Giovani LO CELSO seals transfer to PSG


PSG have confirmed the signing of LO CELSO.

Giovani LO CELSO has signed a 5 year deal with Paris Saint-Germain which will keep him with the club in 2021. Signing from Rosario Central, LO CELSO (currently at the Olympics with Argentina), will remain on loan in Rosario until December 31, 2016. After that, he will join up with PSG.

Lo Celso

Speaking in an interview with PSG’s website, here’s what he had to say:

What type of player are you?
“I love having the ball, I love creating, playing and getting my teammates into the game. The idea is to always be moving forwards in order to find the strikers in good positions.”

There are already a few Argentines at the club…
“Everyone knows the quality that Paris Saint-Germain have; there are a lot of great players. Of course, everyone knows about the qualities of Angel DI MARIA. I mention him because we come from the same city in Argentina, and the same club (Rosario). I have met him before. He’s a humble person and an exceptional talent. Becoming his teammate is an added bonus.”


  1. @alfio, now that Marcelo Bielsa said no to NT… you must be the happiest man… your wish is granted… maybe you can remove that display picture of yours… now that he wont work with NT anymore in his lifetime… you can enjoy Russo in Russia
    I never get my wishes granted anytime… i wanted Pekerman sometime back but it never happened… now i wanted Bielsa and that too vanished into thin air.

    • My friend, first of all that are only rumors that he said “NO”, nothing is confirmed.
      If he really said “NO” then it only affirmed my opinion of him that he is an unstable man who can’t be trusted, destroyed our dream 2002, don’t forget he also lost 99+04 Copas, other coaches were “killed” for losing a Copa and he lost 3 tournaments. As soon as he got a little success by winning the Olympics( by the way Batista won it too) he left us and ran away. This is a man you want to trust??? A man that lost us 3 tournaments, left us and is now refusing us even though we all forgave him(including me), if he indeed did so then F him even more, don’t love someone who hurts you and doesn’t give a f about us!

      I still believe he will be the coach, if so I will support him but will not have much hope or to say any hope that we will win 18′ world cup. But a little hope will be there although small, while with Russo and Bauza I will have 00000000000 hope!
      I want Berizzo! that I stated weeks ago because I know Simeone and Pochettino will not take the job, by the way i rate Berizzo more than Sampaoli.

      • Ghost is right about Bielsa.He can’t be the right man for NT.Bielsa is free and Argentina is desperate for a manager,yet he is making all the drama only reassures that he gives priority to his whims and arrogance over anything else,nothing has changed since 2002.

        • agree with you 2 above, this is bielsa the man who lost 2 finals (humilated in 1 by the yellow team(excuse me while i puke again) and lets not forget the embarrassment of 02 and he is free but is trying to hold the afa for ransom, he should be on bended knees begging for forgiveness and even more thanking the lord above he is even remotely considered for the job after his record as mentioned above.
          just as above i think he will get the job and like all managers I will support him until he reverts back to that manager who refuses to change no matter what. i can only hope he has changed but I’m not going to be putting any money on it at all.

          • Lost 2 finals?

            HUmilated by Brazil? Just rewatch that final. Which team was better? Humilated was Argentina by Brazil in 2005 Confederations Cup. But the team from 2004 makes proud.
            I don’t understand. Is lost against Brazil in fianal like 2 lost against other teams?

      • Berizzo is now a target I think. Ole saying that Meessi wants an attacking manager, that’s why AFA is trying for Bielsa or Sampaoli and I actually believe it. Otherwise they would have already chosen Bauze.

        Here I’m somewhat hoping that this Sampaoli deal falls through and Berizzo is selected. It would be something fresh plus Sampaoli would be able to manage and develop a lot of Argentine young guys in Seville.

        Having said that I would not mind Sampaoli at all given that he likes youth. I mean look at all the young players he is buying. Also as far as I can remember he does not have any previous stint as a coach in Argentina, which means he will not be calling any dead-weights or favorites…which Bauze will do pretty sure!

  2. This manager situation make me sick more then Tata use biglia..maradona call Ariel garce and batista use tiki taka

  3. Nobody even talked about Lo Celso : D

    He has a potential, no doubt but so far has not shown it with the National Team. He is the kind of player I like, i.e. an enganche. My worry is that at only 20 he might not get a lot of playing time in PSG after his loan with Rosario Central expires. There are several players ahead of him in the pecking order: Di Maria, Pastore, Veratti, Rabiot, Ben Harfa. Unless they loan him again (to Spain hopefully) until he matures a bit.

  4. even on the spurs site i had to laugh at this comment on the hig sale
    “Sky Sports News HQ ‏@SkySportsNewsHQ 2m2 minutes ago
    Sky Italy: Juventus sign Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli for £75.3m on contract until 2020 #SSNHQ

    “Not worth that. Bottler”

  5. If Veronica Brunati spreads “twitter BS” where do people receive news from I guess?

    “It’s difficult to explain that while the AFA is struggling to pay for day-to-day running costs, we will be paying Sampaoli’s retention fee, but that’s how it is”, a high-ranking official from the Argentinean Football Association (AFA) told Diario AS. And it’s not as ridiculous as it might sound…

    English version of the same report:

  6. Every couple of days Twitter comes up with some BS and people go running with it. It is for the best that we wait until somebody is actually appointed rather than have every little rumor reported.

  7. Many asks AFA can’t pay for plane tickets but how will manage 6 million for Sampaoli…it is difficult but possible.When Argentina NT visited India,the Bangladesh federation wanted to host Argentina too but was in serious shortage of money.Within days they managed close to 15 millions Dollar worth of funding for that match.Argentina Govt is with the process,money can be managed.In football unlikely money can be raised for special occasions if the management is skilled.

  8. But Veronica Brunati,in latest article (published after Sevilla rejection news) implied that AFA will force the matter and it is possible that they will pay the release clause of 6 millions.It is not sure where from the money come,govt or private sponsors. The report is in spanish,I used the google translate.

  9. Sevilla has rejected idea of Sampaoli taking over Argentina as part time basis.according to TyC sports.AFA must pay 6 millions in dollar to free Sampaoli from his contract.TyC also said that Bielsa has rejected AFA offer,but other sources implied bielsa replied “He will think about it”.

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