Marcelo BIELSA wants to coach Argentina


According to the very reliable Fernando CZYZ of La Nacion, Marcelo BIELSA would like to coach the National Team.

Fernando tweeted out that Marcelo BIELSA would like to be the coach of the Argentina National Team and that if he’s not chosen, it would be because the board itself decided on another option.

He told the commission that the financial aspect is not a problem for him.


  1. No worry, Bielsa will be the next manager, AFA always give a second chance to coach and players , as failures is not in their dictionary. Another frustration on players selection and stubborness era will soon start. as a fans you just keep dreaming and pray that one day Albiceleste will lift the trophy. It will comes.

  2. I know some of us are hating on Bielsa big time but Miguel Angel Russo? Really? Is that the best you got Argentina? Shame on you! I’m afraid we can kiss Russia 2018 good bye…

    Love him or hate him, Bielsa was the ONLY world class coach that was even on the radar.

    I mean, I’d rather have Coco Basile as a coach again

  3. Unfortunately it seems it’s going to be Russo…

    Potentially worse than Martino. The thing is he’s coming from a string of failures in Argentina in the past years and yet he’s chosen… Now i think there’s a serious risk of missing the next WC.

    • A string of failures?
      fits the profile perfectly, just what we need. 😛

      Russo had a string of failures and we had a string of failures. we have to consider that the Afa are geniuses, they calculated that 2 negatives will make a positive.

      Russo has the right qualities to be a puppet.

  4. That is the kind of shit news you don’t wanna see on the internet. Hope the board is not dumb enough to hire this fat ass cocky loser once again. Well, that’s too much to expect from the AFA though…

    • From what I am reading Macri got involved and supports Russo, Bielsa didn’t refuse anything. The farce commission of Fifa overruled by the President, Involvement of the Government is against Fifa laws but it doesn’t stop it from breaking their laws and intefereing.

      This guy Armando Perez is feeling himself since he has been chosen, bla bla will listen will listen will talk will talk. Shut up, the only person you will talk is Macri from whom you will get the order.

      It doesn’t matter who the coach is, let us support the team we aren’t winning anything anyway.
      things will never change or get better, not a suitable candidate to hope so.

  5. I truly believe Bielsa will be the coach. I told you what I think about him. I am tired of constantly bickering back and forth about the same mistakes over and over again which will never be corrected so I no longer care who the coach is or what players play. I will fully support the next coach which happens to be the guy (Bielsa) who I hated the most, beside Van Gaal.

  6. It’s all drama I believe.Bielsa is going to be the manager,they all just trying to show it was not for Argentina Bielsa left Lazio within 2 days.And throwing the name of Pumpido,Russo,Buchragga is making the fan to beg for him,whether AFA does it intentionally or not.

    BTW, England is appointing Sam Allardyc as their new managers,many English fan throwing Bielsa’s name as they want to see the Tottenham squad to transform their work into England nt.

  7. He is stubborn like van gaal and will never adjust. Simeone and sampaoli are the 2 that can take the team to championship and they are not available. but out of the available coaches no one is better.messi will be his best under his style that is for sure.

    • Pl stop taking daydreams of getting Simeone or Sampaoli – if they really cared this was the time their motherland needed them and them both showed no interest. I can still forgive Sampaoli as he wanted the job sometime ago but others like Simeone , Pochettino etc don’t deserve to be coaching Argentina.

      If Bielsa is standing up for Argentina at this point knowing the troubles in the FA and the fragmented team spirit , we must thank him and applaud him for doing this. I don’t care if he’s stubborn or whatever this guy is an absolute genius and I can’t wait him to take Messi and Argentina to the helm of success in 2 years in Russia…


    • just as you calling why mourinho not managering portugal or pellegrini for chili…answering is simply just keep wake up and back to the reality…ok…plis every body not to mention simeone or pocemon or sampaoli,,ok!!

  8. That last remark could work in his favour. Although his list of demands at Lazio was pretty crazy.
    Better Bielsa than Russo.

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