Miguel Angel RUSSO to be offered Argentina job


Miguel Angel RUSSO will be offered the Argentina National Team coaching job.

Despite the report earlier, it looks as if the AFA will go a different direction for the new coach. Strong reports out of Argentina are suggesting that the AFA will meet with RUSSO as they want him to be the new coach. RUSSO has coached several teams in South America and managed to win the Copa Libertadores in 2007 with Boca Juniors.

My personal opinion is that this would be an absolutely terrible idea. I really cannot see anything good coming out of this.


  1. It’s like a circus now. In the morning you hear that Bielsa will be the Dt, but come late night it becomes Bauze after the Russo rumor. Pathetic situation!

    But seriously now it seems like the DT will be someone from these 3 old dinosaurs. At this point I will be extremely happy if its either Bielsa or Bauze. I just sincerely hope (and pray to all the gods out there) that its not Russo!

    • I think they are conducting interviews for the job, we the fans and the media are not used to this kind of approach because when Grondona or Segura met someone they got the job, at least this what I think and hope.
      what bothers me are the candidates who are the same people linked before Russo, Bauza,…

      • If we need cheap, then I think they should go for Gallardo. Berizzo is another guy who is very good, but don’t think they know he exists! Why not gamble on a young coach with fresh perspective? What more could go wrong?

        Some people are born coaches. Like Simeone, who in his playing years knew he would be a manager. There are players who acts like managers – Mascherano. Isn’t there anyone after simeone who looked like manager? Cambiasso may be? How worse that could be? We gambled on Maradona no?

        What I don’t understand is what they are looking for in Russo or bauze? Experience? Of what? Playing 5-3-2? Disgusting really.

  2. I think the media is jumping the shark, as it looks they are interviewing different options not offering them the job now.
    none of the candidates provides me with hope, they doom our hope.

    I also read somewhere that there are 11 candidates
    – realistic options: Russo, Bielsa, Bauza and Coudet, Gallardo
    – wishful: Simeone, Pochettino Sampili but there is no chance
    – outsiders: Diaz, Alemeyda and someone else

    Why not take a gamble on Coudet?
    There is nothing to lose.
    Bauza and Russo are dinosaurs.

        • Sabella can’t be blamed for that final unlike the 2 finals v chile we created clear cut chances v germany but our forwards missed.

          • Higuain also missed in the on 26 of june!
            who was on the bench after Germany scored? No one as soon as they scored the whole world knew Germany won and were riding the remaining minutes home.
            his biased selections left him without weapons, he could have used exactly in that situation, just one of many mistakes by Sabella.

          • Sabella is to blame for not taking di maria’s and Higuain’s replacement. Also not having a plan B was a great mistake. We had Zero offensive capabilities during the whole WC. That was on the manager.

            His defensive structure was great. Not taking that away from him. At least he knew tactics and he was a good manager…way better than Basile, Maradna, Batista and Tata. his main mistakes were not addressing that gago is made of glass, Di-maria and Higuain needed replacement. And his on game substitutions were poor.

      • I don’t think that Sampaoli is a better manager than Bauza,atleast we can’t say that for certain.May be Pochettino is,given his great run at EPL.Yes Sampaoli won Copa America,but we also know how: help from match officials,luck and our decision to not win it..Bauza on the other hand,won two Copa Lib with two minnows,took both Quito and Lorenzo to Club WC final only to loose against Man Utd and Real Madrid.That’s not really some achievement one can ignore.

  3. About Bauza I remind you he was selected among(22th best) 50 best managers of 2015 by FourFourTwo.I posted it here before,reposting it sothat we can also have a comment from experts when put down an opinion about him.

    “At half-time of the Libertadores final we weren’t playing well. I said to the manager: ‘Paton, what’s going on with us? I can’t give a 5-metre pass!’. He was waiting to shout. “What the f*** is going on with you? Are you afraid of winning? You must not forget all the sacrifice you made to be here. So play! ”
    – Santiago Gentiletti, ex-San Lorenzo

    Unlike many of his peers, Bauza won’t try to sell an attacking manifesto to boards before being appointed, or his squads once he’s entered the dressing room. On the contrary, he’s probably the most pragmatic – and successful – man of his generation.

