Argentina legend Sergio GOYCOCHEA talks Lionel MESSI, Argentina team

Sergio Goycochea Argentina
Sergio Goycochea

Argentina goalkeeping legend Sergio GOYCOCHEA was on the radio where he discussed Lionel MESSI and the Argentina National Team.

GOYCOCHEA only had positive things to say about River Plate’s Franco ARMANI but did hint that Esteban ANDRADA of Boca Juniors is one to keep an eye out on. Talking about the change going on in the Argentina team with Ataque Futbolero, here’s what GOYCOCHEA had to say:

“The only one you can include in it (the change) is MESSI.

“The change is good, if we are talking about a process, you should go with young players because in four years, the one’s that are now 30 years old and in good form will cost you later on.

“If there is a project, you have to go with it, no matter the results.”

On the topic of Franco ARMANI, GOYCOCHEA said this:

“ARMANI is in good form and for that reason he deserves to be in the Argentina National Team. ANDRADA (Boca Juniors goalkeeper) is doing well with Boca, he has a lot of personality, watch out for him.

“If ARMANI maintains this form, he could be the goalkeeper in 2022 in Qatar.”

In regards to Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI:

“I like the way SCALONI dealt with DYBALA. I don’t like that no one used the 10 shirt of Argentina. The shirt is bigger than the names.”


  1. I don’t wanna make any conclusion but I really like the transition. I said that before I would keep Scaloni. We need young coaches with new vision and new approaches. If Gallardo, Simeone or Pochettino don’t want the national team why not leaving Scaloni? It is not because he beats Guatemala but I feel that he can bring something different. He has a low profile and has something to prove. I’m not against a technical director but Scaloni as a the national team is not bad.

    • Me too we have to go with youngsters
      The more stay together the more
      They become strong… chemistry will grow
      Between them… so what if we lose few games there and then…
      Even if old guards play we will lose too

      My opinion I will try any youth play
      Who is in good prospect.. not average one
      So we could come qatar with very competitive squad