Tata MARTINO: “The second half was very good”


Tata MARTINO spoke to the media following Argentina’s 4-1 win against Venezuela on Saturday.

MARTINO spoke about ROMERO’s save, MESSI equaling Gabriel BATISTUTA’s goalscoring record and more.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The penalty which ROMERO saved was key for us to go calmly into half-time. We had a lot of goal scoring chances and we’re fair winners.”

“For the third goal the team was moving the ball around better and felt comfortable. The second half was very good. We have two exceptional goalscorers. HIGUAIN and AGUERO are decisive.”

“MESSI knows that he can unbalance teams and that they’ll mark him tightly. But he understood the match very well. He already tied it, but I would like for MESSI to surpass BATISTUTA in this Copa America.”

“We need to focus on the United States and try not to give them options.”


  1. I agree, Tata has found good balance in the squad. Clap clap. I think DiMaria not being on the field or Kun is actually helping us. In their place we have much harder working team players. Our midfield is much much improved at regaining and keeping pocession. With a stable team Messi and Higuain can shine. We essentially play a wide 442 now with Messi as the deep 9 next to Pipita.. Exactly wherr he should be.

    • agreed, di maria is a fantastic player and runs all day but he and kun just don’t seem to know what to hold the ball, make that pass or not to beat that 3 or 4th man and their is no point in having a player doing all the work but letting every one down with the final pass/ball. both good players but we are winning in style without them both starting.

  2. I thank Tata for doing away with the possession based football and mixing it up with counterattacking. All the goals came from direct play. All those goals were Sabella era fantastic four football. Finally Tata has realized that his players don’t suit his prefered style of play. Now we can see that he has compromised and done away with that damn boring tiki taka.

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