Paulo DYBALA’s agent confirms Barcelona offer


Let the transfer rumors begin!

According to Gazzamercato, Gustavo MASCARDI (the founder of the group which represents Paulo DYBALA), has stated that they had received an offer from Barcelona a few months ago. Apparently, the offer was for around 80 million euros. Here’s what he had to say:

“When I talk with Paulo and his agent, Pierpaolo TRIULZI, I know that the player is on the right track. A year ago both Inter and Milan wanted him but he was right to choose the club which would give him more security. And his career at Juventus has just begun.”

“The are many temptations in the transfer market but Paulo has shown that he has clear ideas. It is true that in recent months Barcelona were interested – I think they made a bid of double what the Bianconeri paid.” (Juventus paid about 40 million for DYBALA).

“The player’s first consideration was that it was more important to consolidate his experience at a club which is giving him the opportunity to succeed at the highest level.”


  1. Dybala should stay put and learn from the tactical knowledge of the Italians. Besides it is not bad if you train against people like Barzagli and Bonucci. They will make you better. If Pogba is sold, he will be the star of Juventus. Getting used to the star role is not a bad experience given his future in the national team!

    With regard to the coaching discussion.
    I think we need someone that has the balls of Passarella (change the complete squad), the tactical understanding of Bielsa and the determination of Simeone. If reports are true that Martino is not begin paid since December 2015 we will get no one. Not a single coach will want to sign without being paid.

    Most good coaches currently have a job. Ramon Diaz (I saw some great River games while he was manager) is free, but he did not do very well with Paraguay. Americo Callego has had good spells but probably won’t connect with youth (too old). I would like to see Berizzo but he is tied up with Celta. In the past La Liga season he made some great tactical moves. Ricardo Gareca (Peru coach) did wonderful stuff with Velez. Maybe we could lure him away from Los Incas.

  2. Banega? You never win a World Cup with this player. But to win next WC is our aim. Banega never will be our Iniesta in crucial moments. He is enough for qualifiers game but nothing more. WHen he plays most important matches somehow his breaking passes and long distance goals goes missing. Actually he scored long range goals only in Sevilla. Not to mention about his loser NT mentality after another disappointment.

    • He did well this Copa, best ever with NT, but he is slow.. And more importantly, he lacks stamina, he was useless at the final. If we play wirh a 3 man midfield all players must have iron lungs, I want Lamela.. Perreira.. Krane.. These players will run the whole 90min and more.

  3. The restructuring and integration of young players has not to be so slow as you think. Just need good smart tactic coach. ALways best example is Bielsa work in 2004.
    He left old and famous lost generation (Batistuta, Veron, Ortega, Almeyda, SImeone, Samuel, Lopez, Crespo, Pochettino, Aimar) and called up a lot players from nowhere. From domestic league, domestic reserve league (Masche), Mexico league… You don’t need always famous names.

    Who has heard before that COpa about Mascherano, Lucho Gonzalez, Tevez, Rosales, Delgado? And they had jump in right to starting line up. d’ Alessandro, Saviola, Coloccini, Heinze, Clemente Rodriguez, FIgueroa, Caballero, Lux, Quiroga, Medina – all they were new players in that team and all they have played important roles both Copa and Olimpic Games 2004. Please to check how good was that team. Much better than current. You don’t need necesarilly youngsters who playing in Europe. It’s too limited.

    We need coach who will have broad perspective to searching right players even in Mexico league if it’s need. Now you see what we have from engage only blasé famous players from famous league (Di Maria etc.).

    I’m sure we have much more than 2-3 interesting young players for NT. You looking only for famous names like Dybala, Icardi, Lanzini. That’s wrong.
    Of course some core experienced players it’s need. But none of DI Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Banega, Biglia, Rojo shouldn’t create that core IMO.

    • Gonzalo you and I both know that the primera is chock full of untapped talent, players like Gomez (RB), Tagliafico (LB), Gianetti (CB), Lo celso(AM), Cervi (AM), Rigoni (AM), Espinoza (Winger), Ascacibar (DM), Alario (CF) and quite a few more that I can’t think of so thankfully Argentina has a big supply of talent that is waiting to be tapped.

      • Yeah, that is true. I don’t know why our NT coaches lastly looking almost only in Europe.

        For example: Cristian Pavon last night in Copa Argentina. ANother impresive game from him.

        He is on Martino Olimpic list, but probably Boca won’t permit him because of semis Copa Libertadores. The boy is better than Espinoza IMO. Juventus still will asking for him.

    • My very personal opinion is keep just Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi and bring the rest 21 from the next gen… move forward and upward to the ultimate prize…

      • For me the 6

        Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Biglia, Banega, Rojo


        the rest may stay as the experienced core

  4. I am overwhelmed by the support getting to messi from Argentina , where barca fanboys are always pointing out Argentina dont deserve to get messi blah blah. Especially the pic by 1986 wc winning team was superb.
    Messi has to comeback , and he cant ignore these many support for him.

    Back to game , we are missing the elephant in the room with messis retirement and higuains miss. [not at all supporting him , he should no wear blue and white stripes again , but bigger problem are there]
    1: How can a team completely outplayed to same team who has applied same strategy in both matches with in a interval of a year..? that shows how incompetent tata is , there is no shame to accept we are outplayed , even 11 vs 10 , they were dominating.

