Gonzalo HIGUAIN set to leave Napoli


While not exactly an Argentina fan favorite here at the moment, Gonzalo HIGUAIN is set to leave Napoli, according to his brother.

Nicolas HIGUAIN (Gonzalo’s brother) mentioned to reporter Mariano CLOSS that his brother will not renew with Napoli. There have been strong rumors that HIGUAIN will be joining French club PSG.


  1. I don’t know why you guys only bash Higuain. Let’s be honest we have 3 final already played and how many minutes Higuain play? It should be half of total or manybe more. We have 11 players in the field and we can assume that only Higuain is wise enough to get those 3 chances. You guys really should ask what are other players doing in those 360 minutes. The problem can from not from Higuain itself but from the whole team. They didn’t play like what is used to be. Even Messi couldn’t lay nice through ball like before in final. No one want to make attacking run like before. Dmaria vanish in final , Augero vanish in final and if they keep playing like this Dybala would also vanish in final so do Icardi. Chances that Higuain got in 2014 and 2016 is from defender mistake not a assist from the team. I am not really a Higuain fan but I felt it is not fair to blame everything on Higuain after all he got pressure like everyone does in his team. Yes Palacio also miss the extra time 2014. We need more than 1 chance to win the match.

  2. I have said this many times before, so sorry for repeating…

    My take on Gonzalo Higuain is, he is a great striker. He can score goals. But he can only do so when there is not much pressure. In a season there are only 3-4 high pressure games. So overall he will always do well.

    Also, if Higuain gets time to think you can bet your mortgage that he will miss. He mostly scores when he does not have too much time to think.

    It not only Argentina. We have seen the same characteristics at Real Madrid and Napoli.

    • very true and for Napoli in the 4 crunch games last season he scored none, they were vs juv, ac and the cup games and all were one after another.

  3. I could only bring myself to watch the highlights having followed the game on live gamecast during work on Monday morning. As far as I see it, we got screwed by the ref. Rojo’s red card was fantasy and I’m 99% certain we would have scored in the second half with a 1 man advantage. I felt really bad with the shoot out result, but mainly for Messi and Masch. One more thing, all the banter of winning it before the game I felt put more pressure than needed on the team. They really should have been talking about how to break down Chile instead of about winning it. Maradona’s comments didn’t help either, and lets not forget he never scored in the WC final. I still think Messi will in a WC, but as a midfielder. I think DiMaria should have been a late sub… oh well. FUCK!!!!

  4. higuain ! you should’ve retired long-time ago, the world would remember you among the greatest, now, by saying ur name will be a nightmare for everyone. we’ve had Crespo in his debut was bad he cost Argentina a Olympic game but in the end he’s became a monster, we had memorable time with him which is not the case with u, you never learn nothing from your mistakes, it seems to me you’re getting worse the more finals u play. right about now you like bandage in my cut, like a virus in my blood. if you’d like to be remembered as a great of all time just announce that ur stepping down as soon as tomorrow. #notevayalio #getthefuckoffHiguain

  5. biggest flop in argentina football history, ever, simply a record. i never seen a striker as much sucks as him since the last 20 years in albiceleste shirt.

  6. So let’s just say Gary Medel had not made that mistake. Apart from that mistake how many more chances were created during the match? And how many chances have the team had in the last 2 finals apart from the Higuain misses? Aren’t strong teams suppose to create chance after chance until goal comes? Why weren’t there chaces for other players? This answers the reason why we won’t win anything with Tata. I see a lot you excited about the Olympic team probably thinking it’s going make us look good. The reality is that Tata is still going to fail. Higuain or no Higuain, Tata tactics are very easy to read and stifle.

  7. With a post-messi era I was considering 2 basic principles of playing styles….
    So in hindsight a 2018 team plan A, would be a traditional number 10 and more solid number 8….


    Now before anyone freaks out on me regarding the obvious out of position for certain players let me TRY to explain my madness.

    The goalie and back four I have kept the same because to be honest the CB pair were comfortable together, could say a shoe-in to start in 2018. Unless by then we uncover a worldy CB.
    The fullbacks were an issue as I can’t find at this present moment a worthy replacement. As for goalie I will be honest I’ve seen Rulli in about 6 to 8 games last season and he was no more than decent. He’s not that better than Romero in all honesty.

