Argentina team gets robbed in Mexico


It goes from bad to worse for this team.

Argentina’s Olympic team had all their stuff stolen from the hotel they were staying at in Mexico. According to Martin AREVALO, between them all, they brought with them about $200,000 in cash and personal belongings. The team was staying at the Camino Real de Puebla which is where they got robbed. Apparently, the thieves entered the rooms, no forced entry.


  1. on the topic.

    reading the title I thought it talked about the game. but then I rememberd it was actually Mexico who got screwed over by referees =P then I read the article, and was even more embarassed than by our match display.

    is this how you watch over the NT and all? good job AFA or whoever is personally responsible for organizing this whole circus.
    you couldn’t even manage to dedicate a single person to stay over and keep an eye on things in the hotel.


    this is another clear sign that people at AFA are completely useless and an utter waste of everybody’s time.

    this entire institution should be razed to the ground and built from scratch by people who actually care for Argentine football.

  2. “so yeah, let’s ignore the fact that both Messi and Mascherano worked with the best of the best and are probably the most knowledgable of what an actual professional coach should have in stock. other players too know very well how to tell a dilettante from a real pro. Messi and Mascherano aren’t the only ones. but because their names are the biggest we should now expect them to at least voice their opinion on the topic”.

    Oh yeah. Argentina football still more and more infantile. Messi isn’t strategist neither on the pitch nor behind. He proved that a lot of times. As when he has choosen Aguero as best partner to play in forward. Messi just looking for friends and pleasure and it is not a stategy. Of that someone is your best friend behind pitch does not follow he will be best for you on the pitch. The same will be with selecting coach. Messi will take a friend one and not he best one. Please to stop more infantilize Argentina football.

      • It’s never good thing. It’s infantalize of Argentina NT. No one is questioning class Messi as best player in the world. But to be best footbaler in the world does not give you rights to point a coach. One more time: Argentina must build a team that will able to winning without Messi (I believe we have enough potential to do this) then Messi may back to be cherry on top.

  3. yes, because asking a guy who spent his entire career working with literally the best coaches and coaching staff in the whole damn world, while the corrupt cretins at AFA all could do was to bankrupt the entire Argentine football both financially and morally. they couldn’t even hire a good janitor. and when they finally did hire someone they freaking failed to pay him his half-year earned wage.
    the only bigger stupidity would be to again ask fans to make a choice now. because we’ve seen how good that went last time around (Maradona).
    so yeah, let’s ignore the fact that both Messi and Mascherano worked with the best of the best and are probably the most knowledgable of what an actual professional coach should have in stock. other players too know very well how to tell a dilettante from a real pro. Messi and Mascherano aren’t the only ones. but because their names are the biggest we should now expect them to at least voice their opinion on the topic.
    at least I think it would be reasonable given how of a big pile of dung Argentina is in now because of the corruption and incompetence of AFA.

    but no, let them and their criminal buddies keep on deciding the future of Argentina NT, because it was so fun to watch Albiceleste dissapoint over and over again in the last 20 failed attempts before.

    speaking of a failure. it pisses me off to no end to see how some “fans” out there consider the achievement of reaching 3 consecutive senior tournament finals, despite being constantly sabotaged by own stupid manager, as “failure”. they’re so deluded into thinking Argentina NT is so awesome, no matter the lineup, the tacticts etc. the team doesn’t even need a real coach to win trophies. and then they’re surprised by reality and feel cheated especially by players. it’s such a childish rowdy attitude to have.

    my question is now, who the hell should have a say in choosing the new coach? weren’t the old coaches players themselves before? why do you think you could trust Maradona, a complete narcissist who rarely even listened to anybody, and thus an utter dolt in football coaching terms. yet you say asking Messi for his opinion is ludicrous – asking a man, who, I remind you was involved in healing the atmosphere at Barca after Martino left it in shambles.

    consider all the facts about the current miserable state of AFA and everything they’ve touched on lately. consider their entire history record passed the lucky 1986 in hiring complete garbage to run the NT. and only then try to answer the question who should or shouldn’t be expected to have a say on the matter of making Argentina great again.

    facts are: you can’t trust AFA to even give you the time of day without them somehow lying to you or otherwise making a fool of you in the process.
    you can’t ask fans because most of them proved too stupid to wipe their own asses when they supported Maradona for NT head.

    who’s left there? the pope? obama? seriously!

