Unofficial list of 18 for Olympics released


Somehow, someway, the AFA have managed to announce a list of (unofficial) 18 players who will be going to the Olympics.

Along with the 18 players, four other players have been called-up as emergency replacements. Here’s the list:

Geronimo RULLI

Jose Luis GOMEZ
Victor CUESTA (Independiente not releasing him)
Alexis SOTO
Leandro VEGA

Giovani LO CELSO
Joaquin CORREA

Giovanni SIMEONE
Luciano VIETTO

Ezequiel UNSAIN
Joaquin ARZURA
Cristian PAVON

The situation for Victor CUESTA is that even though he has been called-up, Independiente is not allowing him to go.


  1. There’s a bit different line up with these players that looks optimally but with Angel Correa as false No.9. He played sometimes like that in San Lorenzo.




    …Vietto……Lo Celso….Lanzini


    Actually I would take a lot of players over Vietto (for example Cartabia) but still we may do something usefull with him

    Pezzella is good option

  2. If Cuesta will be out there is still 2 plces for overage players. As I said Independiente don’t want to allow any of their players (Cuesta, Rigoni, Benitez, Tagliafico or Rossi if he will transfer to Ed Rojo).
    Benitez on form as in the beginning of last season was one of my fav.
    I like Conti, but not more than Gianetti.
    Escalante, Mauri, Paredes – all they are more interesting options for me at the moment than Lucas ROmero who is still chaotic and disorganised player. But Romero has a lot of energy and good talent to develope. Moreover he play in Brazil every day.

  3. Even in the absence of icardi, dybala, calleri, cervi, caratabia, Rigoni, paredes, kranevitter, musacchio, mori, tagliafico (wasn’t even called up!!) and the list still looks solid!!!! That is the depth of Argentina’s talent, but sadly it may amount to nothing if the mess behind the scenes doesn’t get sorted out.

  4. @ Gonzalo.
    What about German Conti? And Martin Benitez? Is Independiente not allowing him too?
    If they have problems getting the initially chosen players, what a great opportunity to call up either Escalante or Jose Mauri. I’ve watched both and like them both.
    As far as the no.9 is concerned, we look weak. Would it be crazy to try out Velez’s 18 year old Romero?

    Barca have completed the signing of 16 year old Estudiantes midfielder and will play for their B team.
    Barca have had a bid for Correa rejected by Atletico. This after Nolito their initial target signed for City.
    Vietto still an option, but not top priority.

    • Yeah

      Real want Patanelli of Independiente
      Barcelona has Bartucci of Estudiantes

      the source never dried

  5. Funny, if Cuesta will be out our centerbacks defenders may be the same duo as on Sudamericano 2013: Gianetti – Magallan. That was horrible tournament, but Gianetti is really good defender now. In that sudamericano were also Vietto, Lanzini and Lucas Romero. If we can’t take instead Cuesta someone experienced over 23 my suggestions is Barboza from Defensa Justicia. New Garay.

  6. The whole situation with the state of Argentine football n problems with Messi n the whole mess with the Olympic team n the fact that Cristiano won the CL n now in the final makes me sick. The clock has turned back to the time we lost the WC final in 2014.
    That 18 man squad looks very weak considering the great talents available to choose from but it is better than totally being out of the Olympics. I hope every single one of those 18 players wear their hearts in their socks and give it their very best.

  7. Argentina and Messi in Mariana Trench vs Portugal and Cristiano on Mount Everest.
    What a turn around of events since April and especially in the last 2 weeks or so… huh… aarggg. Not even in the wildest dreams i thought this all would happen.
    All my friends laughed and still laugh at me.
    Only God can save Argentina and Messi if they are to win 2018 World Cup. I dont care what atheists may say… but sometimes ‘valley’ experience sweetens the ‘heights’ experience. Argentina and Messi in the valley now… lets all pray and have faith that 2018 will be heights for Argentina and Messi.

  8. Still a lot good players:




    A.Correa…..Lo Celso….J.Correa


    or Mauricio Martinez instead Lanzini and Lanzini instead J. Correa


    1. real problem is No.9. Simeone isn’t enough good IMO. I saw him a lot of times last season on Banfield. He has played better as winger. Really, not bad. We have not class No.9 Icardi and Calleri are out of course. But Sergio GOnzalez from Lanus would be my choice. And Lucas Janson of Tigre who play very good as winger and striker.

    2.Lucas Romero, Giovanni Simeone, Cristian Espinoza, Vietto and Tripicchio aren’t good choices at all IMO.
    I saw Vietto as No.9 in Sudamericano 2013 and it was horrible to watch. He is none No.9.
    Tripicchio? Perhaps because his universality: he can play as RB, LB and DM, but isn’t convincing on none of these roles.
    Arzura – I like him. I wrote about the guy many times here but now Ivan Rossi is better. Arzura actually lost his last season in River where he was benchwarmer.

      • My disappointments are especially Dybala, Icardi, Cervi – but their clubs doesn’t allow. Paredes could be there too (in Lucas Romero place) but I don’t think he is so much important. I would take in his place Escalante, Cubas or Mauri as well.
        No. 9 is real problem here.

        Now it is only Cuesta over 23. Looks like my fav club Independiente is the one which holding more players than any other: Cuesta, Rigoni, Benitez, Tagliafico, Rossi.
        Tagliafico still would be one of over 23 as better LB than Vega or Soto. Ivan Gomez is better form now than Arzura but his transfer to Independiente from Banfield is possible.

  9. Good to see that we can come up with at least 18 decent players. Without our best players in that age category however, it will be difficult to get any sort of result. Hopefully it will not be a disaster like the Under 20 World Cup in New Zealand last year.

  10. there are reports frm several papers though that simeone might opt to manage both atletico and argentina…whatever it is, im looking forward to this exciting prospect

  11. Rulli

    Gomez Magallan Gianetti Vega

    Ascacibar Lanzini

    Espinoza Lo Celso Correa


    Not a bad team, although we could use at least one experienced central defender like Cuesta

  12. some of the blunders made by argentine managers which cost us the trophy
    2006 WC ->not playing messi in the quaters vs germany
    2016->not picking dybala

    these fcukers never learn from others do they???

  13. Gerardo Wrethein the Argentine Olympic Committee President said that this list is still unofficial and they will wait until the 14 of July to submit the official list because there are names missing.
    The AFA on the other hand are saying this is the list, maybe Wrethein and the Olympic Committee will try to convince the clubs of the players that they think should be there.

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