Tata MARTINO to step down as coach


While not confirmed, Verónica BRUNATI (who is very close to the National Team) has reported that Tata MARTINO will step down as coach.

While not official, MARTINO has taken the decision to no longer continue on as Argentina coach. Should this be the case, the Olympic team could be without a coach for the tournament in August.

It is worth mentioning that MARTINO has not been paid his salary in about 7 months.


  1. Tata is not a great coach, but he took us to the finals twice. I believe its the players. I agree that if Higuain scored, its a different game. The players need to perform, the coach does not play.

    • 2 finals without winning is success for some countries but it is a failure for Argentina a country that has tasted glory in the past. No one celebrates coming second in Argentine football culture. Standards are not the same for all countries.

  2. Personally I never liked the idea of martino coaching the team mainly due to his outdated yet rigid tactics but I have to give the man credit because finals result aside Martino has shown a surprising level of flexibility when it comes to tactics with the team playing a hybrid system of possession based football that quickly transitions into counter attack.

    The big problem with Martino leaving is 2 fold: first the AFA is a mess and like some of you mentioned no sane coach would take over a team in transition under such a chaotic administration.
    Secondly there isn’t any other coach currently available who is able to right the ship because we all know that simeone isn’t leaving atletico while sampaoli and pottechino are just improved versions of tata.

    Some of you mentioned Barrizo but to be honest I’ve never even heard of him until today and his resume isn’t all that impressive.
    Gallardo is an interesting choice but I watched River this season and their performance tells me that Gallardo could benefit from more experience.
    Bauza has a proven record when it comes to competitive tournaments but his record with sao paolo thus far isn’t anything to write home about so again I can’t think of anyone who ticks all the boxes. However if this report about Tata is true (and I don’t blame him for quitting) then somebody better step up soon because losing copa will be the least of Argentina’s problems.

  3. we need a young coach who can pump the blood of our players..make them boil… not a one trick pony who sank our ship again!!!

    • I agree. Maybe Marcelo Gallardo? We need a winner daring coach who understand how to make the best out of Messi and who deliever best alongside him. Washed up losers like Martino wasn’t going to win anything with Argentina. Two consecutive finals against the same inferior team, and he goes apeshit in both, making the team struggle with his defensive tactics and shit subs.

      • Actually Martino has already made the best out of Messi in this copa, where the previous coaches failed to do so, including Maradona, Batista and Sabella.

        What Martino failed to do is to manage the psychological aspect of the players, he should understand that these group of players are responsible to break and burden the 23 years drought, which the pressure is huge. Higuain’s open goal miss and Messi penalty proved this point. Argentina need a psychological team to help.

        Probably what Diego said is true, Messi does not have leadership quality, he did not motivate the team, Mascherano should be the captain, I think the lack of leadership is also a major problem for our failure.

        • Sorry but you’really very wrong. No NT coach has made Messi look better in the Argentine shirt than Sabella. Stats and videos are there to prove it. It was in the Sabella era, Lio started to influence games the same way he does at Barca. Getting played into dangerous positions and opening up defenses at pace.

          • Here are the stats:

            Messi scored 5 goals and made 5 assists in 6 matches in this Copa, in WC2014 when Messi was playing under Sabella, he scored only 4 goals and made only 1 assist out of 7 matches.

            Other than that, the other players shined in this Copa too because our opponents always had to focus to defend Messi.
            That is why we scored 18 goals in this Copa and we only scored 8 goals in WC2014.
            Out of the 6 matches in this copa, 4 matches we won by at least a 3-goal margin. But in WC2014, the best we can achieve was just by a one goal margin.

        • Ummm, no. Barca fans mostly hate Martino becuase they believe he is the only coach who managed to nullify Messi both for Barca and Argentina. Just because Messi shined in some matches with Martino as the coach doesn’t mean he got the best out of Messi. You’re probably comparing this to Messi on his worst days, like when Batista or Basile was at the helm. Martino is just an average coach who doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He made the same mistake in this final as he did in the previous, leaving Messi and the #9 all alone up there where he didn’t get enough balls, space or support to hurt Chile’s defense. That’s how much of a tactical guru Martino is. Being afraid to attack an inferior team when his team’s firepower could break much stronger sides than Chile. Argentina will not win anything with these type of coward approaches.

          • This copa is the best result for our recently years, we won 5 matches and drew 1. In Copa 2007, we won 5 matches and lost 1 (to Brazil)

            Martino was not able to made the best out of Messi before this Copa, but things have improved a lot in this copa, that is why we have got very good results in the first 5 matches.

            For the final, as Rojo was red carded, Mascherano was moved back to play as a CB and Di Maria was replaced by Kranevitter. Therefore, the only forwards left were Higuain and Messi. When Messi was surrounded by 4 to 5 Chile players, Higuain was the only passing option left, this made it much more difficult to attack, this is the Martino tactical decision to make sure we do not lose in normal time and we try our luck in attack.
            But he did not know that we would not win in penalty shootout because of our pressure burden, this is a mistake made by him. We should have tried to win in normal time instead of playing too defensively.

  4. I wouldn’t mind the return of Sabella for I know he would come back having learned from his mistakes, but I know it won’t happen. Bauze, Berrizo or Gallardo understand modern football tactics more than Tata Martino.
    Just because Sabella had to adapt to the injury situation at the World Cup, Mundo judge him as a defensive coach but When we played in the WCQs or friendlies, all I saw was a team attacking with grit.

  5. I don’t believe that he will step down until after the Olympics…we will probably lose that too.

    if he really steps down, Pochettino and Simeone will not coach the team so for me there are only two options Gallardo and Eduardo Berizzo, I want Berizzo!