    IMO it should now be more than obvious that the most competent in the matter are those who are with NT the longest times and are working with the most successful world-class coaching staff and also themselve show their total understanding of the football art. both Messi and Mascherano are those people. you don’t have to be a foul shouting dictator on the pitch to be a real leader. the “leader” argument on Messi is so bogus right now it’s not even funny anymore. most influential people in the world never even show up on camera once in their life time, and yet they’re running the entire show.

    • Is it me or some people lack reading comprehension?
      I said this:
      Perez made a mistake making it known in public that he wants to ask Messi who to select as coach because if that coach fails the wolves will hound Messi. Perez could have done this privately without making it a newspaper circus, putting even more pressure on Messi.
      But as it looks you want Messi to do everything forgetting that he is just an awesome player.
      Maradona was an awesome player also but outside of the field he sucks.

      Yes losing 3 finals is a failure!
      Because of selfish decisions made by coaches we lost them, we could have had even better soldiers or weapons on our disposal but because they are such selfish pricks they elected to go to war with only 70-80% of our strengths coupled with in battle wrong decisions.
      Did we do our best?
      you can be happy to a certain degree with 2nd best if you tried and gave your best but we didn’t!

      Coaches have been and are our biggest weakness!

  4. Absolutely right, Ghostdeini.

    It’s idiotic to begin again from Messi. One more time to make him alpha and omega. Who is Messi to point a coach? It’s not his business. It’s ridiculous. Messi isn’t type of leader even on pitch IMO.

    None serious federation can’t do things like that. We all complain that there was no a team on las tournaments and then we will start all again with the same aberration.

    Again all around Messi. It’s ‘error fundamentalis’ and ‘circulus vitiosus’.

    • Argentina never was a Germany type collective team without a real superstar. In the modern days football we didnt reach a single final with that strategy. 78 Kempes, 86 Maradona 90 Maradona 2014 Messi 2018 Messi or nobody.

      “Messi isn’t type of leader even on pitch IMO.” But Mascherano is, this team captain issue is so overrated, doesnt matter.

      “One more time to make him alpha and omega.”

      Must have, Argentina without Messi would be not the same team, look at the era from 95 until 2006. What we have accompished with that balanced teamplay with lot of great players but without a “world beater” ?

      Nothing, it was down, down, down, and down. 1 final, quarter finals and group stage shames. And have to say the Copa America at that time was a lot more marginal tournament, without great players except Brazil and Argentina, and most teams with their B, C sets.

      This is not Argentina way. yeah maybe this generation is a bunch of loosers, but can make finals just for fun, even with an average coach, and I 100% sure this exactly same “looser” garniture would reach the final in Russia. (supplement with some young blood ofc).

      3 of the last 4 tournaments Argentina came out of the game with penalties. This is not only mental wakness, but unearthy bad luck also. But we are always there, maybe only Germany can imitate this. Btw they are not chokers ? The answer is yes they are big.

      2002 final defeat, 2008 final defeat, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2016 sem-final happy endings. In my eyes semi finals have definitely a finals pressure on you. Not accidental Germany always chokes at that stage. And they only victory against us with their shit play again, just like in 2002 and 2008 finals. 3 pathetic finals from them, and the lot of joking chokings in the semis. Thats the reality, and that they aren’t cry babies like argentine fans, just moving forward on their road.

