Pablo AIMAR goes to Real Zaragoza


Real Zaragoza have made official the signing of Argentina star Pablo AIMAR for the next four seasons in exchange of 11 million Euros.

The Valencia CF playmaker is moving to La Romareda Stadium and will join fellow argentines: Gabriel MILITO, Diego MILITO, Andrés D’ALESSANDRO and Leonardo PONZIO.

Pablo AIMAR, 26 years old, played almost 200 matches for Valencia. He won 2 Spanish League titles, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 European Supercup, getting to the Champions League final in the process.

As a clear image of what PABLITO means for Valencia fans and how much they will miss him, last night before leaving his former team’s training ground, a young Valencia supporter started crying because he was sad to see him leave. It was Pablo AIMAR who tried to console him and give him comfort.