Luciano VIETTO close to Sevilla move


Luciano VIETTO could be on his way to Sevilla.

Reports in Spain are saying that Luciano VIETTO is close to a move to Sevilla. No word on whether or not it would be a loan deal but that could explain the reasons behind Atletico not allowing him to go to the Olympics.

If Atletico are negotiating with Sevilla, it’s possible that Sevilla would not want him to go to the Olympics. This was the case with Matias KRANEVITTER who also joined Sevilla.


  1. want manager that (must) guaranti for this team winning tropi..which one..bilardo?..basile?..or minoti? (They are dinosaurs surely)..or new age one…which one of them have plan b..i remmber 2002 wc..bielsa had 352,343 and now 4231,442 and bla bla bla that plan b?
    This team in crisis..theres no multiple choosen
    Sorry my bad

  2. If I remember that sad night against England in 2002, Simeone was having a poor game ( n poor season ) n England were parking the bus in the second half and Ortega n Aimar trying their best. Instead of replacing Simeone, Crespo was called in for Batistuta. Same like Tata, no matter what happens in the game, Aguero will come for Higuain in 70th minute.

    Very very egoistic person of course nothing personal. The biggest problem with him is he never laughs. There will be always a line of separation between him n the players. Not sure player coach communication will happen to the maximum.

    Still remember Veron asking him to stay calm while taking the free kick against Sweden in dying minutes after Crespo leveled for us. When things go wrong, very very easily lose his temper ( he always look he has lost his temper before a long long while.. ) and certainly will bring additional pressure to the players.

    What we are begging is for some coach who makes Messi to enjoy his game not to bring more pressure into his game. Winning n losing is next thing. Never hope Messi will enjoy his game under him because sorry to say this Bielsa never seems to enjoy his life. He is certainly a genius. An eccentric genius. He may bring results but most important thing is to bring a happy atmosphere which I suspect to the core he is not capable of.

    Simeone goes sad when he lose n goes happy when he wins. But basically Simeone is enjoying life n his charecter is reflected in that but Bielsa as I mentioned earlier, always looks serious. Certainly new comers like Kranevitter or Mercado or even experienced like Mascherano or Maria or even Messi play with some fear that only makes things worse.

    Sampaoli…he is our man. Can’t believe that our AFA missed him after last year copa. Messi n our players should have reacted there. Sampaoli had a good world cup beating holders spain n almost eliminating the hosts. In copa next year he guided them to glory. He knows much understanding about international football due to recent experience n also know much about the strategies of south american football which will help us in qualifiers and he was desparate to coach Argentina that time.

    No surprise at all. After all these are the things we are looking since a very long time. Pattern never changes. When Bielsa quits, Maradona will take the chair n after that again Martino comes.

    Anyhow all the best Bielsa. Prove us we are wrong. What we need desparately is winning something. It doesn’t matter Messi lifts the cup or Roncaglia lifts the cup. Whether Bielsa is the coach or someone is the coach. Please makes us smile because these three years ( esp last two ) were very very painful…

  3. Bielsa has even more blind followers than Adolf Hitler. I think if there ever was going to be a World War 3 Bielsa should be the one leading it. I’m sure he will be “dominating” every second of it.

  4. We are talking about Bielsa but he said after retirement in 2004: “6 years with NT coaching is like 20 years with a club”. So I’m not sure he really want the job.

    • By the way, both TyC Sports and Ole have passionate discussions about that as well. One commentator said: “Basta de rosarinos pechos frios” lol

      On the other hand another one says :” El mejor técnico que tubo la selección, el mejor del mundo. Ojalá vuelva a la selección.”