    OK so for the madness part of this….the midfield i’ve taken away mascherano(retirement), Banega(he’s made a good and decent contribution but it’s now time to go) and Biglia(because he’s plain crap).
    Kranevitter will be the viable option to take that number 5 shirt.
    Now the inclusion of Lamela around the number 6 or 8 role is solely based on his in-game positional sense when playing for Spurs during February to March. Watching closely I noticed Pochettino made Erik drift in and deeper to intercept and press when not in possession. He’s gone from a fragile-wind-will-blow-him-away to a competent, workhorse who’s not afraid to get stuck in and get gritty when needed. Thanks to Pochettino. 2ndly he still has that creative mind and flamboyance in him that is natural. He’s been well engineered to work out as a all rounded midfielder considering that he was brought to replace Bale and to play in wide areas.
    Now that Messi has left our shirt (whether for the good or not) Pastore has to be up for the number 10 shirt in terms of being the creative spark. Folks would say no thats Dybala’s role, but I would like to see Dybala further up because he can score goals or is far more lethal and capable of scoring than Pastore.
    Pastore, when on for PSG gave them an adavantage of pushing further up the field. It was a shame that he didn’t get more minutes because of Zlatan. But now that Zlatan has left Pastore can take on that responsibility and will eventually take the reins in our NT.
    Dybala is a no brainer, able to move inside and create/assist and come up with match winning goals like he has for juve, besides his arrival on to the scene is reminiscent of a young messi.
    Icardi is probably pound for pound the best 6ft striker we should have by 2018. I need to stress should, because Aguero is too short as a target man, he won’t be half as quick as he is now, although that is debatable now, and simply I don’t want another pay cheque player around my team! Let Man City consider him a legend.
    Di Maria was an awkward inclusion into this eleven. He hasn’t come out saying he’s retiring. And he is explosive player, despite sometimes his lack of use of a brain or his bad luck of fitness issues. But he still possess that out of that hat pass or a shot that at the moment I can’t find elsewhere. Sure there are folks here who will remind me of younger names like Lo Celso which could be a bad example so for give me….but I don’t know anyone out there who’s playing top flight and is considered special. Cos let’s face it he is known and a game chanher whether we like it or not. But his position will be up for questioning if and only if we find a true, consistent left winger.

    The above starting eleven will consider to press high from those players who are asked to do this for their current clubs, except Pastore who doesn’t! But also I feel that with lamela and kranevitter who are currently great at ball retention and also capable to move forward with the ball with intelligent runs can ease the creative pressure on Pastore who in turn can be closer to the 3 in front whilst keeping a good distance from midfield duo. The link is vital, in which Pastore’s inclusion brings back a time forgotten of the traditional number 8 or 10. Riquelme’s and Zidaneesqe type.
    Football has changed a great deal but what we should learn from players like Xabi Alonso and Xavi and even Busquets is that we can control the tempo and at the same time really muck in when to get the ball back. Pochettino and Simeone is helping in that matter with our future players which comes to the point that the future is bright and not bleak post-messi and mascherano to some extent.

    OK so Plan B:
    Consider the above goalkeeper and back four we move along to the midfield….

    —-DI MARIA———-DYBALA—–

    This system above is completely against Argentina’s footballing ethos. Something that I dared not appreciate. However reluctantly watching some nations like Italy as an example I’ve noticed that they Base their football now solely on counter attacking. The pressure is on to release the ball by forward long ball in the hope that icardi can hold it up. If not then is the case of soaking the pressure by being compact in the middle of the park in banks of 3-2. The 2 being Di Maria and Dybala edging closer in but being direct when in possession and bursting forward at break neck speed.
    Roberto Periera, Dybala and Icardi are more custom to this as they play this in Italy. Not all the time I might hasten to add.

    So there you have it…my madness!
    Sorry for the never ending long comment.

    • For the 100th time, I want to repeat Pastors in neither Roman or Zidane. He is plain ballerina. The problem with us is we have too many sissy footballers. For the first time in my life, I am confused whom to hate whether players like Higuain and Biglia or our incumbent coach who was not able to call players who deserve to wear albiceleste shirt.

  8. Time for redemption for Gonzalo is passed and over with.
    Thank you for your contribution and sometimes tireless work rate.
    Some where inside that heart of mine I would like the door left open for him….but I need to follow my brain and say goodbye and take care Gonzalo your NT days are over.
    The only distant reason for this inclusion into the NT would be if he won a champions league in the future with him being the decisive factor. This would then give him the edge when it comes to future finals argentina appear in..
    Obviously with limited tournaments coming we need to take his age into account.

    • I agree. Love Pipita. I think he gets too much scapegoating. BUT.. Time for him to step aside and allow the new generation time. I would not mind him on our bench. We do not have to clean house, we need a new starting 11 and we need to try another coach than can make Argentina consistent, regardless of our players, because even our subs are world class players. Tata started to do better, he was ok, but he does not create volume of play offenaively, his midfields where an improvement though.

      Vamos Argentina! Siempre te voy a querer.

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