Marcos ROJO on Villarreal radar


Marcos ROJO looks to be on his way out of Manchester United.

Marcos ROJO is not in the plans of new Manchester United coach Jose MOURINHO and is on his way out. According to reports in Spain,Villarreal is the club chasing ROJO. While no concrete bid has been made, it is expected that one will be made in the coming days.


  1. for me marcos rojo is good player made 2 or 3 assist last copa (dont remember)..he just lack pace and skill as fullback..our main problem at all turnament just dimaria aguero and higuain..they are scapegoat

  2. over rated since the end 14 w/c were he last excelled and he did have a great w/c, rojo needs to be dropped from the n/t to tell him he is not given the shirt as he seems to have been and needs to work far hardier to get it back.

  3. I have completely soured on Rojo since the World Cup. He was excellent in that tournament (2014) but he let the praise get to his head. He has been overrated since then, often played very stupidly and came up woefully short on big occasions.

    He missed a critical penalty against Colombia in the 2015 Copa and his incredibly stupid red card against Chile in the 2016 Copa Final was simply unforgivable considering we were a man up. I know it was NOT deserving of a red card, but he shouldn’t have even given the blind Brazilian referee a decision in that situation. I hope this guy never puts on the blue and white again. Dumb players get you beat…no matter how talented they are. Rojo and DiMaria are in the category of very talented players that will always crap the bed in the big moments for the Albiceleste.

    • I’m not sure he is even that talented to be honest, he can be good defensively and an eager runner on his good days but Rojo has a poor first touch and is simply not a natural fullback.

    • Fact remains, Argentina defeated Chile at this year Copa America with guys like Di Maria and Rojo. Several guys got injured by the time we reached the final which impacted the team going forward in attack; Augusto, Gaitan, Lavezzi, Di Maria to name a few. Messi came back and as usual everyone has to pass the ball to him. No matter if five players are around Messi the team is order to always pass the ball to Messi no matter what. This was the difference between the final and the opening Copa game against Chile. Chile does not set out a game plan for Argentina, they set out a game plan for Messi, stop Messi and you suffocate the Argentinian team, that was Chile game plan. The problem is, Argentina and Messi never learn from their mistakes. Messi should be willing to let other players carry the burden even if that means Messi not touching the ball for some periods in a game. I see this time and time again with Barcelona; Iniesta, Neymar, Alba etc play without involving Messi all the time, no sense for them giving Messi the ball every single time Barcelona goes in attack. Argentina haven’t figure this out hence they came up short in the final. Even in the first game at the Copa America, Vidal and co were begging for Messi to play. If the opponent can stop one player and shut down your whole team then that means Messi and co haven’t learn from past experience. They’re all to blame for the team downfall, they aren’t no angels on the team.

      Seriously blaming Rojo for a pk miss? He is a defender, not a striker or midfielder. Muller, Ozil, and Schweinsteiger all missed pk for Germany against Italy at the this year Euros. The red card was stupid, not on Rojo part but the referee. You don’t give someone a straight red for a tackle that was not high and two footed. That was a pathetic call and you and I know it. Yellow card? Yes, but no way Rojo should have gotten red for his tackle on Vidal. Well, Masche got red carded (double yellow) against Uruguay back in 2011 and I don’t see anyone having a problem with him.

      As for Rojo and Man United, Mourinho has shown that he doesn’t like Argentine players. This is no surprise here. Mourinho at no time over is career had bought any Argentinian players under his coaching stints at Porto, Chelsea and Real Madrid. Lets not sit here and act like Rojo is the only player rumored to leave Man United.

      After the horrible state arrogant Mourinho left Chelsea in, I would rather Rojo leave Man United given that Argentinian players does not have a strong history at the club anyway.

      • agreed the red in the final was not at all a red, disgraceful from the ref.
        mon just like sim does not like arg players because to many of them just don’t like hard work and that shows as when the going gets tough to many of our players vanish when they are really needed and we have seen it in the last 2 finals with really only messi, rom and mash being to get pass marks but as for the rest…..

        • Argentina defeated Chile without Messi. Messi came back, no win. This is a fact! How does Messi get a pass mark? Banega consistently was Argentina best player at Copa America.

          • benaga was good for half a match all up maybe 60-70 mins and then he ran out of steam.
            we defeated a weakened chil in the 1st game (3 of their better players were out) that is also a fact.
            messi had a solid but not at all brilliant final but once again was left isolated every time he got the ball and that is not his fault others cannot and do not step up to support him.

      • Rojo is ok, personally I’m not going to critic him, but just think probably We have better options. Tagliafico, Soto, Vega, Silva.

  4. something different a bit Argentina are through to the semifinals of the Davis cup tennis.congratulations

  5. Villareal is no bad club would be better for him to be in la liga…

    any updates on javier pastore transfer to milan?

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