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Just because the Copa America is over with doesn’t mean the changes here on Mundo will stop coming.

I’m currently working on an Olympics section which will hopefully be up in the coming days. It will include player profiles, group stage and tournament brackets, statistics, and information on the 2004 and 2008 Gold medal winning teams.

We launched the new design while the Copa America was underway, thus missing some key things we wanted to do with that section. However, that will not be the case with the Olympics.

Furthermore, there would also be a section for the Champions League and possibly the Europa League. Those sections would focus on the Argentinian players (how many goals they scored during this season, the team’s they are involved in and more). But that would be launched once the Champions League gets under way.

We’re also working on making some further changes to the look of the website. Most notably the background picture, a logo and possibly some more colors to brighten things up a little bit.

As mentioned in the past, this is not a finished product and is something we are continually working on. We hope you enjoy these improvements and new sections.

A new feature which has been implemented on the site (has been for a few weeks now) is in the comments section. When clicking on a news post, all comments in blue mean that those are “new” comments which have since been submitted since you last visited that article.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see brought in on Mundo, do let us know.

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  1. Martino and the current team need to read this as many times as possible to train their mentality:

    The current crop of players, the keeper, and the coach need to learn how we won on penalties back then. Goycochea and co never lost on penalties (Worldcup, copa america, confed cup):

  2. Enough of Messi’s retirement discussion. You guys know what is the worst part of this Messi’s retirement saga?

    Everyone is so busy with this that no one actually taking about

    – We lost another final, now 3 in a row in 3 years.
    – How poor we were in the final?
    – How we lost in 2 consecutive finals in similar fashion?
    – How we are unable to score a single goal in 3 finals in 360 minutes?
    – How wrong our tactics was in the final?
    – What wrong with the team, why they are choking in finals?
    – Why there are actually no improvement in the team for last 3 years, same team, same old tactics
    – How this team can be improved?
    – What happened after AFA Supremo resigned?
    – What happened to Tata? Will he continue?
    – What’s next?

    Messi will be back for sure, I have no doubt about that. He will be there in Russia to lead the team.

    There will be haters, critics still so many people, greats, so many fans are begging for his return everywhere. That gestures from WC 86 winning team was just fabulous. Still if he ignores all of them, all of his fans, he can feel free to go to play for his club. At least I will be least bothered. It would be a blow for Argentina for sure, Argentina football team will lose few ‘Messi’ fans for sure but Argentina team was there before Messi and will remain. So this team will keep playing football.
    Still I believe Messi might miss our upcoming WCQ matches in September, that’s it. He will return.

    But those key issues must be addressed. Those are more important than Messi’s retirement Saga IMO.

  3. Chalz,

    “Gosh, had Sampaoli waited a little more…”

    Indeed, why why why he is still not for us

  4. AFA circus is still on.. those idiots are still keen bent on taking Argentina to ‘hell’ from ‘ground zero’… why is Mauricio Macri quiet?
    I feel this is worst ever period for Argentina Football…
    I still keep thinking abour Argentina every moment but these idiots in AFA are happy are ruling the roost.
    Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano should demand a complete revamp if they are to wear Albiceleste again…
    Shikes time is running out… we are all getting old and still there is no light at the end of the tunnel…
    Gosh, had Sampaoli waited a little more…
    Whats happening guys… im just going crazy…

  5. @Roy, Captain… kindly let Julian blog too… he seems to have disappeared altogether… lost his valuable true Argentine inputs… he gave a true feel of what its down there in Argentina.

  6. i judged romero based on his club career and he has seldom disappointed us in national shirt.. i want to apolozize to him… i only have respect for our goalie unlike our club super stars like dimaria aguero and higuain…these three players along with tata are sole reponsible for the loses in two finals.. if these three will be selected then we will have to play these fuckers because of their club reputation.. these are raul type playes made for club only. as for sabella .. he is the man behind our solid defense.. he layed the foundation for the defense department..
    retirement is not an option for messi until 2018… and also masch….

