Report in Italy: BIELSA new Argentina coach


A report in Italy has Marcelo BIELSA as the new coach of Argentina.

RAI Sport in Italy is reporting that Marcelo BIELSA is the new coach of the Argentina National Team. No media outlet in Argentina is reporting it yet but RAI Sport is reliable when it comes to news in Italy.


  1. “why not give some youngster a chance?
    even Barcelona gave Pep, Rijkaard a chance, after rehashing Van Gaal who reminds me exactly of bielsa.”
    Sorry buddy unfortunately could not agree with you on that. Coaching NT and Club football is way way different task. And Bielsa is 100 times better than Van Gal.
    However i still do think the news is true. AFA still on mess. First needs to be a president or someone to be there to get him. At the moment there is none. They will have a meeting about Super league on Wednesday so after that it might get in one way or other. We will see if that is true or not. I think it just Italian paper trolling with us

    • I hate this Segura guy. I think he is the one who is culprit of all those mess happening right now. He is denying the rumour about hiring Bielsa. But i doubt he knows a little about anything what Zanetti and Veron planning. Because these two are members of 5/6 people committee after he resigned. Rumour has Veron and Zanetti had conversation with Bielsa. More interesting is Veron had really interesting spat with Maradona aswell. All this are rumours but i am sure alot is going on inside the AFA

  2. As you know I am against him, not because of his football style but for his stubbornness, lack of plan b, no adjustments, and player selections.
    I am also to a point that I don’t care about who the coach is, because I don’t trust anyone because everyone of them lost their mind as soon as they became coach.
    All I can say is that I was him luck, and that he has learned from mistakes and that he is successful/
    Life goes on.

    • agreed ghost but im realistic to see we are in such crap (the afa) i cant see who would be stupid enough to take this job as the afa situation stands.

      • Pablo
        maybe we will win with him this time, maybe not.
        at least he has upside, he can be a genius but also horrible, you don’t know what you get.
        hopefully we can get his genius side this time.
        2 years is better than 4 years with him because I believe he is a sprinter not a runner.
        at last beautiful football will be played, when you think about it football is meant to be entertaining and not dull.
        let’s see hopefully we win, although I am prepared in case of losing again.

        • agreed as one never knows what he will do and it can be great pre 02 or it can be the complete stupidity of the 02 w/c that was his fault completely.
          we can only hope he has learned those lessons but id not put any money on it at all.

    • Actually i do not get it…it is like we are talking about having 10 resumes and difficult to choose one..

      If the news are is truly admirable of bielsa to accept the job..

      • Petro
        Do you really think no one would take the job?
        yes Simeoone, Pochettino woud not take the job, Sampioli would take the job if he wasn’t under contract, and many other would take the job.

        There is also money but it is frozen for the moment, there is nobody to authorize the use of it, everybody is afraid of investigations.

        Bielsa is a big risk, high reward guy.

        • Dear Ghostdeini,

          So the top guys would not take the job..2nd or 3rd grade choices are available..that would not be the direction we want to go..

          Bielsa is way better and we all need a person of his charisma to fix the mess….He would get the best of messi and build a midfield which is missing for ages..

          Did we achieve anything so far?…i do not see any risk as he would guarantee status quo with the current talent.. I say again..he would guarantee atleast what we have achieved so far..

          • why not give some youngster a chance?
            even Barcelona gave Pep, Rijkaard a chance, after rehashing Van Gaal who reminds me exactly of bielsa.
            Both locos.
            he also left us, why should he get a chance, he hasn’t shown to be a world beater since then.
            he will be the coach, maybe we will win, maybe not but saying that we are depending on his mercy is what’s wrong with us.
            we are happy with little, it is not funny, don’t be happy with good be happy with best, being happy with good only affirms the status quo.

  3. hmmmm i cant say im happy about it but as leandro pointed out “beggars cant be choosers” and the state of the afa is diabolical and the fact pay is not guaranteed i imagine puts off most people.
    i trust him more then tata or batista if that means any thing.

  4. yeay.. moving forward.. now we need people who love the NT running AFA. Zanetti is super ethical and Veron is a very smart guy, everything comes with drama, but if either of those two are overseeing, Bielsa as coach, Masch and Lionel back.. we have a good shot to go far. Vamos Argentina!

  5. I have to admit when I saw him quit Lazio my first thought was he was going to coach Argentina.
    Bielsa seems like that kind of guy that would relish a challenge like this.

    I always felt like he had some unfinished business with the national team, after the 2002 disaster he had the team playing the best football ever.
    We had the heartbreak of the Copa America 2004(Sigh) but Argentina looked unstoppable….then he quit. I believe he said it was exhaustion?

    I have my doubts but I think considering the situation in the AFA this would be a welcome move…IF it happens.

  6. It’s no surprise,” the club’s lawyer Gian Michele Gentile told Sky.

    “It’s the only explanation for Bielsa’s behaviour in giving up €3m per year. I figured there must be an alternative offer, either for more money or more prestige.

    “We’ll ask the FIGC to take action with the governing bodies at FIFA, because the AFA [Argentinian FA], knowing there was a contract, prompted Bielsa to break that contract.

    “There’s a responsibility from the point of view of sporting law, and FIFA have the authority to sanction Bielsa and the [Argentinian] Federation.”

    And this is why i am saying they are trolling because i don’t think Lazio will make this that easy and AFA will not want to get trouble when they are a trouble right now. But i don’t know why i feel Bielsa might did that for NT job not for that requirements he needed

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