MASCHERANO agrees to new Barcelona deal


Hello everyone,

Barcelona have an announced that they have reached an agreement with Javier MASCHERANO.  They have extended his contract until 2019 which also ends all talk of a move to Juventus.

This will already be his 7th season with Barcelona.   In my opinion, I think this is a good decision on his part.


  1. Sorry guys, by the way things are going for the past one month, I started to feel that Ronaldo deserved the cup more than Messi. Maradona is correct if he tried to say that, Messi lacks something that is very very crucial. If Mascherano is the captain, we would have won something as it motivates Mascherano further apart from his natural instincts.

    The way Messi is behaving after that most painful night is horrible. We are seeing the Coach Circus almost for a month n with in a month we got two crucial qualifiers, Messi is more concerned with his hair colors. Why don’t after that night he demand the deserved coach. I suspect, if Ronaldo is in the place of Messi, he would have given that 8m clause of Sampaoli himself.

    Messi, your time is running up… come on.. or at least ask Mascherano to take control..

    • A World Cup added to your tag… which will catapult Messi to the greatest ever Footballer the world has ever seen… man, if not now when… just 2 more years to 2018… and 99.9% he wont play in 2022… 2018 is certainly the last chance…
      He should got down to work right after the Centinario failure… to set right things for 2018 world cup glory… even after seeing cristiano seething on the sidelines of the Euro Finals to add a honour to his name and script a tale for history…

      our ‘barnicles’ is on the yatch painting his bum and head – rubbish…
      That is the difference between Maradona and Messi… the former bled ‘blue and white’ and the latter piants himself with tattoos and colours???
      We have seen Pele play… and we have watched videos of Garrincha articulate… we have Ronaldo and Ronaldinho weave their magic… but nothing compares Maradona playing ‘the beautiful game’.

  2. Lionel Messi should not have met Neymar at all… shikes… now that he is just concerned about getting tattoos and rubbish hair colouring…
    Sad that he is wasting his career… world cup goes begging…. instead of wasting his time on his yacht… he should have sat down with AFA and streamlined things… (cristiano got what he wanted)…
    Wake up Messi
    You can do hair colouring after you retire…

  3. Joab – the greatest Israelite Warrior under the greatest Israelite King – David.
    Mascherano – the greatest Argentine Warrior under the greatest Argentine Messi

  4. Its clear as crystal – Messi will not play for Simeone ever nor does the coach show any intention of leading Messi anytime… its over between them.
    Its clear as mud – AFA

    • Perez also mentioned he does not give up on Sampaoli pursuit.But technically ruled out Simeone and indicated it is complicated with Bielsa.Pochettino said direct no.I have not seen any mention of Berizzo other than one Argentine journalist who said Sampaoli has 95% possibility while Berizzo has other 5%.But never heard about Berizzo from any AFA official.

      Actually I think AFA is solid on two choices: Sampaoli and Bauza.If not Sampaoli,most likely Bauza.But this is my thinking,AFA is probably more clueless than that.

      • “AFA is probably more clueless than that”
        not properly 100% defiantly, they remind me of a dog chaseing its own tail but for me the final coup de grâce for the afa was the elections where 53 were to vote and they some how managed to tie them 26-26. impressive, very impressive-even for the afa.

      • Perez said to Clarin that he wants to resolve the coach issue by Thursday or Friday of next week.About Sampaoli he said,”Sampaoli is difficult for AFA.But he is a man who is willing and eager to take the job.Let’s try something for him”.

        Actually it is the press made this manager hunt process look very confusing,they need to sell their news and there is nothing more interesting topic than that.But if you listen to Perez’s comments and the few trusted journalists ,it is sampaoli who is the main candidate for quite sometime.Veron meet Sampaoli personally at the very beginning,even though was rejected at that time.AFA knew Simeone and Pochettino wasn’t possible but tried it due to Govt.’s interest. Bauza,Russo,Bianchi,Ramon Diaz are being interviewed to be the back up if Sampaoli money can’t be generated.So there,it is not really that confusing anymore.You just need to hope that somehow AFA will manage the Sampaoli money within this one week period of time,otherwise it is one of them.

        • @Pablo,

          I always wondered if some of the best jokes can be made out of AFA !! Whatever they are they will never seize to amuse you.

          • sir as they say simple things amuse simple people and yep I’m amused (in reality I’m actually seething in anger at this circus and i apologies to circus who at least provide entertainment for all to enjoy).
            if only it was the yellow teams fa or the English fa and not ours but then again they wont be laughing to much as they are not to far behind ours but that is scant consolation to me..

  5. if it is not Bielsa,i am supporting Simeone..The money factor is going to be a key to persuade Simeone whether he says i am an interested or not..And AFA has reached out to him coz there is no one else is an option in Argentina..

    Instead of hiring Russo,bauzza etc and putting them on firing line after 3 or more mediocre performance..which i think is unfair..It is better to go for someone more proven..and AFA should get the act together atleast once..

    If they can pull money for Sampaoli’s clause, they can pay Simeone..But i root for Bielsa whether he is a success or failure..we will have a system in place..

    I am not into Pocchetino..he is not ready yet..

    • If simeone wants to coach partime he can force atleti to accept unlike sampaoli who is new coach there.but it looks like he isn’t ready to do it now.

      • if i remember correctly sim actually has in his contract some thing about coaching the n/t (this properly does not include a part time role as i doubt any one would have thought of that) but at the end of the day sim needs to be officially asked “do you want the job? and in what capacity? and then sim needs to officially take the job-full or part time or say no not for now like pocc did but just like last time i dont think hes officially been asked just the usual rumor mill.

