The Argentina national team train in Houston, will fly to New Jersey on Saturday


The Argentina national team trained in Houston on Friday and will fly to New Jersey on Saturday.

Argentina stayed in Houston, Texas after their penalty shootout win vs. Ecuador in the quarter finals of the Copa America. They will practice on Saturday morning and will fly out to New Jersey in the afternoon.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will play either Canada or Venezuela in the semi finals of the Copa America in New Jersey on Tuesday.


    • Each has tasted the other and know the issues. Canada knows current Argentina team do not have anyone who can hold the ball and dribble, Messi and Enzo being unfit and DiMaria not part of starting XI. Argentina is breaking down under incessant pressure. Argentina breaks down in the last 10 minutes even if they are ahead by a couple of goals (France, Australia, Ecuador and so many other examples.) The midfield is out of form other than Alexis Macallister and Palacios is not in starting XI. Argentina knows Canada makes small mistakes, they are not great in defence while in transition and their shoulders droop when they concede. So, naturally, Canada’s strategy would be to put immense pressure from the word go, unsettle the Argentina team and test Dibu. Their strategy won’t be different from the group game. And what would be Argentina’s strategy? Let Nico, Lo Celso, Enzo, Molina mess up things expecting someone else to pull the team out of trouble. At the 90th minute either they would realize ‘Then there was none’ or there is Dibu.

  1. I’m looking at highlights of Dybala in Roma and for Argentina and I can’t help but feel bad for him. I have to admit I see why some players play for Italy. Imagine Dybala and Icardi in the Italian squad. It looks like Dybala only played a full 90 minutes ONLY twice for Argentina. Nico had more chances, Higuain, Mesa, etc.

    Look how well he links with DiMaria below.

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    Pay attention to how teammates react at times. My gosh, let that man cook and get comfortable, don’t kill his confidence.

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    • Icardi, Papu, Pezella and Dybala were at there peak in 2018 but Sampaoli totally ignored all 4! Yes Dybala was in the squad but he was never given a chance. However, Dybala isn’t the same player now and his fitness issue has become worse. He can’t even play 4 matches in 1 month for Roma without getting sidelined for another subsequent month, how can he stay fit to play 6 matches in less 1 month? Yes, he could have been selected to play as a super sub but in this tournament Dimaria is our super sub, which is why Scaloni went for Garnacho who needs to spend time with the team as he seems to be currently our best young player with potential to be a world class player.

    • I’ve said it a 100 times that only thing that has stood between Argentina and glory in the past 2 decades is our inept and clueless managers and ofcourse the ride corruption within the AFA. Dybala is the last of the World class forward we have. Him not being selected is mind boggling when you look at the quality of current forwards bar Messi. Nico Gonzalez is sadly a pain to watch. Pazella, Montiel, Molina, Guido, Parades….this is like a family gathering selection rather than a sporting one. Davies will end Molina’s NT career.

      • Yes unfortunatly as family gathering and like u said 2 decades indeed !

        Also really worried about Molina too !

        Dybala’s exclusion way over mind boggling, though nothing new in terms of selection wise for ARG….

        Leaving Pezzella, maybe unfit Acuna and Guido who might not get to play more + Enzo with recent hernia surgery would had given 4 spots free !

        Even 2-3 would had been good !