  5. I for once would prefer a coach with some tactics as opposed to the ones without any tactics, please read Martino and Diego Maradona. If guardiola who achieved a lot during his european stint is a big fan and tactician based follower of Marcelo Bielsa than who are we to comment on the greatness of Marcelo Bielsa. I believe if Argentina has some luck come 2018 world cup, with a right mix of youth and messi’s thirst along with Bielsa’s tactical match awareness we will potentially have a squad capable of beating the only 4 teams that lie in our path for that cup namely germany, france, italy and chile. Mark my words guys this coach is no mug and can finally deliver Argentina and it’s fans the missing 3rd trophy in 2018, vamos !!!

    • No one questions that Bielsa is a visionary, he has influenced many people, don’t forget that Pekerman’s 2006 team also influenced many people. the problem is the other people took the great things but left the bad things behind and added their own vision to it.
      People like me who don’t want him question his desire to adjust, hate his stubbornness, and like someone said he will select players he likes and not those he needs.

    • At the current situation everyone should be happy IF Bielsa and the federation come to an agreement.the federation of the current nr.1 team can’t pay any salary. So if someone accepts the job is just because of the pride and honor.

  6. For those who don’t wants bielsa because of his time with ARGENTINA between 98 and 04 should remember exactly what happened.
    Yes we were out from group stages in 02 but before that during and after world Cup, in all his time with Argentina we dominated every minute of every game we never missed an injured player no striker or attacking mid was isolated we were good defensively we never needed a plan b because a was total control. we won the first Olympic we were n1 on qualifiers went to the final in copa dominated the tournament and final and that final we can call it unlucky unlike last two or three finals where we were simply outplayed.

  7. It’s easy to be wise after the event. Why Bielsa didn’t take some players? Because he played great qualifiers with his fav players.

    One of reasons why I would take Bielsa over most of available coaches is:

    his ego may point Messi his place and make him just one of a players. Messi is not a god and saviour. He is not even a type of leader. We never win a tournament with Messi as alpha and omegha. We need a coach who will finally stop with talking about Messi importance in press conferences distorting all the team. Argentina is not Messi. Argentina is much more.

      • Barca is enough strong to win even without him.

        Remember last season? They has been playing better without him (when was injured). Not only that impressive won over Real.

        If you still want build NT around Messi you are crazy. Our team with Messi as alpha and omegha is still more and more predictable. A tactic: “pass to Messi then he will do something with the ball”.

        Crazy, crazy. Argentina rather will win WC without than with Messi. He’s presence is main factor that stops building a real balanced team. Our team is like hostage of his magnitude and it’s nothing good. Stop with taking him as starting point to building a team. We win with Messi soemthing in future only if he will the frosting on the cake and nothing more.

        • So you genuinely believe that we cant build a good team because there is Messi.

          But you fail to believe that The coach is not good enough because he is (they are) failing to build a team around THE BEST PLAYER of the planet?

          Kudos. Great logic. Way to go!

          And Barca did not play well without messi, just Neymer did that time. But remember, that was just September-October. Come April when everything was doom and gloom, it was because messi was having a little off time.

          Also, Barcelona would never had won 50% of the things they have won from 2009-2016 if there was no Messi. Without him the Barcelona team would have been a very good team, not the best or the second best club team of all time (arguably).

          • Ok. Build a team around Messi one more time. Then we will see poor effect one more time. Never learn on obvious mistakes is a crime.

            Who know if Barcelona never had won the titles without Messi? Barcelona team was mostly the same as Spain team that triumphed a lot without Messi.

            “everything was doom and gloom, it was because messi was having a little off time” – you see. It’s just because that team become dependent on Messi one more time. Barcelona always played poor without Messi but that was only at the begenning of the period. Give Argentina some time without Messi and you will see great Argentina team as long time we didn’t saw. Accomodation to play without Messi needs a time but check the effect. Let Messi come back as capstone. It’s his role.

          • Who know if Barcelona never had won the titles without Messi? Barcelona team was mostly the same as Spain team that triumphed a lot without Messi.

            – Because their most successful manager said so

          • Gonzalo
            The problem is we never built a team around Messi. If we did we would win. As you said we build a strategy which is “pass to Messi and then something will happen” – that is not building a team around something. Building a team around someone is what Pekerman did in 2006 – build a team around Riquelme. It was almost like a quarter back. Messi never got a team.

