Angel Di Maria

Argentina line-up in training, DI MARIA starts

Angel DI MARIA is set to start for Argentina. Angel DI MARIA was a starter in Argentina's eleven in training. DI MARIA started up front in place of Erik LAMELA....
Tata Martino

Tata MARTINO: “We can’t lose another final”

Tata MARTINO held a press conference speaking about the final and the team. MARTINO spoke about which players are available and more. Here's what he had to say: "Except for Augusto...
Lionel Messi Press Conference

Lionel MESSI: “I want to talk about the final”

Lionel MESSI held a lengthy press conference where he spoke about the final, the AFA and more. Lionel MESSI spoke to the media where he commented about winning the Copa...
Copa America

Copa America on Sunday to be official tournament

There's been a lot of talk about this Copa America. Many said it's not a real tournament or that the winner would not get to count it as a win...
Argentina Team Training

Argentina to train tonight, referee revealed

Argentina will be training on Friday evening. This will be the first training session in New Jersey ahead of the final. Following the training session, two players will hold a...