      The innovators want the baby throw out with the bathwater, just cause they’re so disappointed with the consecutive final losses. Ok make so, than we maybe wake up to reality, which is not finals, but quarter finals (with this youngters its rather a dream in Russia), and group stages ala (1995-2006) or even a qualifier disaster. There are high chances with a total rebuilding with a far less talented generation and without the world best player. Surreal idea.

      Yes maybe we”ll be even bigger loosers after a WC-final or something so, but Argentina will there, cause we are the best. Luck’s always been fickle, just 1 time is enough. I will be more a big looser as a real nobody.

  5. It seems no good coach wants the job, or that’s what they are saying in public. It must be a money issue there isn’t any other explanation. All the tours for friendlies, all the sponsors and now there isn’t any money left, and no one is going to jail for this.
    For me this is something familiar I see this kind of things every day…

    Fifa probably made a mistake by choosing Perez to lead this. I believe he means good but it seems he isn’t respected by his peers and has had some bloopers.

    Everything is about Messi again, so his family had to come out and say he will not take part in the next qualifiers for sure and he doesn’t select coaches or sack them. Messi has always been surrounded by his “friends” and Tata was probably selected to please him, but coming out and putting such public pressure on him is wrong.
    The narrative is he is going to ask Messi who he wants, it looks good on the first look but it is really bad if you think about it.
    The next coach would be a Messi hire then what happens if he doesn’t pan out? It makes Messi’s situation even worse.
    I don’t expect him to return for at least a year, depending on our success he will probably not return if he sees that there is no hope at all or just before the World cup.

    We must think to build a team, there must be some young up and coming coach somewhere who is Argentine who is willing to take the job, and has the desire to revolutionize the team and do well then Messi will return but we must not put all our eggs on Messi’s basket, or any single player, we must build a team.

    • Football has changed. Comparate current Argentina to Argentina from 1978 and 1986 is wrong idea. BTW Argentina 1978 was balanced team without a stars like Maradona who would be necessarily to win. Kempes was not a Maradona. So, Csabalala you are wrong saying that the only Argentina way to WC titles were by superstar leader presence.

      Football has changed and You can’t win a tournament today when you building a team around one player. And no matter you are Germany, Spain or Argentina. Even Protugal proves that in crucial moment you need just team and not your superstar.

      You must foollowing the changes of football if you want to win something. Looking future and not recall still old facts. Football isn’t still the same and old prescription for win are obsolate.

      It’s manipulation of reality when someone say that team from 2006 was far to taht from 2014. Really? Men, just luck! Luck in penalties. We were on par with Germany. And Germany lost to (World CHampion) Italy after extra time. SO it’s almost the same level. And it was Argentina team without big leader. So, you are wrong Csabalala. Argentina balanced team, without a bigstar only by bad luck does not win COpa 2004.

      ” 100% sure this exactly same “looser” garniture would reach the final in Russia. (supplement with some young blood ofc)”.

      WOW I’m afraid you are the one here who still believe in this loosers but your convince is enviable worth. I’m afraid that one of your favourite, DI Maria, just proved on last Copa that he’s useless and wast of place. So what are you talking about?

      “Far less talented generation”?
      So please to look on and compare only two vintage. ’88 generation? How many players we had in last COpa born in 88? Di Maria, Aguero, Banega, Romero, Otamendi, Cuesta.

      and now look on ’93 generation: Icardi, Dybala, Kranevitter, Vietto, Cartabia, Lanzini, Ruiz, Rigoni, Escalante, Gomez, M. Martinez, Pity Martinez, Salazar, Soto, Gianetti, Cavallaro, Arzura, Calleri, O. Benitez, W. Benitez, Rossi.

      I think a lot of them (not all of them) has a chance to international career. VIntage ’93 isn’t less talented than ’88. And win or lost in WC-U20 proves nothing we all know that.

      • I mean there’s no straight translate of success on youth level to succes on senior level. Modern history of footbll proven that over and over again. So leave the line of argeumentaion once and for all.

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