            But above all you need players who can score. We went to 3 finals. Sabella had a plan but Higuain, Messi and Palacio missed chances. Tata did not have much and Chile shut Messi down. He did not have any shot at goal in open play. Higuain got chances and squandered. If we cannot score 1 goal in 360 minutes of final, there is some problem.

    • Gonzalo
      I think you want to say we should never built a team around a single player ever. It’s the Maradona curse, since 1986 we think we must built a team around a single player: Ortega, Veron, Riquelme, Messi,…and when that certain player is marked out we struggle.
      Messi must be part of the team, not everything should go through him, and we must put capable players around him that take the pressure of him.

      • Ghost,

        I don’t think we should never built a team around single player. I think it’s only Messi is not material for such player, for leader. He may play a part of team, but not as to date. His role must be quiet in 2018. Then we may win something. Then he will be effective. We must to dispose burdens and responsibilities in defferent way, equal. We need balance.

    • I prefer Sampaoli over Bielsa and some young coaches too. But not like Gallardo.
      Ghostdeini, what is your favourite?

      • Eduardo Berizzo
        A Bielsa student, but not sure he would get the respect from the players.
        I agree that there is a Player Mafia in our squad, it seems you are friend of certain people -> you get in. You are not a friend of certain people -> you never get in.
        It is very good if players are friends but not if they put their friendship before the interest of the team.
        Colleague is what they should be first and foremost, nobody likes all their colleagues but works with them because that is what is professional, and our players must be professional.
        So you kinda right that we need a strong character who doesn’t give a f and acts on the best interest.
        I just have a problem with his stubbornness, and the lack of will to change and just.

        • OK, I understand. Each Bielsa student has my vote. Especially if he is young. My ideal coach must to have a much of Bielsa but probably, as you said, less stubborn and younger.

        • Ghostdeini, I applaud your open mind about Bielsa but in all honesty he may not be as inflexible as you think he is. Bielsa meticulously prepares for every game, watches tons of videos on his opponents to understand their weaknesses etc. If he was so inflexible he would not have done so much preparation. This is the coach that lives and breathes football. He has garnered a lot of respect and admiration from many managers, from Sir Alex Ferguson to Guardiola. That must count for something.

  8. God no Bielsa please.

    – His team are a joy to watch. but never wins anything

    – His team presses a lot, like crazy. His team presses more than Guardiola, klopp, Ancelotti, Conte or Simione’s team. WC is a tornament after a 37 to 48 match European season where you will play 7 matches, and where luck dictates how much rest you will have in between matches.

    – Bielsa has his mind set on a tactics, he does not adjusts. He will get his ass kicked against any counter-attacking team.

    – He will pick players who he likes, not the players he needs. So some of us will like his callups and some of us will hate ’em!

    – He never adjusts. Never will.

  9. It’s weird. Even right after lost in 2002 people in Argentina have come to the conclusion that he deserves for one more chance. And he has not failed again. He did good things in 2004 and left as winner. Now people don’t want him as if he finished in 2002.

  10. Ghostdeini,

    Bielsa lost in final Copa America 2004 it was not the same lost as Martino last two years.
    It was win if we look how new, young and unexperienced was that team, and how good them played all the tournament and final too (unlike Martino). Then he won Olimpic Games in beautiful style. Bielsa finished as winner. He is not loser.

    • Bielsa is clearly a very polarizing figure among our fans, it’s either love or hate and rarely anything in between. To me Bielsa is a great coach (not perfect but who is?), he is like Jorge Luis Borges of football 🙂

      • Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit.

        Loew is great coach for mee too. YOu have not a coach who will be prepared up to any events with plan A, B, C, D, E…. Such coach would be invincible.

