Lionel MESSI: “The National Team is over for me.”


Lionel MESSI has retired from the National Team. Here’s what he had to say following the team’s loss.

“I think it’s good for everyone. First for me and then for everyone else. I believe there are a lot of people who want that. That’s already 4 finals. I’ve tried a lot. It’s what is most wanted. For me, it’s done.”


  1. I am still heart broken from last night defeats. I have never seen Messi cry that way after a lose. I think he knew inside that was his last game with the International team. Even though he missed that PK he gave it 110% up top. Messi you have given us great football I hope you reconsider, but you are still best in my book.

  2. This team pressure to deliver and especially messi was just unbearable. people like diego have systematically put him under an immense pressure to deliver. some one needs to talk diego that he did not do it by himself in 1986, he was instrumental, influential but he had also people like valdano/buruchaga surrounding him who would not miss easy chances like higuain. argentina went in the worldcup without the favorite tag, we almost missed that worldcup so no pressure to win. diego won it coz he was great but was not under pressure to delive, he had the right personel etc… in copa 1987 and worldcup 1990 with FIFA against us he was under pressure to deliver, man marked by everyone, fouled here and there and without caniggia, valdano against the germans in 1990 did he win it ? he almost got us eliminate against yougoslavia missing a penalty, goycochea saw us trough until the final. Bottom line here pressure can get the better of anybody. plz diego stop this non sens, diego won us a worldcup but messi has driven us trough 3 finals.

    messi was let down by stupid di maria, choker higuain, fat kun and biglia. he did everything he had to win us the cup, in the second half he realised that only individual brilliance will win us the game, he had many many darting runs which on another day with right players around him this could have had happy ending!! M wondering why in final all the great chances on higuain GOD?

    di maria, higuain, pastore, biglia, rojo, kun, lavezzi, enough is enough… only 4 players of 85,87-88 generation should stay messi, banega, romero, mascherano. plus augusto fernandez, should stay, newlycomer like icardi, correa, dybala, kranevitter, etc…

    @ tata why pastore ?? this was an insanely stupid selection… time for veron, ayala, crespo, bati to step in @ AFA

    messi and jeffecito plz do not quit.

  3. We as fans should never give up on the team we love the most.

    Messi will surely reconsider his decision.

    I will continue to support my beloved team and God will surely write a beautiful story line for us in Russia 2018 and Messi will surely be crowned as the best ever footballer for those who consider that winning the world cup is a major honor to be considered the best.

    I feel sorry for the boys they are already wounded and the Argentine media is gonna humiliate them.

  4. I am big fun of argentine national team and of all others teams in all sports. I am from croatia and belive me i am so sad right now that i dont know will i ever recover from this defeat. I posted this comment just to say how much i beg the mighty lord to convert messi decision and leave him with the team. Argentina without greatest player is nothing. Right now i am so sadbut i will keep cheearing for the team until i am alive and hoopely i will be crying one day of enormous joy seeing messi lifting wc trophy in russia.

  5. Messi you are saying, your time with Argentina is over. Truth is, as a blind fan of you & Argentina, today you force me to stop watching football till my death as well.

    Thanks a lot to bring happiness in my life. I am glad, i am able to watching your beautiful football. I’ll always keep these lovely memories in my life. Messi, you are the Greatest of All Time.

    Love you Messi, love you Argentina!

  6. Bad decision and very becoming from a responsible professional player of his quality……..hope he will reconsider the decision……there are many more reasons to play for his team beside cups…….

  7. This is insane.
    I hope all of them reconsider their decision. They all still got a lot to give to NT.
    I hope this is just a protest against AFA. Nothing more.
    Argentina needs Messi and his boys. Especially now.

    • I too hope that this is the case.
      I mean, fuck, aside from all the facts that clearly show Martino was another huge emistake on AFA’s part (he’s just too simple minded, and not flexible enough in his thinking and lacks realtime analytical and decision making skills) not paying him his freaking fee for so long (if it’s true of course) is such a shitty thing to do and it absolutely had to impact the team as a whole. I commend our players they took all this fucking mess at AFA and lived with it and managed to get to the final yet again!

      I hope those players don’t mean it really. these people are too valueble, even in terms of mere psychological support, let alone professional, for those who will replace them, to leave just like that.

      I hope it’s only emotions talking and tommorrow or a day later thing will clear up. if AFA is in the utter mess as it seems to be, I expect some meaningful statements from our stars to address those concerns.

      or maybe, Messi already said enugh BEFORE the game. he did mention things. maybe some AFA scumbags want him and others leave…

      you know. you can screw people over same way once, maybe twice, but if the same team struggles to win a third tournament in row, when being clearly the better side up until the final, something really doesn’t add up.
      also, those who follow European football see that Martino failed with Barca at every step – the same Barca who then went and won everything next year after the “genius” left the club. this has to make some of them think.
      also, there are many people who understand that it was again the tactics and poor player selection that contributed to the overal team performance.
      if more healthy subs were available, first team players could be spared if possible and could save more energy for the final.
      if different tactical variants were prepared (that clearly wasn’t the case), this team of really skillfull and professional footballers couldve made every opponent run for their money. Argentina being so one dimensional under Martino helps others eliminate most of our biggests strenghts too much.

      people can’t miss those obvious facts. blaming players didn’t do anything for 20 years, how can they still expect it suddenly be any different now.

      this is a sad day for Argentina football, but I hope it’s only a prologue to some real groundbraking changes.

  8. Thanks Messi for your contribution to Argentine football. Without you these 3 finals would have been a distant dream. I am down and out because you and Mascherano deserved much better exit. Both of you are epitome of how the game needs to be played and how to be dignified of the field.

    Really a sad day in the life of Argentina fans.

    Take a walk to the nonsense press, the pathetic AFA and the so call Argentine public who don’t know how to look beyond a retard Maradona

  9. I understand his decision. What more could he do? Surrounded by 4 players and looking for a free team mate. There wasn’t any. Except for Banega everybody stayed back. We lack dynamic midfielders who help our offence. We have no Iniesta or Rakitic.

  10. Nooooooooo you can’t leave!!! This copa was most needed cup but …it’s not for you we lost it!!! We have to try Russia 2018 u can retire after that…u r too young too important to leave Argentina nt

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