    2: And once we were become 10 to 10 , tata completely lost the game , he was not knowing how to field his formation , higuiin was backtracking , messi was surrounded by 4-5 players , no one was there in offense as if we are looking to get in to penalties.

    3: One more important thing we have to accept is , Messi is best when have 2 supporting strikers to take the opponenet centre backs out of messis back , thats what sabella done , that is what barca is doing , even is sabella era whenever he deployes 3-5-2 formation messi was not effective.

    For fixing these issues , we need a good tactical coach who knows strength of the players or coach has to choose players based on his philosophy.

    But will the complete restructuring with youngsters will work out..? A big No from my side , becaue apart from 2-3 all our youngsters are not proved to be NT materials , this generation won almost tournament with youth team , but what about the current crop…? they didnt done anything. So what will happen if replace all the current crop and bring out new players..? it will be nothing but disaster going to happen.

    Lets hope people in AFA will thing about future and do the needful , all we can do is pray .

    • i completely agree with you baker, the restructuring and integration of young players has to be progressive, besides lanzini, dybala, kranevitter, correa i am not seeing any stand out players that can straight walk into the team. i believe that the likes of di maria, biglia , higuain should be shown the door. AFA should keep a core of 6 to 7 experienced players at least messi,mascherano, romero, banega, gaitan,augusto,otamendi, funes mori,mercado… why tata didn’t u call dybala for the injured pastore?????????

      tata lost us the game, why he could not figure out that chile wanted to get an argentine player sent off, he had just to tell players to calm down and be patient..

      dybala and messi in the team would have been for chile a massive task to handle, dybala is eager to run at defenders and can shot from distance, he could take pressure and attention off from messi… chile would have been very very confused on whom to closely monitor as both can cause havoc and unlock tight defense.

      why argentina coaches are always controversial when it comes to players selection.. pekerman, maradona(m not rating him as a coach), batista, tata, pasarella, to list only few. they cannot understand that selecting the best is part of giving yourself chances to win..

    • some people they never learn… argentina reached 2 finals of copa not because of tata but because of the foundation laid by sabella.. if this guy tata has any dignity left he should quit.. he is destroying his own national team…

  5. We shouldn’t have trust Higuain and di Maria as they both have close alliance with Real Madrid. They don’t want Messi to take center stage. I just feel Higuain is the close associate of Ronaldo who is pretending to be Messi’s friend. The way he missed this Copa’s chance ..f#$k I would hire a hitman to kill him. I know I’m speculating but the guy cost us 3 cups and none if them have resigned apart from Messi. I won’t be surprised if CR7 winks Higuain next time he meets him.

    Again, I don’t give a shit about Messi winning but Argentina lost a major changes chance of winning something.

  6. After seeing the attentions Messi is getting from Argentina I hope macherano doesn’t feel like is not as important because he said he was leaving too but seems no one care about him leaving cuz macherano is a warrior I feel like he’s as important

  7. Simeone hath refused AFA s offer to take over Argentina NT. It was conveyed through Athletico Madrids Chief.
    Btw even Deigo Simeone as a coach lost the finals twice… both times to Real Madrid.
    Why is Argentina and Argentines being haunted simultaneously by the same Teams- Germany, Chile, Real Madrid???
    Argentina and Argentines have lost the mentality to win on big stage…
    We need strong pray and praise through fasting to drive out such demons… hope everyone would agree…

  8. Paulo should goto Barcelona only if Neymar leaves… otherwise he is better off at Juventus… his rank at Juventus is going to soar especially with Pogba sure to leave…
    I would love to see Paulo and Lionel play together first and then by The Grace of God win The 2018 World Cup.
    Frenz Brotherz Dearz – we have just moved further from the following:
    1) Maradona’z Generation
    2) Batistuta’z Generation
    3) Riquelme’z Generation
    4) Messi’z Generation
    And entered into Dybala’z Generation
    Pray dearly that this generation will lift The World Cup…

    • Bielsa may not be an option..he is high pressing coach..and that might be his only tactics and he needs to gel with the AFA which is very hard..we need tactical coach and not flamboyant football…Simeone is a good choice..

  9. If neymar leaves paulo should go other wise stay juve. I like this boy his tactical awareness is second to none and dummy tata left him. In other news people from afa contacted atletico chairman about simeone availability. I hope he takes over and with him at the helm 2018 cup is guaranteed we can already celebrate it.

      • I don’t see it either but if(big if) afa is reformed then it is possible, dunga had high wages and reformed afa cam afford that. People like macri can do alot.

        • To tell you the truth I was thinking about the other they can hire Dunga I don’t think Dunga is a bad coach it just Brazil don’t have great players I remember in his first term with Brazil he did wonderful

  10. Totally agree…stay in juve. What’s there not to learn at juve that he will receive at barca.
    Besides Messi is not yet moved into a deeper role, Neymar and Suarez pretty much hold their respective position, so chances are he will resort to the bench furthermore hitting a brick wall in his decent.

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