybala. Are we going to learn? Probably not. Can we still against Venezuela or Canada – yes

  3. Forget messi , Argentina won’t have never win anything without emi martinez, that is fact! The best golie in the world every Argentine owns him , thank you emi martinez the hero of Argentine nt
    Thanks to Arteta who trust him in first place to put arsenal x1