    Bauza spent most of his playing career at Rosario Central as a centre-back, and is used to building his teams from defensive reliability and a midfield working as an army unit. The 57-year-old has managed amazing results, including winning the first Copa Libertadores for an Ecuadorian side, Liga de Quito, and then repeating the miracle with Argentina’s San Lorenzo last season after 55 years of failed attempts. Even the Pope was publicly stating that it was about time the Crows won the coveted trophy.

    Now, after celebrating for a year, San Lorenzo are again leading the Argentine league despite competing against bigger clubs with record signings; see Boca’s Daniel Osvaldo or River’s Pity Martinez. But Bauza runs his club like a small restaurant chef: rather than asking for expensive and difficult-to-find ingredients, he sticks to the basics and sees if there’s anything growing in the garden he can use effectively.

    He’s managed to create winning sides with existing, low-key players, maintaining the style of the team he shapes even when stars moved and he had no money to replace them. If he didn’t win a World Club Cup it’s only because he bumped into the best Manchester United and Real Madrid sides of the last decade.

    Bauza recently lamented criticism about his side’s tough-nut style, but that’s just how he is: there might no Michelin Star recognition, but results suggest few are better than him when creating state-of-the-art dishes with simple ingredients. MM

    • Fine he is pragmatic, we played defensive football in 3 finals and we lost, that made Messi isolated, actually we complained about no help in attack.
      Italy plays defensive football because that’s their strengths, Barca plays possession football because that’s their strengths.
      Our strengths is not the defense it’s the attack and we want to choose to gamble on playing against our strengths, swimming against the tide.
      we don’t need a defensive coach, we need someone who uses our strengths but doesn’t forget the defense.
      we don’t have Buffon, Bonucci, Chielini in our squad.
      Buaza is a no go for me, Sabella 2.0, at least Sabella tried to play attacking football which he wasn’t able to then stuck with his approach from the 1/8 final where we scored 2 goals, we didn’t score against Holland and beat them with penalties, and didn’t score against Germany and lost.

  4. Rumors are never ending..i also saw a bleacher report..mentioning they want Atheltico Madrid to share Simeone..

    If true..this is crazy..don’t we have options other than simeone or pochettino..

    I am inspirted by diego maradona for his patriotism..and only it..

  5. When I first heard the news this morning, my overwhelming feeling was one of disappointment. But now that I’ve had time to mull it over, I feel angry more than anything.

    If we didn’t know already, it is blindingly clear now that until there are fundamental changes in the AFA, the team that we love are doomed to fail.

    I’m sorry to be so downbeat, but I really have had enough.

  6. When you thought things could not get more confusing,the Argentinian government has suggested a share deal with Atlético Madrid over Diego Simeone.

    “He could meet the obligations with his club and international dates, travelling with our national team. If the Argentina internationals playing in Europe do it, Cholo can do it as well,” Marin told La Nacion, AS reports.

    AS note that Real Madrid rejected the same suggestion from the Portuguese Football Federation when Jose Mourinho was on the bench at Santiago Bernabeu.



  7. The media is saying Bielsa turned it down because the circumstances are not right at this moment.
    If true, this guy is simply an idiot and never mention him again, f this guy!although we forgave him costing us a World cup he turns us down.
    of course this is if true because I have also read that Macri got involved and wants Russo.
    nothing is finished yet because now Bauza is gaining momentum, and also the duo of Pumpido and Burruchaga.
    I want Russo before those 2 other options, at least he is a low key guy who listens.
    the future doesn’t look good at all, none of the candidates fit what we need.
    just when you think it can’t get worse here comes the decisonmakers who make it even worse.
    people who hope are fools because afa will crush our hopes forever.

