Jorge SAMPAOLI: “My dream to coach the National Team”


Jorge SAMPAOLI has finally broken his silence and spoke about coaching the National Team.

In the middle of all the will he or won’t he, SAMPAOLI finally spoke about the situation and the rumors of him coaching the Argentina National Team. Following his team’s 1-0 win against Mainz 05 in Germany, he spoke about it all. Here’s what he had to say:

“I spoke to the president of the Argentine federation and that filled me with joy, it’s my dream to coach the National Team. But dreams don’t always arrive when you want them. Now, my dream is to beat Madrid and Barcelona and to satisfy the fans.”

“I re-iterate, I’ve always said I would like to coach Argentina, it’s my dream, but at this moment, it would be irresponsible of me to leave Sevilla with all the important matches we have ahead of us.”


      • Among the old guards I like Ramon Diaz.Can quicky build a team,can read the game and adjust-change tactics and formation during the match and he works with youth too,convinced Iturbe to join paraguay and was pushing Cubas to join too.

        • Ramon Diaz met Perez and also proposed Claudio Vivas as youth manager.Vivas has been assistant of bielsa for most of his career.Bianchi is out.

  1. I am starting to think this is a deliberate strategy from AFA. They approach trainers who just signed or extended their contract (Atletico, Spurs, Sevilla) and get no for an answer. Later they can hire someone cheap or for free (Maradona) and say that did everything to hire a top coach. It could all be smoke and mirrors.

      • Perez is traveling to Spain to talk to Sampaoli,Berizzo and Messi.A kid knows first two person will say no…and would not be it better if a manager was installed and then talk to messi about it?

  2. I think our best and most logical alternative is Gallardo. Not a lot of talk about him here but I think he will be off to Europe in no time and be very successful.

    And I would concentrate on getting our money situation sorted out first, and then go after Zanetti to head up the AFA. Coach is not as critical right at this moment as structure is.

    • Exactly.If we want an young and modern manager,Gallardo is the last viable option.Berizzo too just categorically rejected,said that he has release clause but it won’t be used and he is the Celta manager and will continue.I don’t see much difference between them except that Gallardo won a title where ever he went.And Berizzo after a promising start finished 7th,his team’s form dramatically dropped due to fatigue and other issue.

      • However Gallardo said this:”I feel a little embarrassed ,it seems everyone is a candidate.”.”I know nothing about the Argentina job.My head is with River where I am working.”

        • Gallardo is on the bottom of my list.
          He won titles with River but what then. His team is in progressive degradation since won CL. It’s still worse and worse. He didn’t prove that has a idea for long time. He has no idea currently.

          FInally. Everyone who follow his moves noticed he is old boys-lover. He is procrastinator and hedger like no one other still escaping to older and even worn out names. Look at age some of his last famous transfers: Alonso 37 years old, Bologna 34, Lucho, d,Alessandro.

          With Gallardo at the wheel you’ll rather see Tevez, Maxi, Demichelis and Gago again than Icardi or Dybala.

          I hate current River team with wasted talents. They are a bit like Real Madrid of Argentina. What for Gallardo took Arzura from Tigre (leader of the club)? To sit him on the bench and waste his career.

          • And now he took another top DM, in Arzura type, at the same age (23) also from long olimpic list – Ivan Rossi from Banfield. While older Ponzio and Domingo still are starters. Gallardo isn’t able to develope talent such promised players like Pity Martinez, Driussi, Batalla, Boye or Vega. He has a lot of youngsters but only for preseason games. He send youngsters on loan and taking older in place.

  3. For me Nelson Vivas is really interesting one. Without experience but young and he doing great things in Estudiantes joining a bunch of young players with some older base. You may see in frielndly Inter – Estudiantes.

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