Manchester City sign Geronimo RULLI


According to reports, Manchester City have bought Geronimo RULLI.

TyC Sports in Argentina are reporting that the English club have signed the goalkeeper. It seems as if RULLI will remain a Real Sociedad player for this season but would eventually join City.


    • You are true..its hate find our talent GK become second of truly blunder moron england know..englands media always screwing if their national GK heat off his ass

    • I beg to differ, I think he is exactly the kind of goalkeeper that Pep wants, otherwise why would he ask for him. Pep likes the goalies that are good passers and can kick start the attack from the back and Rulli is good at that as far as I know.

      • Yes that’s true that pep likes his goalie to be a good passer which neither of Hart or Rulli are. their possession and distribution stats are quite similar. Which does not makes much sense to me btw.

        Another thing to be considered here is the style of the teams Rulli plays/played for. Estudiantes and Real sociadad both are defensive team, so their goalies kicked the ball higher up….so naturally the distribution goes down. Thats why i am a bit hesitant to say he is bad at passing. At this moment it is too similar in terms of stats…Rulli and Hart…and thats totally the goalkeeping type that pep do not like.ónimo_rulli/176/176/15653/0/p|bundesliga/2015/2016/manuel_neuer/169/169/124/0/p|premier_league/2015/2016/joe_hart/165/165/82/0/p#pass_completion/avg_pass_length/saves/saves_per_goal/distribution_accuracy/avg_distribution_length/punches/catches#90

        • Istiaque, I’m not sure why would Guardiola bother with Rulli if he did not see some qualities in him that he did not value, namely his passing that would suit Pep’s playing philosophy.

          According to Rulli’s main strengths are:

          – Long Passing
          – Shot Stopping (Reflexes)
          – Saving Long Shots

          Elsewhere on Rulli:

          ” Rulli’s agility and his eye for reading the game are his main strengths. He’s extremely quick of his line and at 6’2 he may be the tallest keeper around, but that hasn’t stopped him from being extremely good in the air. But all of these requisites aside, it is his ability to pick out a pass with both his feet equally well that stands out, and it that which has caught Guardiola’s eye.”

          As per AS:

          “But what has struck Guardiola most is his ability to play the ball out of his area with both feet – a requisite for the Catalan coach.”

          Bottom line, Rulli is an excellent passer otherwise Pep would not have asked for him. I’m not sure if Hart is that good at it though.

          By the way, I’m not saying I am necessarily delighted that Rulli is moving to the City, but as long as he is a first choice goalie that’ OK with me.

  1. I wouldn’t see this as a bad move at all. One more year at Sociedad and after that he goes to City. Joe Hart had a very inconsistent 2015-2016 season and Rulli is young. Pep has no problems at all playing young players.

  2. Hmmmmm, good and bad depending on how long will he get to sit on the bench behind what’s his name which I assume wont be for at least 2 more years.
    Another Argentine bench warmer goalkeeper!!

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