        • While Bielsa is stubborn, Low on the other hand listens to people, and has tendencies to copy tactics. At the world cup he insisted playing like Guardiola putting Lahm as midfielder, but experts like Beckenbauer, Negtzer, Kahn, Scholl, Breitner and Ballack and media like Sport Bild don’t hesitate to criticize him, so he was forced to play Lahm at right back where he excelled.
          Germany has this super scout Siegenthaler who scout all the opponets through the years, and he also was the one who scouted our penalties 2006, so he is in the background giving his input also. Low made mistakes by playing never used formations before against Italy and France, and there was a lot of criticism after the Italy game especially from Scholl.

    • Like I said, I don’t trust him!
      if he improves those things I mentioned he is welcome.
      if I said no at all cost, I would be the same stubbornness man as he is.
      I want to open minded, I will support him no matter what, hopefully he improves those things, and tries his best.
      but I don’t trust him, hopefully I’m wrong.

  11. Bielsa is terrible choice we have already seen it in 2002 with his stubbornness and obsession with toothless possession. Yesterday germany who used to be efficient foolishly adopted guardiola tactics and france exposed them. Bielsa is the worst when it comes to possession football he doesn’t have blan b and never listens anybody. We hated tata but he is much better then this lunatic. What is the point of playing pretty if you don’t win. We can just forget about 2018 now.

    • Finally someone with a little sense here. Get this psycho Bielsa as far away from the NT as possible. I don’t remember any coach who gets as much praise as he gets for basically fuck all he’s achieved. He’s not a winner, no stability as a person, he is stubborn with his “way of playing”, dunno what a plan B is, his style demands a big amount of physical contribution from the whole team, which in no time take its toll on the players as we have always seen how his teams decline rapidly at the second part of the season. Yet, once again, After all of these, even after he has achieved the worst possible results in the World Cup with one of the strongest Argentine squad in the past, some people still act like he’s the savior Argentina needs! I just can’t understand humanity. I can’t man. I can’t!

  12. Bielsa is theoretically exactly what we need!
    like Gonzalo said he would definitely make a revolution.
    Messi would get help up front.
    and many other things…
    that is why I want one of his students BERRIZZO.

    I have beef with Bielsa the person, not his philosophy.
    he made mistakes, and never had the impression that he learned from them.
    and his ride or die tactic worries me.
    lack of plan be worries me.
    his selections worry me.

    if he improves those things, he is welcome, but highly doubt it, anyway I will support him and the team no matter what, but I don’t trust this guy.

      • He selected Husain, Caniggia and a bunch of other for the world cup and left out Solari who was on fire, and a young Saviola just like Martino with Dybala, and Riquelme who could have been his plan B.

        • You see, each coach has his oddity. But it’s subiective. I can’t remember a complain before WC 2002 because of some players were omitted. Riquelme was never for me great in NT (moreover I can’t see Veron, Ortega and Riquelme in the same team). Saviola is the one who could make that team but if qualifiers were so fucking who thought about Saviola.

          • Yes, mind you the context of the situation, Aimar was at the same height or better than Ronaldinho going to the World cup. He was touted to make the next step to become the a Superstar, he was put in a situation to fail.
            He also could have played alongside Veron, just look at Argentina vs Cameroon friendly game before the world cup, they had excellent chemistry but to do that Bielsa had to adjust his tactic which he never does.

  13. Unbelievable! Football fans are such turds. They still want Bielsa back after the 2002 debacle.I am worried about the future of mankind.

    • It’s unnormal looking accept only those coaches who never failed. Coach is not a computer. Look at Scolari: you may win a world cup and lost as never before. Maybe Bielsa path will be in reverse order.

          • They didn’t play a decent team untill the final when they faced the worst German team in history. They had also the help of the worst refereeing i can remember. Brazil also had very good players. May be you were too young to remember but i can’t think a more fraud tournament then 2002.

    • Alot of these fans are(messi era) fans they don’t know how many times good teams who could have won the title were ruined by lunatic coaches like Bielsa.

