Javier MASCHERANO quits the National Team


Breaking news developing out of New Jersey. Along with Lionel MESSI, Javier MASCHERANO has also quit the Argentina National Team.

Regarding the retirements, Sergio AGUERO had this to say:
“I don’t know what the other players are thinking but what I saw today… I’ve never seen before.”


  1. Mascherano is 60 % or our defensive success. In fact our defense played well again but the world class offense misfired.

    El Jefecito will be hugely missed. What a legend. Part of Argentina’s hall of fame and one the best defensive midfielders of all time.

  2. Personally, i think its honest from them. But, its also smart. This takes all the pressure off. No longer is this team failed. Its this team is ripped apart. Huge pressure on afa now, not the players. Not the coach. I really hope we see progressive change at the core and a warm and healthy atmosphere for both masch and messi to return.

    I dont fault Tata other than startibg dimaria. Dimaria does not work like a team, we where better off with less talented team players. Subbing in krane was smart, it pushed Banega upfield.. Only issue is Banega was not fit enough to cover that much space.

    I think, Rojo should no longer start, his red card costs us the game. It was reckless, he is not good ebough to excuse stupid behavior, Mercado is 3x better than Rojo, we need another option for that lb position. Funes Mori was also very stupid with hia tackles, we need composwd players like Garay there.. We should keep loocking for a CB pair for otamendi. Sad, masch had perhaps his best game ever with the nt lasy night.. So sad.. I hope he reconsiders. Perhaps Ota and masch cb pair with a tall left back is the anwer we need now.

    In midfield, Banega did very well, but he is not fit enough for a 3 man midfield. We need to introduce bew players, i think that place is Lamelas, who should now start for us. Biglia played an excellent game, he won so many balls for us, he did well going forward, he doesnt deserve the hate, ir was unlucky Bravo stopped his on target shot. diMaria needs to be a sub player from now on, he is flashy, bur a poor team player. perreira, gaitan, lamela are all better options. Kranevatti is our new #5, he is the real deal.

    Higuain, i feel you.. You did all the right things.. You shot with confidence.. But it was not meant to be.. It happens. But fuck, its time to step down. Both Kun and Higuain need to be subs, we need to allow Fybala and Icardi playing time. Sad..

    Messi, he needs love. Lots of love. Everyone should tweet and facebook him to come back. Thank him. Go to social media right now. We owe him so much.

    Simeone, this is a good time. Veron, tjis is a good time, Zanetti..Diego.. Step up and get this train back on track.

  3. its simple. they put too much pressure on themselves for finals. Must realize its only a game. have fun relax then they will perform. its all well and good when not in the final they play free….but in the final psychological issues mess them up.

    this is the psychological problem:

    Argentina think:
    1)we cant loose again, another final = Add pressure
    2)They beat us last time in final = Add pressure

    Higuin – cant mess up this time = make himself tense = miss his chance because add pressure to himself.

    messi – cant loose this final, not again.. nervous for penalty.

    how to solve?

    say, its only a game… it doesnt matter if we win or loose what matters is that we give 100% effort and relax and have fun this equals = Play with no pressure, and when you play with no pressure you perform well…

    Chile psychology =
    1) we are underdogs
    2)we are not expected to win
    3)we beat them last time
    = play with no fear…..

    “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life” (The Holy Bible)

  4. El jefecito!one of the greatest players ever to wear our shirt!
    This is one hard defeat to swallow but no more than losing this man.
    I knew this day would eventually come but to see it this soon is unbearable.

  5. 1. Clean up the AFA
    2. Hire a competent manager, who has a

    a) Very structured plan “A”
    b) Just as good plan “B”

    3. Get rid of the dead-weights like Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Romero, Biglia and Lavezzi.

    You might win you might lose, but remember,


    • I only hope something like this can happen. I don’t know why they can’t manage to pay their coach for Half a year or whatever. This whole thing is nuts. I hope some good can come from it.

    • U can’t keep blaming managers
      Bielsa Basile sabella all got us to a final
      Tata 2 finals
      Diego and Batista failed

      Germany kept sane coach since 2006

      Use your heads ,we got to 2 straight finals with tata
      Players can’t cope in finals

  6. it seems harsh but seriously, Higuain should be banished from NT. he is a talented player and good guy but he cant be playing for us anymore.

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