      • When I see Bauze I immediately see Sabella in him, some think that is positive but I don’t think so because although overlooked by many we went through the same things as we did with the other coaches with Sabella too.
        For me Berizzo represents a young modern coach, who has European experience and currently doesn’t have any ties to any of the players or the clubs beside Augusto Fernandez, this is something important to me because every NT coach ended up calling his friends into the team from his previous club he managed.
        Thats why I prefer Berizzo to Gallardo.
        we need a young modern coach.

    • i also think berizzo would be the better of the 2, gall needs far more time to prove himself and neither sim or pocc are affordable for the bankrupt afa

  6. Is argentina the unluckiest sport team ever 6 consecutive final losses i can’t remember anything like it. Only winning the next two world cups and next two copas can compensate it.

    • I really feel that we are cursed.
      We lost 6 consecutive finals with a whole bunch of talented players.

      For this Copa final, if Chile was not awarded the controversial penalty vs Bolivia, Chile did not resume to his usual form, Rojo did not get a Red card, Higuain did not miss the open goal or Messi did not miss the penalty, if anyone of the above did not happen, we should have won the Copa.

      We are cursed and we just do not have luck at all.

  7. I just saw that sampaoli signed for seville. He was available all these time but gone now when there is vacancy.i don’t see any good argentine coach available now.

    • Not only there isn’t any good candidate available, but considering the current AFA state (which to put it lightly, is apocalyptic) no one even remotely sane would take the job (having to re-build a team in the middle of the qualifyers… well done Argentina, well done…). Assuming Martino finally resigns, i wouldnt be surprised to see… Humbertito Grondona name being thrown out because this is that of a joke the AFA is. Bankrupt, useless corrupt dirigeants…

  8. I hope this happens this week. Tata has been a failure. We didn’t make one clear cut chance in the final again. Higuain miss was a result of a mistake by Medal. Which means if Medal hadn’t made that mistake, we would not have created even one clear cut chance in the whole match.
    Higuain like Suarez or Lewandoski, needs more thsn one chance in a game to score. My argument keep creating chances and one of them will go in. Why Argentina under Tata failed to create more clear cut chances in games, especially in the final, second year running? Whether it’s for Messi, Kun or even Di Maria whose been played out of his best position from day one?
    Strong teams e.g. Barcelona FC or Bayern Munich do not cry about one single missed chance. They worry when they’re not able to create more chances in match. We can not say the same for Tata’s Argentina from day one.

    • I totally agree. Very immature to put all the blame on one closely missed shot, and only all game. Also immature to blame Biglia even DiMaria. Tata needs to not be dismissed, he got us to two finals, made good changes (Mercado, dropped Tevez) etc, but he did fail to taje advantage of the depth in our squad (dybala) and he did make mistakes tactically in the final.

      The game vs USA showed us what this team is capable of doing with the right balance, Tata dropped the ball bringing in unfit and selfish DiMaria, etc. But.. Ugh..

      Tata should coach the olympic team, and wr should vring someone in to completely revamp the senior side.

      • Tata in 2015 should leave immediately but this team, I still can’t believe they didn’t win this one. I have in my life seen most balanced team and this is the one.(since 1998 WC). I dont know who to blame. After Higuain miss, the team gone chaos like the curse is coming back. They can’t pressed they cant run. Even Messi lack of idea how to play. Maybe because of Augusto absence? I don’t know. I can console myself in WC2014 when they can’t even score goal properly during knockout stage. And in 2015 they only know to possession and don’t know how to attack. I can take the result because the team need to do better than that. But this year is totally different. We are perfect from Mercado to Gaitan. Every movement we took were deadly. But .. urrg! at last the result come back. 0 goal in 3 consecutive final. Even Iceland would score 1 goal if they are given a chance of 3 finals. If you are superstatious, you would agree if I call this a curse.

      • One thing we overlook or fail to analyze many times at Mundo is the quality of the opponents. TBH, the USA side we trashed was a depleted side.
        Thrashing Venezuela 4-1 was hailed as one of the greatest performance here at Mundo. But it’s only Venezuela, whereas the Chilean hammering of Mexico was talk down as fluke. Tata Martina has never convinced my against quality opposition from day one.

  9. Thank you very much sir, this should have been done after 2 games of WC qualifiers. You are an average coach who’s not enough for a nation football like Argentina (team #1 in the world). You failed tactically last night and you made Chilean stupid players champions through your lame tactics and bull shit starting 11. Penema and Bolivia both were able to score against them, but Argentina failed to score a single goal against them in both finals. Who to blame? The leadership that consists of first the coach and second the captain. Messi succeeded as a player, but failed as a captain to have input in “proper” player selection and control players on field.

    Tata: you choose Pastore….really? Injured Di Maria for a tough final against aggressive team, really? 3 defensive midfielders, really? Biglia for penalty shoot out, you must be joking.

  10. However I never loved him as a coach but today my heart goes out for him. Not being paid for 7 months and then carrying the immense burden of coaching Argentina NT and taking them to 2 back-to-back finals isn’t a small achievement. Respect for you , Sir.

    And now we are back to square 1 or may be square 0 because not only now we will have a new coach (like we have it every 2 years) we will have a bunch of boys who wouldn’t even know what to do …

    Great times ahead. Brace yourself.

  11. Really not a surprise. Even though I am not a fan, and he had made plenty of mistakes, 90 percent of the fault here lies with 1 person and 1 person only…Higuain. If he scores that goal the game changes completely.

    The AFA is a mess. I only pray somebody comes in to get rid of some of these players that really have overstayed their welcome. I know in the short run we may suffer, but really, does anybody anymore think this band of players can win anything? They had the best player of the generation in Messi and losers like Basile, Maradona, Peterman, and Batista along with Martino were coaching them.

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