Argentina U20 secure second spot in Sudamericano


Argentina lost 1-0 to Brazil in the Sudamericano and finished in second spot.

Despite the loss, the Argentina U20 team was already secured of a position at both the U20 FIFA World Cup as well as the Pan American games. Here are the final standings with Ecuador winning the Sudamericano.

Ecuador, 10 points

Argentina, 9 points

Uruguay, 8 points

Colombia, 5 points

Brazil, 5 points

Venezuela, 4 points

Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia all qualified for the U20 FIFA World Cup.

For the Pan American games, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and hosts Peru are all qualified.


  1. The 11 for WC
    ..Almada/barreal……..La vega

    Subs:-Roffo,Avila,barquett,ayala, maroni, barco, Romero

  2. And Gaich here we go again, with a better centre forward this Copa would have been easily winnable, he started in 6 matches, played in 9 and scored only in 1 match….the most important till WC to find a good centre forward avoid another group stage disaster

    • Csabalala

      you are biggest enemy of yourself. Whatever you say quickly turns on you.

      You are not good even on your stats. According to you that was “must win game for Argentina”?!

      How? They needed just draw to win the tournament, and that draw target attitude since beginnings of the game was our blunder.
      In fact, that was must win game for Brazil. If they have beat us by 3 goals the could got the WC spot. So stop talk bullshit.

    • Who is the better striker than Gaich?
      Colidio? The guy got some minutes yesterday and quickly missed 2 good chances. So was in his previous game. He was missing good oportunities. Gaich did that too. But Gaich is good on every other thing. He is superactive hardworker. With him team plays better. He creates opportunities. He is everywhere on the pitch unlike invisible Romero. And did you even watched the games with Romero. How many good chances he missed too? How many chances missed Maroni, Alvarez. That was our main problem in this tournament after poor selection and still we were so close to win the tournament.

      There’s no better No.9 in this category than Gaich. At least so far.

      He score most goals for us on COTIF tournament and most goals on SUdamericano. Coincidence? He missed many chances but if only will able to improve his finish he will be complete striker. Strong, tall, good pace, good ball control, decent passing, inteligent, very good off ball.

    • You should keep silence man. Where you were with your comments when our team won COTIF? Where you were after our wins against Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay?

      How about De La Vega? He was our best player of the tournament along with Gaich and Roffo. Was not you the one who’ve said before tournament that he should not be there, as well as Barreal, as type of brainless runner without creative abilities?

        • several times, i always alleged him as underperformer in big tournaments, and you protected him, but dunno why? his performance was 10times worse than any of our centre forwards, old, washed up, weak headed, so i think its clear that you never ever want this player in the NT again,when young forwards Piatek and Milik is avalaible, right? maybe they will offer more

          • So bring my comments about him to prove.
            There’s no such defending comments.
            It’s only you, who thinks Lewandowski is “mine” because he is Pole. I never touch the theme of Lewandowski first because I don’t like even the player. He is good nothing more.