Argentina could be out of Copa America


Problems within the AFA could mean Argentina will not take part in the Copa America.

There are big problems within the AFA and there’s concern that the National Team (along with any other Argentine club in international competitions) could be kicked out of the Copa America and their respective tournaments.

The AFA have suspended the upcoming elections (July 30) and the government is intervening in the AFA. The situation is such a mess and it’s possible that Argentina does not take part in the tournament.

Should the team not take part in the tournament, the AFA would be fined 5 million dollars, plus damages plus exclusion from the upcoming 2 editions of the tournament.

A final decision is expected on Tuesday.

The general feeling is that while this is all very real, it’s unlikely to happen as the AFA, CONMEBOL and all other organizers and sponsors would stand to lose a lot of money.