Angel DI MARIA scores in PSG win against Saint-Etienne in Ligue 1


Angel DI MARIA continued his fine form for PSG as he scored in their 4-0 win against Saint-Etienne.

There’s no catching up to PSG in Ligue 1 as the current champions and league leaders made it five wins out of five to start the season. The former Real Madrid and Manchester United man netted the third goal for PSG, a lovely shot from the goalkeeper’s right side.

As we reported a few days ago, there are rumors that DI MARIA, along with a few other players, would get called back to the Argentina team.


  1. Its great to see young talented Midfielders from Argentine league who all r most probably gonna fight each other for NT spots soon. Palacios, Matías Vargas, Nicolás Domínguez, Agustín Almendra. I think Reynoso and Columbatto must step up and raise their games to be noticed.

  2. It’ll be wrong to think it’s easier for Lo Celso to have more playing time in Betis than in PSG. First of all, there is no much room for him in this 3421 system with regista+box to box, Lo Celso has been always used as CM in a 3-men midfield. Secondly, comparing to PSG, the midfielders of Betis are really good or even better, Canales-Guardado is the brain of this team, I don’t see why the coach will break it in order to include Lo Celso. But it’s not impossible to switch to 352 like they did by the end of Valencia game. It’s to him to prove to the coach he has his place and force him to change system, but will be challenging for him.

    • No matter how much potential Locelso has he is a PSG reject, he will have to earn his selection in the Betis starting XI. However Laliga is very competitive , and the current Betis players are no world beaters, few defeats will force the manager to make changes, so he will get plenty of chances.

  3. Lo Celso was good on his debut match, was only came in the field at 77 min but was prolific. Did not find any video clip yet, except a short clip in this twitter id Chelra96Video

  4. As for goalkeepers I would like to see Esteban Andrada still. He is game by game more inpressive in Boca. Remember that U-20 Argentina team from WC 2011. We had great defence. There’s already 3 players in our NT that were among others responsible for the wall-like solid defending: Pezzella, Tagliafico, Battaglia. So why no to try also Andrada of that team. There was also Pereyra and Lamela but the team didn’t impressed in attack much while thanks to the defence were close semis.

    • That group is rather underrated, Some should have already been with our NT for some time. Andrada i think will push for Rulli’s spot. Armani as of now looks incredible, Well Romero is Romero every coach is obsessed with him.

      We should take Younger Goal keepers as 2nd and 3rd choice. Like Armani, Andrada/Rulli, Musso. Our coaches always tend to take Goal keepers of above 30 only i don’t get that logic.

      • “Andrada i think will push for Rulli’s spot” – probably he will take the spot. He was close earlier as Lanus player the more no being goalkeeper of most popular club of Argentina

  5. Both Independiente and River won their yesterday’s matches by 3 goals. Both benched best players as in wednesday night 1st leg of quarter final Copa Libertadores Independiente -River. Pity Martinez and Palacios came from the bench. The first with goal from penalty.

      • We have four teams in quartefinals. There will be at least one as Independiente play River. River is the favourite. Independiente has good defensive line but not many arguments on forefront. A lot depends there on Martin Benitez form.

        Gremio is title defender so Atletico Tucuman for sure is not the fovourite of the rivalry. They already did more than anyone expected.

        Boca – Cruzeiro – hard to say. Rather Boca.

      • Palacios provoked red card for San Martin by his run and had crucial pass in the action which earned penalty for River.

        • It’s very hard to find a player like him who combines physical strength, defensive ability, tactical intelligence, creativity and long distance shot all those qualities together. Definitely a player to follow! The last time I saw such a complete midfielder was Pogba in 2013.

  6. There is nothing left more to explain THE GENIUS OF DI MARIA FOR HIS CLUBS. For NT he WAS undoubtedly the most frustrating player to watch ever since he debuted Since 2008 (Goshhhh 10 years of Frustration, rather we should receive an Award, Just for copping with his play) That’s what he achieved in NT. At this stage Rather don’t care about any of the historical’s apart from Messi.

    Rulli keeps disappointing, If he carry on like this his chances will be slim for NT. We may have to look at other options, Which is scarce too. Andrada is reasonably experienced at club level (I think after Armani he is one of the Best Goal keeper in Argentine League), Juan Musso is young etc etc. As of now it looks like Armani vs Romero for Number 1 spot for next 4 years.

