Marcelo BIELSA to Lazio, MARTINO to Paraguay


Two Argentine coaches heading to two different parts of the world.

After reports came out of Italy on Tuesday regarding BIELSA not signing his contract with Lazio, the club confirmed today that he has signed with them and will become the new head coach.

Strong reports out of South America and specifically Paraguay are that Gerardo MARTINO will sign with the Paraguay National Team and will become their new head coach.


  1. Gerardo Wrethein the Argentine Olympic Committee President said that this list is still unofficial and they will wait until the 14 of July to submit the official list because there are names missing.
    The AFA on the other hand are saying this is the list, maybe Wrethein and the Olympic Committee will try to convince the clubs of the players that they think should be there.

  2. Rulli said his participation is “Non negotiable” a couple of days. I am proud of him, played very well and put him in a position to say “I am playing for the the Olympic team no matter what,…”
    It’s not a bad team, just disappointed that Paredes, Icardi and Dybala are not there!

  3. Argentina squad for Olympic Games: 

    Rulli (Real Sociedad), Werner (Rafaela), Gomez (Lanus), Magallan (Boca), Cuesta (Independiente), Gianetti (Velez), Soto (Banfield), Vega (River), Martinez (Union), Ascacibar (Estudiantes), Lo Celso (Central), Lanzini (West Ham), Romero (Cruzeiro), Joaquin Correa (Sampdoria), Simeone (River), Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid), Vietto (Atletico Madrid), Espinoza (Huracan).

  4. The list for the Olympic games is out.
    Gerónimo Rulli
    Axel Werner

    Jose Luis Gomez
    Lisandro Magallán
    Lautaro Gianetti
    Victor Cuesta
    Leandro Vega
    Alexis Soto

    Santiago Ascacibar
    Mauricio Martinez
    Lucas Romero
    Manuel Lanzini
    Joaquín Correa
    Giovani Lo Celso

    Angel Correa
    Critian Espinoza
    Luciano Vietto
    Giovanni Simeone

    Ezequiel Unsain
    Nicolas Tripicchio
    Joaquín Arzura
    Cristian Pavón

    although there are some good players, Leandro Paredes who I had hopes to see and catch the eyes of our coaches because he has unique attributes that could help us if he pans out is missing.
    I am really disappointed, man disappointment after disappointment, when I think it can’t get worse it gets worse.
    the next thing will be he will transfer to Zenit who are interested in him.

  5. So none of these sons a bitches wanna coach their National Team!?
    F ’em.

    It is what it is, I don’t know if it can get any worse than this but it has to really suck before it gets better.

    BTW, I don’t blame these mangers for saying NO now, Sampaoli should have been considered after last year’s Copa faliure and he wasn’t and the others are rats jumping off a sinking ship, except they are not on it to start with.

  6. Where are all the people saying fire Martino now and get Simeone ???
    As much as many of us didn’t like him including me, we need to take a bitter pill of reality. Here are the facts.
    1) the AFA, as the country for a fact is corrupt to the core…the majority of people in power in the AFA or government are thieves.
    2) the AFA is broke and broken. No money…”Futbol para todos” means no money for the players, clubs, or AFA. For all the dreamers, that’s how socialism works in reality..sounds great but can’t give everything for free…
    3) no coach will touch this dumpster fire.
    4) maradona , a despicable human being to say the least, is trying to capitalize.
    5) people still think “we are number 1”. Reality check…we haven’t won shit in almost a quarter century and at this point can’t field an Olympic team and may not even be able to pull our shit together for a World Cup qualification , and our captain just got a guilty verdict for tax fraud…

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