  14. The timing of Bielsa’s sudden resignation suggests that he might be coming back to coach the national team. I’m not sure if that’s true but I wouldn’t mind that at all. Bielsa is one of the most influential coaches in the history of the beautiful game. Look at the list of his former disciples: Guardiola, Martino, Sampaoli,Berizzo, Pochettino, etc. El Loco is a professor, an academic of football. He might be just what we need.

    • Although all this probably wishful thinking on my part, under present circumstance why would Bielsa come back before AFA mess is sorted out?

  15. Biesla will stick to his tactics and plan unlike tata who went ultra defensive in 2 finals.. there was a 100 mile gap between the lone striker and the midfield with and messi alone in that gap surrounded by 5 opposition players…

  16. Maybe I am wrong, but I challenge you to convince me about Bielsa,Bauza or any of the dinosaurs.
    will we crave for Martino in 10 years because he brought us 2 finals?
    people craved for Basile, how did the work?
    people crave for perkerman,
    for Sabella,
    for maradona,
    and in some years they will want Martino to come back, because he will learn and do better.
    we are acting like domestic violence victim who stays with his partner because they think he will change.
    Bielsa will never change, had his chance, blow it DELIBERATELY!!!!
    what do some people not understand?
    I’d rather give a chance to a young modern coach who never blew it.

    • Now all great coaches are at club levels. National team coaches are average, and the lucky ones will win. Do you think Low is a good coach? Do you think Aragones is good? Also do you think Del Bosque is really good?

      The reason Barca succeeded was because they had a balanced team. They have been playing the same for years yet still won. Bielsa will build a balanced team. 2002 failed because of bad luck, and Veron was out of form.

      Bielsa and Messi, the destiny. We need craziness (like Maradona) to win some mate.

      • – Low is not a good coach, he just has people looking over him and conforms, the media, experts and former players of Germany always put pressure on him, so mostly he conforms.
        – Aragones was a great coach, not world class but had his vision and succeeded.
        – Del Bosque although not a great coach, always knew how to manage STARS, he did it at real and at Spain.

        2002 didn’t have anything to do with luck!
        Yes we had some injuries, but let’s revisit.
        Simeone didn’t play all year, he got called up, it’s not luck it’s his decision.
        Veron was out of form, as a coach he must find a solution and put him on the bench.
        Crespo was better than Batistuta, it’s his job to see that.
        Aimar was coming on to the tournament on fire, he neglected him and only played him to save his a..
        calling HUSAIN ‘his beloved son” is not luck, it’s dumb.
        calling a semi-retired Caniggia so he can lift the world cup is dumb.
        leaving Solari who just weeks before played for Real Madrid and was instrumental for the Champions league at home, is not luck.
        Leaving Saviola at home was not luck.
        leaving riquelme at home was not luck.
        failure of changing the tactic after we clearly saw it didn’t work is not luclk…..
        and many many other things that didn’t have to do with luck.

        • Bielsa’s Argentina had a thundering qualification campaign for the WC2002. They finished first and many points above number 2.
          They were favorites to win along with France. Both went out in group stages.

          Beside the arguments above we did have bad luck.
          1) Our captain Ayala injured himself during the warm up of the first game and did not play in the WC.
          2) Owen dived and got England a penalty. We had that coming after the hand ball in 1986…
          3) We dominated against Sweden no like no other game but could not score.

          What was dumb is that Bielsa never played Batigol and Crespo together except a few minutes in Amsterdam during a friendly. Till this day I find that unbelievable. Two strikers of that caliber would strike fear among all defences.

          • Richard
            Believe me this, in 2002 I was 19 years old and as soon as I saw the squad for the World Cup, I knew we will lose, when we lost I took it well because I was prepared of losing.
            In 2006 is a different thing though, I was angry for excluding Zanetti and Samuel, but still felt the team was unbeatable, I had believe in the team so that nobody could beat us, until Pekerman made the same mistake he did against Croatia, England, and the Ivory Coast also against Germany. He also never learned, we dominated Germany in Germany and if we had beat them we would have been champions, this is what I believe because that team really looked like a team and it really made me sad to lose. 2010 expected a lose, also 2011, also 2014 although got teased in thinking we will win.

