Armando PEREZ to head the AFA, news on new coach


Armando PEREZ will head the AFA until the next elections.

FIFA have elected Cordoba’s Belgrano president Armando Perez as the head of the AFA until elections are held in the federation. PEREZ has already stated that he will speak to Carlos BILARDO, Alfio BASILE and Cesar Luis MENOTTI. According to PEREZ, “We have the obligation to listen to them”.

Regarding a new coach, PEREZ said he doesn’t have “a preference regarding the coach of the National Team but it should be an election done quickly.”

About the youth teams: “The results show that we have to change some things in youth football.”


    • Good descriptions. Still some questions mark. If Olarticoechea attacking trio is Correa, Calleri, Lanzini where is place Espinoza who is suggested to be a starter. Or Simeone who is No. 11 (starter?). And who as a partner for Ascacibar? I thought Martinez but ROmero has No.5.

      I think:



      • I don’t think authors prediction about starters are 100% right.

        Martinez I believe will be Asca’s partner and also should be.That guy is underrated for sure,good both in defence and attack,not to mention physically fine.And Lo Celso might be the playmaker,team has none other than him.Actually team is still strong even without star players,may be lack the bench power.

        • Yup, I wrote long time ago about Martinez here. Still reminds me a bit Enzo Perez when attacking, running. As Enzo he isn’t perfect in defence but his phisical strength makes him decent in this point. First of all he is DM who may add some part in attack.

          Ascacibar is describing as new Masche, Gattuso, typical No.5, but he really has pace and stamina to running almost like Zanetti.

          Yes, I see Lo Celso as starter on credit. Despite his obvious talent still take the guy ‘cum grano salis’ but I don’t see another playmaker.

  1. As I had expected , the NC will be fast moving ahead to resolve the DT issue first. With Bielsa currently in Argentina and jobless and Sampaoli/Simeone / Gallardo busy in the transfer market to bolster their respective teams, all indications are that Bielsa will be our next DT.

    Now, the most important thing, he says in light of the recent results there is a need of change in the coaching the youth. Is he pointing to the loss of consecutive finals and thereby the psychological preparedness and mental training of the players? If yes, then it’s going to be a turning point in the history of Argentine football. They never stress on systematic psychological training of the players… The way the Germans and the Italians have been doing for years now… This will indeed be the biggest step for the new FA and its custodians.

  2. at least some thing is happening…I guess…

    “We have the obligation to listen to them”
    yes but the real test is actually doing more then just paying “lip service” to them.

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