Argentina press conference, CUESTA team captain


The Argentina Olympic Team held a press conference today to talk about the upcoming tournament.

Three people from the team took part in it. Coach Julio OLARTICOECHEA, team captain Victor CUESTA and starting goalkeeper Geronimo RULLI. Here’s what they had to say:

“The coaching staff have got a couple of game plans put together. There should be no excuses when it comes real play. I more or less have an idea. These friendly matches will help us pick our starting 11. In our first match, we will face Portugal which is a tough rivals but we have our strengths too. We must be strong when facing adversity. Today PUMPIDO, our goalie from 1986 came to visit us. I see many similarity here. The door is open for MARADONA if he wants to come to Rio, just like it is to anyone who wants to come support us.”

Victor CUESTA:
“The responsibility of wearing the captain’s armband is something beautiful. I’m very proud to be able to do it with Argentina.”

Geronimo RULLI:
“I’ve done everything possible to be here. It’s a great tournament. And I always dreamed of playing with Argentina.”


  1. “Before RIo We have yet another tournament our U-20 NT. The kids are train together with our Olimpic Team. It’s COTIF. Here is calendar:”

    Without Boca and River youngsters ? Who are in the U20 squads ?

    • Lucas Bruera, Juan Foyth, Carlos Lattanzio y Facundo Bruera (Estudiantes de La Plata); Kevin Mac Allister (Argentinos); Facundo Cambeses, Claudio Villagra y Mikel López (Banfield); Juan Di Lorenzo (Independiente); Abel Argañaraz y Matías González (Lanús); Gabriel Rojas, Nicolás Zalazar, Emiliano Purita y Tomás Conechny (San Lorenzo); Brian Álvarez, Braian Guille y Brian Mansilla (Racing), y Martín Serrafiore (Huracán).

      • Kevin Mac Allister?…weird name for argentina for me
        Tomás Conechny (San Lorenzo) mostly i want to know

    • Sorry, here is full list:
      Marcos Senesi, Nicolás Zalazar, Gabriel Rojas, Franco Moyano, Emiliano Purita, Tomás Conechny (San Lorenzo); Braian Guille, Brian Mansilla, Lautaro Martínez (Racing); Pablo Abel Argañaraz, Matías González, Matías Nani, Enzo Ortiz (Lanús); Juan Di Lorenzo (Independiente); Facundo Cambeses (Banfield); Carlos Lattanzio, Lucas Bruera (Estudiantes LP); Marcos Peano (Unión); Pedro Emmanuel Ojeda (Rosario Central); Francisco Solé (Argentinos); Guido Vadalá (Juventus, Italia).

      With Vadala! Brescia want him on loan.

    • Federico Bonansea, 19 years old goalkeeper of Belgrano who represented Argentina U-17, will join to Villarreal B as well.

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  3. At last how horrible July turned to be. It all started due to the greed of Martino. His greed to taste glory in both copa n olympics was the only reason apart from AFA issues for our downfall. Now Dybala was denied a valuable experience in copa. Dybala is the future of our senior team. How he can be neglected for copa n considered for olympics is beyond all logic. Player like Barbosa in Brasil just 19 has been given a crucial experience in copa but only in our team the ignorance of talent goes on n on n on..


  4. I would be interested to see Individual players performance rather than a team..Some time back we had Diego Buonnette…He was short player but was interesting as an example..

    • Yeah, he was impressive at OLimpic Games. I thought he will be star in Europe. Sorry for him.

  5. Let’s enjoy this for the first time and not expect too much from these lads.
    Let’s not confuse matters by thinking that name sake alone argentina should be reaching finals and the Olympics being no exception.
    This is definitely a team missing heavy duty players.
    I say we should enjoy this just like the Welsh, Icelandic and even Irish fans at the euros…..don’t expect too much have fun and enjoy the ride.
    Above all its the Olympics and an insight to what we’ve got for the future and taking note that we are missing some big hitters.
    Just before I get castrated, might I hasten to add that to win would be wonderful but we can’t burden these lads with that type of pressure just yet. They need to build their confidence and enjoy their NT involvement plus the whole Olympics atmosphere.
    If we can get out of the groups that would be a start. But let me stress it won’t be such a fatal future if we don’t.

    • Way to support his former teammate, eh? Loved Maradona as a player but beyond that, when he opens his mouth, more often than not he is driving me nuts

    • Typical Maradona! I became a football and Argentina fan because of him but he has let me down so many times. Just not a role model or a true ambassador for the nation and its futbol.

    • He’s such a bad idol for a great football nation. Never stood by any of NTs, is jealous and insecure , is timid and afraid of standing for the correct. He can take his WC and fuck off from Argentina. We are happy with 1 star on our jersey but we shall live and play with pride and happiness.

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