    • also we need some defensively sound but good attacking fullbacks.. rojo and mercado aren shit going forward.. and mr rojo isn’t that good defensively as we make him to be.. and mr funes mori i dont think he is good enough to be in the national team.. may be as a sub.. may be

  7. very true
    “Messi is an incredible goal scorer but above all he is a playmaker, probably one of the best to ever play, you can’t expect him to beat a very good Chile side on his own. Yes Argentina have very good top class players, but no, they are no-where near as effective for their national team, Aguero for Argentina is wank, Higuain is wank, Di Maria is wank. Dybala who most will agree deserved to be there the most didn’t even go. His individual moments of brilliance got them through most of the tight games in the World Cup, only for Palacio to squander an incredible chance. What if that went in? Would people finally accept we are witnessing the greatest of all time? Of course not, they would then argue that he didn’t win the World Cup earlier or that he wasn’t dominant enough”

  8. wow hard to argue with this guy
    “I was too young to see that WC (also not my post, just wanted to share it here)

    I think you’re missing the point. Maradona was surrounded with good players but he never had to do it alone. No one can do it alone. May I remind you that in the 86 Final, he wasn’t even the best player. Hell, when was the last time in a tournament that someone other than Messi scored 4 goals for Argentina?

    Messi is not faultless, but this Argie side is getting overrated because people want to push this ‘Messi is not a leader/has no balls’ narrative. They have a ton of star power up front, but Sergio fecking Romero is their GK, 3/5 of their defense is Romero, Rojo and Funes Mori, and their CM is in shambles, not just compared to world class sides but in general.

    About the leadership thing, eh, I don’t want to speak on it as I was too young for Maradona’s time to compare. However, I do believe that it’s easier to be a leader when you’re surrounded with people who do their jobs”

    • as for the pics again showing messi isolated well that what you get when you play a loan striker (in this case hig or kun) and then ask him to come as far as halfway to get the ball-crazy and its no wonder messi is isolated and add to it the 7 defensive players we had in this final

        • this is true as well
          “In 2014 it was all about stopping Germany playing (a very defensive MF trio) and in 2016 they subbed the ineffective and quite possibly unfit Di María for another holding mid (!) and waited to put on Lamela when there was less than 10 minutes to go and even then for Banega, not say Biglia. Only in 2015 did they actually not field three holding players but only two — if Di María doesn’t injure himself before the half hour mark then that would’ve been an Argentina worthy of the “amazing attacking players” throwaway as there were actually more than three attacking players on the pitch at the same time for once.

          Defensively Arg were very good in all these games (even though still shaky and conceding good chances to the opponents usually the last-ditch defending worked), but offensively there just wasn’t any plan beyond “run forward with the ball”. No build-up from the back either, which means the forwards rarely get the ball in areas of the pitch where they can immediately be dangerous. I disagree in spirit with all the people knocking Higuaín (even though he did really epically screw up two chances that are sitters for him) and other Arg players off for not performing, because while Messi was among the better performers in two of these finals he eventually also didn’t manage to do it and they’re just relieving him of any responsibility which is of course ridiculous. But it is true that no-one apart from defensive players (Romero, Garay, Otamendi, Mascherano) actually stepped up in these games and that’s not just a coincidence it’s a logical, tactical consequence of their approach.

          Messi isn’t Maradona and, at any rate, this Argentina isn’t as functional as that one was”

  9. I think pretty much everyone have gotten used to the new color and site. However there is one thing I miss, and it’s the “new Comment” icon. The old site used to tell us how many new comments are there in a particular article with a yellow color. That is a very helpful tool for a discussion thread.

  10. Thank you so much Roy for holding Mundo together. Otherwise like pre 2006 we would be lost about the future events concerning our beloved team.
    Well done and keep up the magnificent work….

  11. Roy,

    Great going. One suggestion , could we have a “Mundo Sign A Petition” section too ? This is where we can start a Mundo fan petitions to raise our collective voice as well – which could directly connect from the blog to various social media platforms ? Just a thought.

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