  6. If you want Bauza, ok. But you must to know: he is a coach who loves mature, older and experienced players. He will play with the old guard for sure: Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Biglia, Banega, ROjo… I don’t want him because I don’t want these losers. Period.

    • yes, but joint ownership with Empoli and he would spend the season at Empoli, it seems Roma wants to sell him, Zenit(please no), schalke 04, and some other Italian teams want him. he should stay in Italy.

  7. Sampaoli links are getting stronger…Sevilla journalist called for him to come out and discard the possibility of taking the job to show the he is a man of his word and has decency.
    His agent or lawyer came also out and said he wants the job but Sevilla don’t want to let him go.
    Perez and Medina(members of Reg.) will travel to Europe next week to possibly meet Sampaoli, Messi, Mascherano, Adidas representatives and others, hoefully Berizzo too.

    I just hope that if we hire Sampaoli who was free and still signed to Sevilla doesn’t bring us bad karma, because we f up Sevilla very bad, they bought all the players he wanted and to leave them like that is not very good morally, if afa informed him earlier or he waited just a little bit we would have not been in this morally bad psotion, just feel for Sevilla as a human being I feel empathy for them.

    Bianchi too late too late buddy.

    • Sevilla will be alright. Their sporting director is monchi. Monchi is one of the smartest person of football management. They will groom these young players and sell them for a fortune. And I don;t think they will find it difficult to find a new manager as well. Their start of the season will be hectic, but they will be fine I think.

  8. Carlos Bianchi has come forward and wants to become coach of the NT. He declined 3 times in the past but now El Virrey is ready. Riquelme supports him.

  9. For the record!
    I don’t think that Bauza is incompetent. I am e believer that Managers should adapt to the strengths of the players available, especially in National teams because there you can’t change the personal by buying players to fit your system, while in club football you can do that.
    As it stands our strengths lie on our offense and our defense is not that bad but far away from Italy’s defense.
    Saying that we need a coach who capitalizes on our offense but also doesn’t forget the defense. More defenders doesn’t mean better defense, how you defend is the key to a better defense.
    I must say the last time I saw a team where in these instances:
    – 06 team was really a team, they defended and attacked as a team.
    – Olympic semi-final against Brazil, that game they were a team, played smart, defended and attacked like a team in unison.
    – 14 from the 1/4 final on up to the 2nd half(lavezzi’s sub) we were a team defensively although lacking offensively.
    – against USA we played like a team offensively and defensively, sadly Agusto and Lavezzi got injured and we lost to vital players that made us play like that.
    I want a coach who uses fullbacks not central defender as such.
    I want more pace and workers who sacrifice for the team.
    I don’t want players that don’t defend, or think they are above that.
    I want a clear structure!
    Can’t let intefering roles, for example if you watch the team players like di maria, higuain, messi drop deep when we have the ball, messi and di maria even take the ball from the playmaker, but when we defend they stay up. it should be the other way around, if you want nessi to be the playmaker rhen put him there as such, if you want higuain to be the playmaker than put him as such, if you want di maria as playmaker than put him there as such but if you put higuan as striker than he should be there up front when we attack on dropping deep, if you put di maria as winger then he should make himself available there on the wing not drop deep by playing the same position as the midfielder, etc,…

    • That’s true.Even though Bauza brought good results,it’s more often 1-0…like Sabella once said he is fine even it’s by half goal margin with a clean sheet.Defensive minded fullback has been one of the biggest problem during last 3 finals.We always lack option in final 3rd because of that.Chile dominated the 2nd half after we reduced to 10 man was because of that but Chilean fullbacks never stopped running.

  10. Bauza: “For many it might be an unnecessary risk, but I wouldn’t mind setting my feet on the mud with Argentina. I was born in the mud.”

    I would not mind if Bauza becomes the manager afterall.If I am being honest,he will be a better manager than Bielsa atleast.Bauza reached Copa Lib semi final with 4 different teams,no easy feat.

  11. Paton Bauza becomes FourFourTwo 15th best coach of 2016,as he led Sao Paolo to a great Copa America run.He is 26th during 2015.

    “Bauza changed his usual 4-4-2 for a 4-2-3-1 that gave more freedom to the Sevilla-bound Ganso; he also helped Jonathan Calleri, recently discarded by Boca, to become one of South America’s top strikers”


  12. On topic: good to see that in 2018 Jefecito will stay play at the highest level.

    @ Mundo staff: great to see so many articles. In the past we had to wait for days or longer for an update. Keep it up!

  13. I read a few weeks ago that FIFA would not allow government interference. The article stated that FIFA would ban Argentina from international competitions for the NT and for club teams if such interference happens.

    The amount is about the same as minister Lopez tried to hide in a monastery. They can pay Sevilla in cash 😀

      • I have no idea. However, there is a similarity between AFA and limbo dancing. The bar can always be set lower.

        • When it comes to Govt interference FIFA mainly means political and management interference.Govt can’t interfere with things like election,imposing decision that lies to federation management etc…Bangladesh was banned from Intl football for one year during early 2000s so I remember it.But govt can certainly fund the federation.Otherwise how those federations that can’t draw big sponsors are going to function?

  14. Some good news. Still rumour though.
    I hope it’s really true. Apparently Government or private company going to pay 8.1m to get Sampaoli. Argentine government now officially involved to get a cocah for NT. Let’s hope it is a successful attempt

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