Nine players chosen for Olympics team


In the middle of all the retiring players and the mess that is the senior team, Argentina still has one tournament left this summer.

Nine players have been confirmed for the Argentina Olympic team. Here they are:

Giovani LO CELSO (Rosario Central)
Geronimo RULLI (Real Sociedad)
Angel CORREA (Atletico Madrid)
Emmanuel MAMMANA (River Plate)
Jonathan SILVA (Boca Juniors)
Jose Luis GOMEZ (Lanus)
Mauricio MARTINEZ (Union)
Leandro PAREDES (Empoli)
Cristian ESPINOZA (Huracan)

Reports continue to surface that Juventus will not allow Paulo DYBALA to go to the Olympics. These are only 9 of the 22 players who will be going to Rio for Argentina.


  1. that 9 players release by tata martino…but if he replace by new one…i doubt that 9 will exist

  2. The Olympics team don’t have 22 players. The max a team carries is 18 including 3 overage (more than 23 years) players. Argentina has already declared that Kranevetter, Funes Mori already confirmed as 2 overaged players. Now since the new list has 9 names, which means , we are now left with just 6 spots left plus 1 overage player spot to be announced.

    The team will start preparation at Ezieze from July 4.

    • The news of Tata resignation or sacking is all I need to hear right now. The players that resigned don’t bother me much as players they can be convinced to come back to the NT.
      Maradona returned for the NT in 1993 and Zidane came back for France in 2005 both after retiring. So it’s nothing new for players to take a break or resign from the NT after disappointments in tournaments.

  3. It’s just a game!
    there are bigger problems in the world than Argentina losing.
    Football brings joy but also heartbreak.
    don’t be weak and never give up, never stop supporting the team just because they lost.
    don’t feel entitled we lost and probably will lose again but never stop supporting the team.
    health and peace are the most important things in life.

  4. Hernan Toledo (Velez) is one step to Rubin KazaƄ for 7 mln – really bad move,

    Jonathan Silva coming back to Sporting,

    Lucas Boye in Torino,

    Cervi in Benfica,

    Oscar Benitez (Lanus) almost in Benfica too,

    Vangioni in Milan

    De Paul back to Valencia

    Gil Romero return to Estudiantes

    Andujar end of loan from Napoli to Estudiantes

    Giovanni Simeone come back to River (from Banfield)

    Rodrigo Battaglia (Rosario Central) end of loan from Moreirense

    Lucas Mugni again in Flamengo

    Lucio COmpagnucci to Huracan

    Ramon Abila (Huracan) to Cruzeiro

    Santago Rosales (Aldosivi) aim of River and Benfica

    Ezequiel Cirigliano return to River (from Tigre)

    Kevin Itabel (Tigre) calls attention of Torino

    Alan Ruiz in SPorting

    Guido Rodriguez, Tomas Martinez and Alexandre Barboza coming back from Defensa to River

    Lisandro Magallan coming back from Defensa to Boca

    Tomas Cardona from Defensa to San Lorrenzo

    Jorge Figal return from Olimpo to Independiente

  5. Anybody and I MEAN ANYBODY instead of the fucking piece of shit Higuain. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BIGGER CHOKE ARTIST IN ALL OF THE HISTORY OF SOCCER than this piece of shit that has cost us 3 trophies single handedly. How many times are we as fans going to be fed this same shit and think he will come through again???

  6. this will actually be refreshing to watch regardless of the outcome.
    i hope the lads go in and enjoy the NT environment and atmosphere.

    question out to all….would it help if you clear out the squad and rebuild with fresh and new impetus of youth? maybe having the defeatist mentality in the team does not help break that barrier when it comes to the crunch?

    anyway, i hope juventus let Dybala partake in rio olympics. if he does i have no doubt we will have a young fearless kid on the rise.

    i am more certain today than i was yesterday we will see more fresh faces in the team if by september qualifying rounds approach and players like messi, mascherano, aguero and biglia do not make a u-turn on their decision.

    • I am in support of clearing the house. I have seen this in the cricket team of my native country. Its not about talent or skill. Its all in the mind. The new guys who came did not even have that history to carry and just blasted its way through. Its not the new ones were more talented than the previous generation. It can get worse too, but every era has to end.

      We keep 4-5 players -> Messi, Mascherano, Otamendi, Mercado, Funes Mori, Romero and let all others go.

      If Messi and Mascherano really wants to go, I will let them go too.

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