    • Di Maria most frustrating player for 10 years, but did you see his goal against France , which other Argentine player scored such a goal under pressure against the top top team in last years , I think you have forgotten him what he played in 2014 or even copa 2015 and 16. I would say let’s on disrespect players. Di Maria is a name in world football and mind you he has given ucl to Real Madrid and was a key member of that team.i would suggest check all the best wingers and what percentage of good crosses they make day in day out. We have to give opportunity to new generation which I agree, that doesn’t mean I have the authority to say anything of the players who has given so much joy to us, only issue we didn’t win the tournaments.

      • Well he has given More frustrations than joy to a fan of Argentina NT. Ask any Argentine Football Fan. And you are saying Di Maria was the main reason for all our FINAL Accomplishments for some years. “Well now i have heard everything”

        Forget about the 1 or 2 goals and 1 or 2 consistent Matches (1 is against Germany after the WC, The other One??Hmmm thinking, this guy never had a consistent performance for us, I am talking about Argentina NT, don’t care about what he did or will do for his Freaking Club whichever it is) Its a fact.

        When its good we can say good, When it is bad we can say bad,Now you call that disrespect its fine.

        • For the reasons I was always talking his play is like lottery, you can’t depend on him. Now we need someone more predictable and irritating.

          • Frankly speaking he was great at RM under Mourinjho, He was giving assists left and right to Ronaldo, But that too was for RM. His only good period for us is under Sabella. But consistency was never there. We can understand no player can play well in All matches, But at least don’t be a frustrating player by putting wrong passes, Wasting tones and tones of good passes from Messi(Poor him) look at Jordi Alba for Barca, Had Di Maria been at least some consistent on Left side, Messi could have been a better crack for NT.

  7. Argentinos Juniors – Boca Juniors 0:1

    Good to see Almendra starting and playing solid game. On the Argentinos side 19 years old enganche Alexis MacAllister is absolutely standout one all the season.

  8. Nobody is doing Saturday football recap……I watched Liverpool vs spurs….after coming on from bench lamela scored a goal and he really looked sharp… Napoli vs fiorentina both pezella Nd simeone was good…instead of watching Valencia vs real betis I watched man u vs Watford perreyra played well with ball but he is predictable always wants to cut back inside from right wing not a single cross from him….
    Rulli should learn how to punch the ball from crosses , he was guilty for both the goals Barca scored.
    P. S:- as always our oldies played superbly for their respective club especially otamendi Nd messi

  9. I started following Real Betis because of Lo Celso, they play actually very nice football, possession-oriented, their midfield is strong: Bartra between libero and holding, Canales as regista, Guardado as box to box, the 2 fullbacks very technical and play almost as playmakers. In a more advanced position, Inui as left winger and Boudebouz as right attacking midfielder, but both are hard-worker and involve a lot in pressuring. So they play almost with 7 midfielders, all of them can defend and attack. Looks hard to get the ball from them.

    If they keep their 3421 system, as their midfield is already very mature, I guess Lo Celso may play in a more advanced position, probably in competition with Boudebouz for the right attacking midfielder role.

  10. Di Maria went downhill from the moment he left RM and then on to ManU with high hopes and Nothing really. The French league is just as bad as the Bundesliga, with PSG being the epitome of what an overkill of talent looks like.

    Noway would I make him a starter…..maybe a backup to the backup.

    Like somebody else said here, the man does NOT know the ABCs of his job…..completely Lost it.

  11. Hello.

    Overall i think Scaloni did a good job..he gave almost everyone an opportunity..nice to see..if this was any other coach..the same 8 or 9 would have started and we might not have seen others..

    Goal Keepers – Too early to judge Armani or Rulli…both needs to get chances..good thing is..they both are club starters..

    Midfield – The selection is fine and needs more chemistry and tweeking with some more players.

    Defense – Fumes Mori – no good..we need to try some more players or from the players called..

    Forwards – Not much action. need to link with midfield or midfield needs to link with forwards..not sure how to put it..

    Coach – please no Martino…

  12. “Beat defenders on dribling and then fuck it up by poor cross.

