Breaking news: BASILE offered the job


When everything seem to be set for next week, Julio GRONDONA already made the move and has offered the manager position for Argentina to Alfio “COCO” BASILE.

It remains to be seen whether BASILE will step out as BOCA JUNIORS manager and accept the challenge.

If he says ‘yes’, it’ll be his second spell as Argentina manager after taking care of the national team after Carlos BILARDO left following Italy ’90.

BASILE have won 2 Copa America (the last 2 major trophies won by Argentina) in Chile 1991 and Ecuador 1993.

He led the team to a run of 33 matches without defeat and was ultimately knocked out of USA ’94 by Romania in eight-finals after the Diego MARADONA scandal being disqualified from the World Cup after testing positive in a drug test.

My opinion?


COCO BASILE is my favourite and if he accepts (his relationship with BOCA was never the best one, despite having won all 4 trophies at stake) he will have the second chance he deserves after suffering from what happened with Diego in 94.

He is a great leader and he won’t be afraid of using all of our talented attacking players at the same time.

Come on, COCO! Say yes!