          • I agree we did have bad luck. Sometimes a detail or accident make you winner or loser. Yesterday Germany was far better team. But without luck.

  17. Sorry guys, I am actually happy with Bielsa to be back. What do you mean modern coach? Simeone is a experienced and modern and yet he failed two finals back to back. A bit of luck is needed to be champion guys. Hang in there and luck will come. How many times Mourinho failed at semi-finals, … As long as we continue to be the finals, we’ll win some.

    • when was the last time he won something?
      don’t tell me the Olympics because even Batista won that.
      be happy now and sad in 2 years.
      Simeone or Mourinho won things, don’t compare them to Bielsa who is Van Gaal without trophies.

      • Why all of us here are convinced that Batista was weak coach? It’s unfair. He had less time in NT than any other. Less than a year! He improve his fails after poor groupstages in Copa America 2011 and in 3rd group game and quarterfinal Argentina played really good against Costa RIca and Uruguay (strongest Uruguay since his last win in WC). Yes, they played good game. Just a bit of luck more.

  18. This my last comment on Bielsa, Bauze or the other dinosaurs.
    For those who want them:
    Don’t come whining in 2 years when we have lost again, we deserve to lose if we hire these guys, that’s it!

    • Ghostdeini,

      a good coach for me is not someone who never failed but someone who can learn on his own fails. Bielsa is one of them for me. After catasrophe in 2002 he build great teams in 2004.

      Bielsa is good one for those who want real young revolution in NT. He found 19 years old Masche when he was in River reserves yet to make him excellent NT DM at once.

      • Gonzalo
        It’ not about young or old, it’s about plan, tactics, and the right players.
        Martino used old players and lost 2015/16, Bielsa used young players and lost 2004.
        same result!
        We must stop thinking only young players will bring us glory, or only old players, or only European players, or only Argentine league players.
        Bielsa never changed, he is the same, he doesn’t even think about plan b.
        when he was at CHILE, and Brazil had Dunga as coach, Dunga used counterattacking tactics.
        Bielsa plays against Chile with his tactic, gets trashed 3-0, the next match doesn’t change a bit and again gets countered 6-1, the same for the next matches 3-0, 4-2, 3-0, all of the results of using the same tactic against the same counterattacking Brazil.
        never learned.

    • No one coach is a guarantee of win. Bielsa is more risk than any other but I would take the risk. At least If not Sampaoli…

  19. It looks like Marcelo Bielsa will be the new coach.
    He failed in 2002,was stubborn, excluded deserving players, doesn’t know what plan B is, ride or die with his tactic, and surely will not change.
    just betrayed Lazio, surely not a man of principles.
    yet still gets rewarded to be the coach.
    He deliberately failed us in 2002 because of his stubbornness to insist on his tactics and no willingness to change, yet he is still regarded as “God” by some, what a joke, he is made of the same cloth as Van Gaal.
    I hate these two with passion, yet have to cheer for him.

    I don’t have a problem with his playing style. Beautiful attacking football is what I desire the most, it’s how I see football, it should be entertaining.
    In theory Bielsa is what we need for the team, if he gets open minded, has a plan b, and doesn’t have personal problems with any of the players.
    which is impossible.

    • He should not be any national team coach. Period.

      He is a great philosopher of the game who created a legacy of vibrant attacking football, but left a lot to be desired in terms of number of trophies won. IMHO he could be a great “academy chief” or something like that. Certainly not a national team manager.

  20. Bielsa has just quit Lazio after 2 days.
    Lazio is furious and will start legal action.
    The reason has not been disclosed.
    Will Bielsa return to the national team?

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