  8. Every job needs an interview. Bielsa’s style does not suit any interview. Remember Barca chose Martino over Bielsa. When selection was between Bielsa and someone, then the other one is more likely get selected because of Bielsa’s weird style in communication.

    I was worried when Russo came in, and now you see what was happening.

    This guy seems only better than Maradona. Frankly as long as our coach does not make crazy decision


    Look on Ole voting:
    Bielsa has 54 % votes, Russo 10%

    ‘Vox populi vox dei” this time

  10. The thing still not clear is does Messi thinks all the glory should go only to him? Only he should be responsible to bring the title eluding for more than quarter of century? Only he should be considered the saviour?

    If not why he demand the deserved coach whoever it maybe to AFA. He gives all n finally cries. The same pattern. Why don’t he think tactically now instead emotionally. He can’t do all the things alone esp hereafter considering his age. He need someone to find the space for him. Martino failed terribly with same tactics twice n the pain is Messi is not learning from this.

    Europeans going to dominate football in future for a simple reason they are approaching the game scientifically where as south america is approaching the game emotionally. We may play the game artistically but eventually we will be losers by failing to cross the last hurdle.

    Our beloved AFA will make a hardcore die hard fans of our blue shirt to change colors to yellow or red. Better to keep away from our team as the pain n sufferings felt at the last month almost will be remembered for the rest of the life. Worst worst time.

    It goes on like this.. forever…

  11. Ok this is it, no more Argentina for me , no more pain. I guess I have suffered enough. I deserve some happiness.
    Hiring this guy is further going down and I can’t see that. People were complaining about Bielsa now have this guy.

    Messi must not return to this circus, let these clown own it.

    • So I ask a question, how many here are Argentine? I understand picking club sides, but NT is a cultural thing, atleast for me. Its not about winning, or loosing. If the pain is too much, just watch Real Madrid or Manchester United or whatever global franchise suits you for that week. A real fan loves his team through good or bad, Argentina is blessed, you should feel happy to support them. I know many people who love their NT despite then never winning anything (Jamaicans, Peruvians, etc).

      Vamos Argentina!

      • Yes sir i am and those who know me here and off here know my support for the n/t never stops and will never stop to my last breath.
        Yes ive been very critical for the last few years of management, tactics, some player’s but when its kick off time no matter what im 100% behind those who have the honor of wearing tbe blue and white into battle and for me i want nothing but victory, any thing less is not good enough and i still feel the pain of defeat as farback as 1990, it hurts and never leaves me.
        I miss home (Argentina) andthe n/t is that extention of my nations hopes and dreams.
        I am critical with good reason of the afa set up but ill never support us any less no matter what…vamos Argentina always…

        • I learned to support Argentina because my father also supports Argentina.It’s a family thing.It can’t go away.I am not even talking about huge culture of supporting either of Argentina or Brazil in my country.No man,it can’t go away!

  12. Its official, my love affair with Argentina has finally ended… (1986 to 2016)
    I have had enough…
    Never planning to watch football even…
    Those tattoo hands will never lift the cup… ‘disobedience led to this’… the enemy took the crown…

  13. at least we can kind of laugh but not to much.

    “Sam Allardyce will earn a basic salary of £2.5m a year when he is expected to be confirmed as England manager on Thursday, but incentives mean he could receive more than the £3.5m per year his predecessor Roy Hodgson was paid”

  14. If not bielsa then definitely not him … I still love maradona over him …. If results speaks then he was not bad either ..we Only lost to Germany in 2010..but played entertaining football … At least we will have an entertainment either good or bad way…?

  15. I will support Mickey Mouse against this guy. Doesn’t mean Mickey Mouse is the right one for the job though.

  16. Hahaha, and people were complaining about Bielsa, get a load of this guy, AFA you suck.

    I hope Russo proves me wrong but judging by his CV it does not seem very likely.

  17. LOL. This is going out to be worse. I will support Biesla against this guy. I just checked his stats he has almost resigned two or three occasions due to his failures.

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