    “defenders nightmare” – sometimes also Argentina fans”
    Believe me i still see those crosses in my dream and i call them NIGHTMARE 🙁

  13. sigh…d/m scored a goal in a weak French lge surrounded by a half a billion dollar team and some actually want him to be back in the n/t team and why? as he has been extremely poor for the n.t since 2014-it way past time to move on from him and he should not even be a remote n.t thought.

    Rulli: I had high hopes for this lad but atm im not seeing any thing real special in him, he needs to work a lot hardier and that is even to be considered the potential 3rd keeper.

    • Yes, amigo, Di Maria has no footballing brain whatsoever and we have to move on from him. As for Rulli, he seems to be really bad at properly punching away the crosses, needs to work on that. He’s tall enough to be good in the air (189 cm).

      • EnganChe:
        im with you amigo in your d.m thoughts and when di maria was asked by the good lord if he wanted a footballing brain, d.m misheard and thought he said train and asked for a very slow one.

        I still have high hopes for rulli but he does need a really good kick up the ass to wake him up.

  14. I don’t understand why u all people despise angel di Maria…..don’t u guyz forget that this guy has won argentina footballer of the year in 2014 in the presence of messi…..the only year messi didn’t win the argentina football player of the year after winning ballon dor……plz respect di maria for his services…I don’t want him in the team only because I want argentina to build up new players for 2022

    • See…you my friend still stuck in the moment of past. It was 4 years ago. You should order a time travel thing from ebay maybe (pretty cheap) to catch up a lot. Di-Maria no doubt a legend in his position(for clubs) but lately,sadly,truly he is NOTHING for NT anymore. Moving forward to better future and if this cost us Messi i don’t give a damn.

      • I don’t think ADM did great. He was very frustrating, poor passing and ineffective dribbling. He did score against France though and I believe if dumbass bald fraud started Aguero, we may have beaten the WC winners.

  15. @Choripan, Di Maria’s crosses are horrible. Lately, he looks like someone who doesn’t even know the ABC of crossing! I was a big fan of him for a long time but now he must leave the team for good. We have his replacement and there is no need calling him up for the NT duty once again.

  16. Well, the team under Scaloni is looking good. Its getting its shape. In my openion only 2 matches is too early to call them a perfect setup or anything near solid and strong.

    I think against Guetemala, 1st half we were so strong and attacking but team loose its sharpness as the game progressed in 2nd half.

    Against Columbia we started again strongly but Columbia got some grief as the game progressed. But i think with the great Walter as our defense memtor our defense dramatically improved a lot. Once again it looks solid. Pezella is very good. I think Bata is good as well as Asci. Both deserves the chance again and again. Lo Celso looks little shaky, lots of mis pass, hope he improves as the season progresses. Martinez is awesome – we dont need Di Maria anymore. This kid is gonna be a star.

    Im very happy and extremely impressed with Palacios. This 19 year kid is a superstar. After long long time i think we are going to have a complete and super midfielder. He plays like Kaka or Ozil. If he continues to grow then i guess he is going to be our next big star.

    I think for oldies only a few should get call again. But please no Di Maria, this guy is a super flop. He lost his prime. Messi is needed as RF. He is something that is needed to make this team invincible. Aguero is not replaceable for now. May be Simione can take his place later but please no Icardi. Otamendi may get call again. He could be a good addition.

    But please dont call Meza anymore. He is not any NT material now.

    For me the first 11 should be: (preferance from left)


    Bustos/Cervi – Pezella – Ota./Anyone good – Tagli


    Dybala/Celso – Dybala/Palacios

    Messi – L.Martinez


  17. I lost this passion for this club since Pastore and Lo Celso left. Pastore I can understand why they didn’t keep him. But Lo Celso … still a mystery for me. It’s not even for a financial reason because he left for a loan with buying option. Honestly I don’t see him below Verratti or Rabiot. Except 1 game of Rabiot vs Barca last year, I don’t remember any good game of those 2 against top European teams after all these years. Besides, the Italian is always off because of his injuries and Rabiot will be free-contract soon, it seems even more non-sense to me.

    Unlike Lo Celso, Di Maria seems to have the total trust of Tuchel, hope he will keep on playing well with his club but no thanks for his come back to the national team.

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